Ep 103 – The Skin-ification of Hair

Woman receives high frequency in hair

In recent years, we’ve seen an overlap between the skin care and hair care industries. This new approach to hair and scalp care consists of skin-care-inspired products and treatments for your hair and scalp issues. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella discuss causes of hair loss and skin care treatments being adopted to curb it.

ASCP Esty Talk with Maggie Staszcuk and Ella Cressman

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She has spent many hours researching ingredients, understanding how and where they are sourced, as well as phytochemistry, histological access, and complementary compounds for intentional skin benefits. In addition to running a skin care practice, Cressman founded a comprehensive consulting group, the HHP Collective, and has consulted for several skin care lines, including several successful CBD brands.

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Maggie has been a licensed esthetician since 2006 and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Stephens College. She has worked in the spa and med-spa industry, and served as an esthetics instructor and a director of education for one of the largest schools in Colorado before coming to ASCP as the Advanced Modality Specialist. 

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0:01:04.5 Maggie Staszcuk: Hello and welcome to ASCP's Esty Talk. I'm your co-host, Maggie Staszcuk and ASCP's cosmetology education manager. 


0:01:11.6 Ella Cressman: And I am Ella Cressman, licensed aesthetician, certified organic formulator, ingredient junkie and content contributor for Associated Skin Care Professionals. 


0:01:20.5 MS: And we are joined by Tracy Donley. 


0:01:23.4 Tracy Donley: Hi guys! I am so excited. And if you don't know who I am, I'm the Executive Director of Associated Skin Care Professionals, and I am here just to share my thoughts and views, on everything that these brilliant women are chatting about today. 


0:01:36.6 MS: Awesome. Happy you're here, Tracy. 


0:01:38.3 EC: Happy you're here. 


0:01:39.0 MS: In recent years, we've seen an overlap between skin care and the hair care industry, this is a new approach to hair and scalp care, consisting of skincare inspired products and treatments for your hair and scalp issues, and the scalp is skin after all. During the pandemic, scalp and hair issues have become more prominent, particularly hair loss, and as a result, the skinification of hair care is booming, in fact, strictly skin care brands are now branching out into hair care, before we dive into some of the popular skin care treatments for hair loss and scalp issues, let's talk a little bit about some of the causes of hair loss. 


0:02:18.2 EC: Yes, causes of hair loss, for sure. This is a subject that I am all too Google familiar with, because what happened to me... Now, I've always been blessed with thick hair... 


0:02:28.3 TD: Jealous!  


0:02:28.4 EC: If we we talk about hold on, maybe not... 


0:02:33.2 TD: Yeah, I'm Jealous. 


0:02:34.5 EC: When we talk about how many times you have to wrap the rubber band around your hair, I used to only have to wrap it around twice, and it was still like a fight. 


0:02:41.6 TD: Can you feel me shooting daggers at you through my eyes?  


0:02:45.4 EC: But it was probably about... Maybe I was in my early 30s. So about 10 years ago, I started noticing thinning like in my crown or right above my hairline, and I would look and I would turn my head and is that... I don't know, I had dark hair, maybe it's the lighting in here. And I worked in a salon, and so I was obsessed with it, You guys, is my hair thinning? You guys does this look thin? And it was just in like, the male pattern baldness, you know, that little crown area that reminded me of a little old man, except for I was thirty-three years old probably. So I kept looking for it, looking for it. Googling all of these things, and it was funny because this one lady, shall remain nameless of course, got mad at me one day and she said, "And your hair does look thin." [laughter] So I was like, "I Googled of all these things. What can be happening? What can be happening?" 


0:03:40.2 TD: I have to ask you a question. Did you see like, a lot more hair in the bathtub or in the shower? Were you seeing it on the floor in the bathroom or... 


0:03:48.7 EC: Not then. 


0:03:49.7 TD: Okay. 


0:03:49.8 EC: I was of course looking, fine tooth combing. 


0:03:52.1 TD: Yeah. 


