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Produced by Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP), ASCP Esty Talk and The Rogue Pharmacist is specifically created for estheticians. Where no topic is off limits, we share all kinds of great information on this podcast from ingredients and the science of the skin, to business, and beauty diversity.  We hope you come away having learned more about your career, the industry, and maybe even life in general!

Think of our show as a conversation between friends—not too structured, not too formal—sometimes very serious, but always genuine and authentic.

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Ep 155 - Mailbag: Inspired by Beauty

From helping others look and feel their best, to the power of touch, to bringing hope to clients, the skin care industry is never short on reasons why you love being an esthetician. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, we hope to inspire you by sharing all the love and passion you have for the esthetics industry.

Ep 154 – True Crime: Esthetics Scams and Scandals

They’re out there. You’ve heard about them. Hopefully you’ve never experienced them! In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Ella and Maggie look at a few industry scams and a scandal to raise awareness so you never fall victim to these malefic shenanigans.

Ep 153 – The Rogue Pharmacist: Pre, Pro, and Postbiotic Skin Care

Pre, pro, and postbiotics have become increasingly trendy, not just for gut health but also for the health of the skin. They are said to increase the skin microbiome, increase hydration, reduce redness, and even repair the skin. But do they really have a clinical impact? In this episode of the Rogue Pharmacist with Benjamin Knight Fuchs, we explore biotic skin care, what biotics are, and their potential.

Ep 152 – Get up! Show up! Secrets of Successful People

What do successful people do? They get up, and they show up! In this inspirational episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Lauren Snow joins Ella and Maggie to discuss unwavering habits of successful people and navigating past metaphoric pitfalls and booby traps.

Ep 151 – Brass TAX, Especially for the Esthetics Industry

What’s the difference between an employee status and an independent contractor? Should I contribute to my retirement pre-tax or post-tax? In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Ella and Maggie are joined by Kevin Leary who will help answer those burning questions, plus we explore other insightful topics relating to the personal business of esthetics.

Ep 150 - Foods That Affect Your Face

As estheticians, we know nutrition plays an important role in the health and maintenance of the skin and keeping skin supple and bouncy gets harder as we age. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, we dive into some of the foods that are ruining your client’s skin as well as the role estheticians play when it comes to nutritional counseling.

Ep 149 - Private Label, White Label and Wholesale: What’s the Difference?

The spending category of beauty has historically seen small to large increases during recessions. In fact, skin care is at the top of the list of recession proof businesses. With that in mind, what an excellent opportunity to examine a few different types of product retail options. Ella and Maggie explore the difference between private label, white label and traditional wholesale options.

Ep 148 - The Rogue Pharmacist - Three Ingredients to Younger, Healthy Skin

Do you often get asked, “What skin care regimen should I use?” “Is this a good product?” “What ingredients are best for anti-aging?” With so many trending ingredients and treatments on the market it can be hard to sift through all the options. If only there was a magic pill for fine lines, pigmentation, and loss of elasticity. In this episode of the Rogue Pharmacist with Benjamin Knight Fuchs, we go back to basics and discuss Ben’s favorite three ingredients for younger, healthy skin.

Ep 147 - Client Focused, Business Forward with Chinwe Onyeagoro

Are you using app technology for client scheduling and credit card processing? PocketSuite, a client-service smartphone app for service professionals, can help with that, increasing earnings for businesses an average of 30%. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie talks with Chinwe Onyeagoro, the CEO and Co-Founder of PocketSuite, about how the app can help estheticians elevate their practice.

Ep 146 – Percentage, pH, and Everything Else

It’s a long-held debate in the esthetics industry: Does percentage or pH determine the strength of chemical peels? In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Ella and Maggie debunk some common myths and discuss other determining factors in the strength of chemical peels and how skin-peeling treatments affect the skin.

Ep 145 – The Rogue Pharmacist: Melasma is More than Skin Deep

Melasma is a common but often misunderstood skin problem. Traditionally associated with hormones, it’s also referred to as “pregnancy mask,” although a simple Google search pulls up varying definitions, causes, and treatments. In this episode of The Rogue Pharmacist with Benjamin Knight Fuchs, we discuss melasma’s cause and prevention, melanin formation, and external factors affecting its treatment.

Ep 144 – What the Deck? Trick or Treat Ingredients

Sure, we read ingredient decks all day long. But do we always know what we are looking for, or looking at? The “What the Deck” Series will review I.L.s to decipher what the heck these ingredients are, what they do and how they work in formulations. In this first episode of the series, we examine ingredients that hide in the I.L. and decide if they trick or treat the skin.

Ep 143 - Korean Beauty Explained

Snail mucin, glass skin, sheet masks, microneedling patches—these are just some of the K-Beauty trends to influence the esthetics industry. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella talk about the history of K-Beauty and discuss what makes K-Beauty so popular.

Ep 142 - Quenching Skin Thirst – Hyaluronic Acid and Humectants

The most well-known humectant is hyaluronic acid with its water-binding abilities. But did you know it can also boost collagen? And while hyaluronic acid and other humectants are considered the holy grail of hydration, they have the ability to dry out the skin when not used properly. In this episode of The Rogue Pharmacist with Benjamin Knight Fuchs, he discusses how humectants benefit the skin and how to use them properly.

Ep 141 – Sweater Weather: Preparing for Seasons

It’s sweater weather! As the air turns crisp and the days get shorter, we enter a new season: Pumpkin Spice-Everything Season!!! It’s also Peel Season, and the dawn of Holiday Season, and Change Your Skin Care-Routine season. In this episode, we discuss how to prepare your skin and your business for seasonal success.

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