ASCP Skin Care Summit: Holistic Esthetics Edition

ASCP Skin Care Summit: Holistic Esthetics Edition
Monday, November 8, 2021
9:00 am PT  |  10:00 am MT  |  11:00 am CT  |  12:00 pm ET

Associated Skin Care Professionals is excited to announce this year’s ASCP Skin Care Summit: Holistic Esthetics Edition! Holistic skin care is an all-encompassing approach to the health of the skin and is mindful its funtionality. Tune in to watch and live chat with industry experts as they present their insights into holistic skin care. Holistic estheticians look beyond the surface of the skin to evaluate the root cause of skin imbalances. We’ll cover the ingredients most used in holistic skin care products—the ones that work and their subsequent reactions within the skin. A healthy body means glowing skin. The skin is affected both by what you use topically as well as what you put itno it. Learn about the improvements to skin conditions giving your clients the best results and experience. These topics were designed to educate estheticians and help them expand their understanding of the skin and body connection! 

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Schedule of Events

Monday, November 8, 2021

10:00 am (MST)
You Are What You Eat--Food and nutrition bio-hacks guaranteed to make your skin care treatments more effective and engage your clients in the process.

Presented by: Benjamin Knight Fuchs, R. Ph, Founder of Truth Treatments

Uncover the link between nutrition and skin aging. It’s easy to make the connection between poor diet and disease or obesity, but what about aging skin and common skin conditions? Join us for a closer look at the link between good nutrition and healthy, glowing skin. Can we turn back the hands of time just by adjusting our diet? Ben Fuchs points out conditions on the skin and how they are related to nutritional imbalances.


11:30 am (MST)
Aromatherapy—Learn how it plays a role in maintaining healthy skin.

Presented by: Tara Grodjesk, EarthLite

Join us for a deep dive into aromatherapy. Tara Grodjesk will discuss the skin benefits and client experience benefits to incorporating aromatherapy into your services. Tara will explore the ways it effects the bloodstream, the variety of oils commonly used, and the myriad of skin conditions that can be positively affected by fusing it into both face and body treatments. 

1:00 pm (MST)
Holistic Ingredients—everything old is new again.

Presented by: Dave Waggoner, Director of Education and Public Relations, Skin Script Skincare

Join us for a captivating look at the most efficacious ingredients used in holistic skin care. Dave Waggoner shares his expertise for this study in time that reveals how certain ingredients have been used for centuries to create change in the skin, demonstrating that even our most active modern ingredients are rooted in natural sources. As the old saying goes, “Everything old is new again.”


*Bonus Mini Sessions*

Evaluating Your Treatment Menu


 Presented by Crystal Ngozi, Crystal Ngozi Beauty + Coaching




Lengthening Your Career—Body Mechanics and Ergonomics
Presented by: TBA



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