0:03:52.3 EC: Checking my... Literally checking my comb. Literally fine tooth combing, how many 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, that's not bad. Like Googling, how many hairs do you shed a week. But this last year there was more, and I think we can talk about that later, but... Yeah, it was crazy. So I started Googling or searching out hair loss, but also hair retention, how do I keep what I have here, what's going on, but also how do I stop the hair part and of course, immediately having access to skincare products, there was nothing on the market though, 10 years ago, there was not even a conversation about it. 


0:04:24.4 TD: Nothing good, I mean, there is the same old, same old... We know what they are. 


0:04:28.0 EC: Well, it's like Sminoxin. 


0:04:30.1 TD: Right. Exactly. 


0:04:31.3 EC: And that was... 


0:04:33.8 TD: Sminoxin. It rhymes with Sminoxin. 


0:04:34.2 EC: Sminoxin and it was drying my beautiful dark hair out, you know, but I was just wanting to hold on to it, but that wasn't the problem, so one of the things that that was causing, was irritation of my scalp, and that is one of the causes of hair loss is poor scalp health, it's one of the biggest reasons for thinning hair, and it could be probably from dead cell build-up or poor circulation, clogged follicles and poor hydration. 


0:05:00.8 TD: Can I just tell you that I love that you're saying that because I... In the last, I think it has been about 4 years, so right, probably about the time that I turned forty-five, I had no idea what scalp health was, none, nothing, but I know that my scalp itched. All these people would say things like, "You know, you shouldn't watch your hair for four days, it's bad for your hair", and I was like if I'm not washing my hair every day, even though it's dry as it can be, if I'm not washing it every day, it was painful, like I had a horrible scalp, it would be flaky and gross. I mean, it's a thing people don't talk about it. 


0:05:37.9 EC: Well, that could be a number of different actual medical conditions like psoriasis or eczema, which could also be poor scalp health, some of those things are of course, intrinsic factors and not external, but it could just be irritated. Skin from the stuff we do put, root boost, like stripping, shampoo, bleach, all of the things that we're doing, straightening, hot you know... 


0:06:01.7 TD: Putting conditioner at the... Is what stopped it? So I stopped putting conditioner at the roots. 


0:06:05.7 EC: At the roots?  


0:06:07.4 TD: Yeah and I had no idea that that was what... I thought it'd be moisturizing my scalp, but it was actually irritating it. 


0:06:14.7 EC: Yeah, crazy, interesting. Curious, you don't have to say it right now, but I'm curious what it was. That's the other thing that shampoo and conditioner have come a long way. 


0:06:24.2 TD: They're very active. 


0:06:25.6 EC: Yeah, I would say that they've come a long way in kind of to Maggie's point, there's this merging of skin and hair philosophically, and so the hair care industry is not just... 


0:06:38.6 MS: Do you guys remember VO5 hot oil treatment?  


0:06:41.3 TD: Oh my gosh, I loved it. I even had the little, it was a metal tube of like blue, for like silver, you'd squirt this oil paste out and you would just smooth your hair down with it. 


0:06:52.4 TD: Oh!  


0:06:54.5 EC: So I think in addition to this poor circulation, possibly poor hydration, we also have hormonal changes which are leading to hair loss, it could be things like thyroid condition, could be also linked to estrogen, testosterone, maybe if you're on birth control. Pregnancy, menopause, so many things are affecting our hormones, which is also leading to potential hair loss and also in that same note, also hair growth maybe in areas that you don't want it. Just had to throw that one out there. 


0:07:22.3 TD: Hey, I have a question, did you guys come up across any kind of research? 'cause I've heard that COVID has been causing long-term hair loss, you've recovered from COVID, but now all of a sudden you've got rapid hair loss. 


