ASCP SkinPro—The Must-Have App for Estheticians

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Your Go-To Consultant for Skin Analysis and Treatment Decisions 

You've got the knowledge and the skills, but everyone needs a second opinion at times. ASCP’s SkinPro app informs and validates your treatment decisions helping you customize your treatment plans and improve client results. 

Included with ASCP membership, ASCP SkinPro is designed to aid in skin analysis by putting the essential knowledge of contraindications for common skin-related conditions and ingredients at your fingertips—now with 24 new conditions and 38 new ingredients. Members can log in for access or go directly to the app at

Picture this: You’re in the treatment room and a client tells you they have atopic dermatitis and several allergies. You’re pretty sure you know how to proceed with treatment, but you want to be sure. Simply open the app, search for the condition, and you’ve got expert information at your fingertips. You can also use ASCP SkinPro to look up ingredients, quickly and easily, identifying important contraindications and best practices so you can adjust your treatment plan on the spot. 

Consult ASCP SkinPro in confidence, elevating your treatment plans. The ASCP team sourced information from a variety of clinical journals and worked with Dr. Mark Lees, author of Skin Care: Beyond the Basics and longtime contributor to ASCP Skin Deep magazine, to bring it all together. 

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How do estheticians use ASCP SkinPro?

  • During consultation—Double-check any contraindications for your client’s conditions or ingredient allergies.
  • During skin analysis—If you observe a skin condition and want to make a decision about the best treatment, quickly check ASCP SkinPro for anything you need to know. 
  • While retailing—When recommending a product for your client, check the app to confirm possible contraindications and ensure the product will perform as needed.  

Who is Associated Skin Care Professionals?   

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