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Enjoy "How to Win the Price Wars," one of more than 100 on-demand skin CE webinars available to ASCP members. ASCP's skin care webinars bring presenters including Lori Crete, Mark Lees, Lori Nestore, Michael Pugliese, and more directly to you, giving you the latest on skin physiology and ingredients, marketing tips for estheticians, and treatments like microcurrent and sugaring.

ASCP members also receive the award-winning ASCP Skin Deep magazine, 50+ members-only discounts, client treatment forms, and exceptional professional liability insurance.

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Following is a full list of ASCP continuing education skin CE courses available on-demand for ASCP members:

Career & Finance

Money Matters: Handling Your Finances with Finesse
Presenter: Lori Crete

The Little Black Book of Things Overlooked
Presenter: Lori Crete (The Esthetician Mentor)

Defining Success: Analyzing the Status of Your Career
Presenter: Douglas Preston

Becoming a Successful Resort Spa Esthetician
Presenter: Ella Stimpson (ISPA)

Become Your Town's Top Esthetician
Presenter: Lori Crete (The Esthetician Mentor)

It's Not About the Bad Economy
Presenter: Chad Law (Empowering Salon Professionals)

How to Get Moving When You Don't Know Where to Start
Presenter: Felicia Brown

Secrets to a Successful Career in a Medical Office
Presenter: Rikki Kusi

Getting Hired: Interviewing Essentials for Estheticians
Presenter: Claire Barnes

Tax Time for Estheticians
Presenter: H&R Block

Graceful Transitions: How to Change Your Role in Business
Presenters: Kathleen Carney & Marlene Chism


Estheticians Share Their Best Marketing Tips
Presenter: ASCP

4 Easy Ways to Build an Online Presence (Part 2)
Presenters: Beth Cochrane and Kristin Hege (Wired PR)

4 Easy Ways to Build an Online Presence (Part 1)
Presenters: Beth Cochrane and Kristin Hege (Wired PR)

Yes, You Can Market Your Business! Essential Marketing Skills Made Easy
Presenter: Kristin Coverly

Take Your Spa Marketing from Blah to Bliss
Presenters: Beth Cochrane and Rachel White

Host a Holiday Open House
Presenter: Patti Biro

Succeeding with Social Media
Presenter: Abram Herman

Secrets to Successful Event Planning
Presenter: Dori Soukup

Squeeze Maximum Profits From Your Existing Marketing
Presenter: Nick Dumitru

Less Stress with Great Holiday Marketing
Presenter: Nancy Trent

Social Media for Spa Professionals
Presenter: Lisanne Wilcox

Use ASCP Member Resources to Attract More Clients
Presenter: ASCP

Create Buzz About You and Your Business
Presenter: Annet King

Skin Care Marketing 101
Presenter: ASCP

Skin Physiology & Ingredients

Pigmentation Disorders: Causes and Treatments
Presenter: Michael Pugliese

Going Beyond Paraben Free
Presenter: AC & Justin Dotterweich

A New Look at Inflammation & Aging
Presenter: Michael Q. Pugliese

Rosacea vs. Sensitive Skin
Presenter: Shannon Esau

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
Presenter: Terri Wojak

Rosacea & Redness Management
Presenter: Mark Lees

Shedding Light on Cellulite
Presenter: Michelle D'Allaird-Brenner

Let Intelligent Ingredients Work for You
Presenter: Shannon Esau

Hyperpigmentation: Dark Spots, Bright Future
Presenter: Tina Zillmann (Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts)

Acids for Skin Rejuvenation
Presenter: Shannon Esau (Rhonda Allison)

The New World of Sunscreen
Presenter: Michael Pugliese (Circadia by Dr Pugliese)

Ingredients for Sensational Summer Skin
Presenter: Dave Waggoner (Skin Script Skin Care)

Fact or Fiction? Understanding Today's Skin Care Ingredients
Presenter: Diana Howard, PhD

Autoimmune Disorders & the Skin Care Client
Presenter: Anne C. Willis

Puberty to Menopause: Hormones & the Skin
Presenter: Jennifer Wild (PCA Skin)

Understanding Skin Analysis
Presenter: Lori Nestore (Eva's Esthetics)

Improving Skin Texture
Presenter: Dave Waggoner (Skin Script Skin Care)

Skin's Ecosystem
Presenter: Anne C. Willis

The Mighty Keratinocyte & Friends (Part 2)
Presenter: Alexandra J. Zani

Enzyme Extravaganza
Presenter: Dave Waggoner (Skin Script Skin Care)

Peptides & How They Work
Presenter: Kristina Valiani (Hydropeptide)

Truths & Myths of Skin Care
Presenter: Mark Lees

Key Ingredients to Watch
Presenter: Marta Wohrle (Truth in Aging)

Skin Food & the Aging Face
Presenter: Shelley Burns

30 Skin Care Misconceptions
Presenter: Candace Noonan

The Mighty Keratinocyte & Friends (Part 1)
Presenter: Alexandra J. Zani

Inclusive Health: Rebuilding Youthful Cells
Presenter: Howard Murad

Acne Update: New Concepts & Challenges
Presenter: James Fulton

Introduction to Acne
Presenter: Jessica Cummings (Face Forward Inc)

