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Exclusive Online Education Summit
Monday, October 21, 2019

Looking to find your esty edge? Learn the latest in marketing trends and tactics!

Tune in to watch and interact with industry experts as they present the latest insights in skin care marketing trends and tactics! If you're always on a quest to grow and expand your business, to carve out a niche for your business, or looking to jump into the world of e-commerce, then this event is for you! These topics were designed with the expert esthetician in mind who wants to advance their career with the knowledge needed to provide real results in today’s world.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to come together with fellow estheticians for this full day of FREE learning and fun.


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ASCP Skin Care Summit: Expert Edition (Marketing Extra)

October 21, 2019
12:00 p.m. Eastern Time / 11:00 a.m. Central Time / 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time / 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

10:00 a.m. (MT): Google Strategies to Attract and Convert More New Clients
Presented by David Mihm, VP of Product Strategy at ThriveHive and world-renowned digital marketing expert

When nearby consumers Google the service you provide, does your business show up? How high up? How often? When it comes to landing more clients online, a solid Google presence is a must. In this session, David will cover the factors that impact your Google ranking as well as simple actions you can take to boost your search visibility.

11:00 a.m. (MT): Using Next-Level Digital Marketing to Increase Revenue
Presented by Barry Eichner, Co-Founder of Lipgloss + Aftershave, celebrity speaker at skin care trade shows, and digital marketing strategist for product lines, salons, and spas
Presented by Jenni Nagle, Co-Founder of Lipgloss + Aftershave, licensed esthetician, and content creation consultant for professional skin care providers

Learn how to use the digital space (websites, blogs, email marketing, and social media) to connect with your community to help increase your revenue. Lipgloss + Aftershave’s Barry Eichner and Jenni Nagle will walk you through practical yet simple ways to break down a digital media campaign that will save time—and generate more revenue! You will gain a better understanding of the digital outlets that are available to your business and how to maximize your revenues on each. Year-round creative campaign ideas will be provided to elevate your digital marketing plan to the next level.

12:00 p.m. (MT): Inclusive Messages: How We Impact Who is Coming in the Door (or Not)
Presented by Beth Yohe, M.S., Executive Director at the Conflict Center and former Director of Training for the National Office of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

Esthetics, like our society, is becoming increasingly more diverse. Diversity in the esthetics field means varied learning styles, gender status and identity, physical capabilities, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and more. Learn how you can market and communicate your services in a way that positively influences client diversity and retention. In this session, we will focus on the many ways we either signal that our skin care practice is inclusive and welcoming or not, including elements of marketing and business practices (such as intake) and staff education.

1:00 p.m. (MT): Let's Talk e-Commerce
Presented by Kasey Boone, celebrity co-host of the popular podcast, "Beauty Biz BFFs," owner and head esthetician at Los Angeles salon, Glow Skincare, and well-known Instagram Influencer
Presented by Lorena Ashmore, celebrity co-host of the popular podcast, "Beauty Biz BFFs,"and owner of Dear Lash + Love, and well-known Instagram Influencer

E-commerce can be one of the best ways to make passive income in the beauty industry. How do you know when you're ready to open an online retail store and where do you start? Kasey Boone and Lorena Ashmore give you the tools you need to start the process and turn it into a business that works for you. They talk about their own personal experiences with e-commerce, how they got started, and tips to run that side of your business more smoothly. Specifics include: favorite hosting sites; how to print labels and ship packages; and a behind-the-scenes look of packaging orders and knowing how and what to sell online.

2:00 p.m. (MT): Stop Selling—Painless Tips and Tools to Grow Your Retail Sales
Presented by Jim Yates, President & CEO at Nuts and Bolts Personal and Business Training Company
author, lecturer and expert on change management 
Retailing is much more than selling products—it’s about building relationships and trust (and paying your bills!). If you want to know how to be a successful retailer and why retail is so important for building a long, sustainable, and successful business, this presentation is for you. You will learn how to work smarter, not harder; how retailing is a customer service; how to deliver the 4 successful Rs of a 5-star customer service experience with every client; how to make as much in 4 days as you do in 5; and more.