Performance Ingredient Overview
Presenter: Laura Boot

Skin Analysis of Global Skin Tones 3-6
Presenter: Pamela Springer

Successful Practice

Estheticians Guide to Energy in the Treatment Room
Presenter: Linda Bertaut

Exceeding Client Expectations
Presenter: Eric Fisher

Keep Clients Coming Back! Easy Retention Strategies That Work
Presenter: Kristin Coverly, ASCP Manager of Professional Development

How to Win the Price Wars
Presenter: Lauren Snow, ASCP

Keeping the Pain Out of Your Practice
Presenter: Kelli Crosby

Trending: What's Happening Now to Prepare for Your Future
Presenter: Annet King

Maximize Your Gift Card Sales
Presenter: Kristi Valenzuela

6 Ways to Rock Your Services & Sales
Presenter: Carol Phillips (BeauteeSmarts)

How to Make Money Waxing All Year Long
Presenter: Stephanie G. Laynes

Attracting & Retaining Clients
Presenter: Gina Rivera

Get Loyal, Loving Customers for Life
Presenter: Annet King (Dermalogica/IDI)

Rejuvenate Your Practice
Presenter: Shelley Hancock

Putting the Care in Skin Care
Presenter: Becky Kuehn (Oncology Esthetics USA)

Can I Do That?
Presenter: Susanne Schmaling

The Solo Esthetician: Staying Inspired Every Working Day
Presenter: Douglas Preston

She's Gotta Have It! Understanding Today's Customer
Presenter: Annet King (IDI)

10 Secrets for a Successful Skin Care Career
Presenter: Douglas Preston

Managing Problem Clients
Presenter: Laura Cooksey

Creating a Part-Time Practice
Presenter: Margaret LaPierre

Creating a Successful Skin Care Practice
Presenter: Felicia Brown

Do Well by Doing Good: Build a Solid Clientele & Save the World
Presenters: Jeannette & Randy Kravitz

Retailing Success
Presenter: Felicia Brown

Client Acquisition Strategies in a Socially Conscious World
Presenters: Jeannette & Randy Kravitz

Empowering Techniques for Retailing & Revenue Success
Presenter: ASCP

Treatments & Modalities

Body Sugaring 101
Presenter: Shannon O'Brien (iSugar University)

Secrets to Total Body Age Prevention
Presenter: Tiffany McLauchlin

Makeup Magic: Glamorous Eyes
Presenter: Natalie Soto-Carlisle (Jane Iredale Cosmetics)

Secrets of Sun Protection
Presenter: Boldijarre Koronczay

Chemical Peels: Combining & Layering for Maximum Results
Presenter: Tina Zillman (Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts)

Makeup Magic: Highlighting & Contouring
Presenter: Natalie Soto-Carlisle (Jane Iredale Cosmetics)

The Rules of Micropeeling
Presenter: Danielle Wachowski

Waxing Demystified
Presenter: Crickett Enos

Caring for the Oncology Client
Presenter: Becky Kuehn (Oncology Spa Solutions)

The Truth About Oxygen & the Skin
Presenter: Michael Pugliese (Circadia by Dr Pugliese)

Microcurrent Technology in Esthetics
Presenter: Rachel Vicknair (NuFACE)

Understanding LED Light Therapy
Presenter: Amy Gardner (LightStim)

Wax This, Not That!
Presenter: Crickett Enos

Chemical Peels: Renew, Resurface, Results
Presenter: Whitney Johnson (IDI)

Telomeres: The New Anti-Aging Superhero
Presenter: Christine Heathman

The Beauty & Business of Brides
Presenter: Tricia Campbell (Jane Iredale Cosmetics)

Treat Ingrown Hairs to Increase Waxing Profits
Presenter: Stephanie G. Laynes

The Business of Body Treatments
Presenter: Denise Fuller

Pearls of Wisdom for Safe, Successful Extractions
Presenter: Mark Lees

Melasma: Proper Treatment for Hispanic Skin
Presenter: Pamela Springer

Integrating Wellness: Contemporary Techniques vs. Holistic Therapies
Presenter: Anne Willis (De La Terre Skincare)

Troubleshooting Waxing Traumas
Presenter: Crickett Enos

A Radiation Oncologist's Look at Esthetics
Presenter: Kevin Schewe

Aromatherapy: Custom Blending for Clients
Presenter: Margaret LaPierre

Oxygen: Topical Use in Skin Therapy
Presenter: Susanne Schmaling

Do Well by Doing Good: Build a Solid Clientele & Save the World
Presenters: Jeannette & Randy Kravitz

Aromatherapy for Healing Arts Professionals
Presenter: Linda-Anne Kahn

Waxing is a Money Maker
Presenter: Crickett Enos

Apothecary Skin Care: A Holistic Approach
Presenter: Julie Starr

Discovering Technology
Presenter: Bio-Therapeutic

Oncology Esthetics: A Niche Market
Presenter: Morag Currin

Chemical Exfoliation for Global Skin Tones 3-6
Presenter: Pamela Springer

Exfoliation Expertise
Presenter: Lisa Van Bockern

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