0:07:39.3 EC: Yeah, and it was a study that was produced. It's because it encouraged anagen phase, rapid anagen phase. And it was this mass... Catagen, anagen, telogen are the phases, CAT, of hair growth and loss, and it was encouraging it to get to that point where you grow and then it falls out and then it grows back... Is basically long story short, it was anagen phase, wasn't it? And it got to the anagen phase, and so it was expedited all to that phase and then hung out there for a little bit, so people... And that's what I was saying earlier is I had COVID earlier, well 2021 and again with the hair loss, again with the checking everything... 


0:08:24.7 TD: Not the hair loss again. 


0:08:24.8 EC: But I'm 43 now, so I'm like is it hormones or is it COVID? But I have a client who just... Chunks of hair were coming out. It seems to be that all research is pointing to that it's gonna come back and just be no problem, but yeah, same thing, her hair was so thick, she could barely put one rubber band around and now she's going three or four times. 


0:08:47.9 TD: Wow. 


0:08:48.5 EC: Yeah, that is a thing, and I'm not sure if that is due to... I guess it was from the fever. It was from the fever that this study was put out that the fever caused this... The hair to hold on, just hold on. I don't know, you know what's gonna happen. And then all of a sudden, okay, release and it's similar speaking to hormone changes, it's a very similar process with pregnancy, for example, there's a lot of hair loss post-pregnancy because the body is... "We don't know what to do with this right now, we're just gonna hold on to all of this hair, and then once the hormone changes happen with partum." 


0:09:25.8 MS: Postpartum hair. 


0:09:26.0 EC: I have so many kids. [laughter] 


0:09:27.5 EC: Says the single girl that posts, whatever those... 


0:09:32.3 TD: What is that thing?  


0:09:32.9 TD: Procreation?  


0:09:34.5 MS: That post baby thing. 


0:09:35.0 EC: Breeders. 


0:09:36.7 EC: But that it would just then release the hair so all of sudden... What is that doing for your psyche? On top of all that you have the hormone changes, the physical body changes, so now you're losing all your hair. 


0:09:46.0 TD: You're just throwing the towel. You're just throwing the towel. You're like, "I am postpartum, I'm fat." [laughter] At least I was fat, very fat. 


0:09:54.8 EC: And sad and lost all my hair. 


0:10:00.6 TD: Yeah, exhausted. 


0:10:00.8 EC: That's something that happened to me also, at 33 I started to lose weight. And that was the link I meant to close that sentence, that was the link with my hair loss. Is that as I was working out, I was creating more androgen, testosterone and so I was losing hair like a testosterone-filled man. 


0:10:19.7 TD: That is crap. 


0:10:22.0 EC: It normalized. Now, I'm still... 


0:10:23.3 TD: Why do you have to always have some kind of trade-off? I feel... Is it like that?  


0:10:28.3 MS: Hey guys stop. Let's take a quick break. 


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0:11:10.0 MS: Let's get back to the conversation. 


0:11:12.5 EC: With the hormone changes and such, also can be influenced not just by literal reproductive hormones, but by changes in... For me, for example, with working out, but also with diet. Diet changes, whether it's poor diet, yo-yo diet or deprivation diet where you're lacking nutrients and all of that. A healthy, balanced diet plays such an important role in not just hair health, but scalp health, delivering nutrients like biotin, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc. Those are all known to really benefit the hair, if you are in any kind of deprivation, well intended as it may be, if you're not getting all of your nutrients, your hair may suffer, not just loss, but also lack luster. 


0:12:03.0 MS: And I think that yo-yo dieting and lack of nutrients also affects hormones. 


0:12:08.9 EC: Yeah, totally does. 


0:12:09.9 MS: Which then can lead to that hair loss. 


0:12:11.8 EC: They're all friends. 


0:12:12.6 MS: Yeah, and like we've been saying, genetics, age, illness such as COVID. That also can lead to hair loss. According to Cleveland Clinic, just a little stat for you here, 30% of women experience genetic hair loss known as female-pattern hair loss. And this is gradual, but of course does get worse with age. 


0:12:34.6 EC: Well, I'd like to point out, there's three of us here, so one of us. [laughter] 


0:12:38.2 TD: Don't look at my hair. 


0:12:39.1 EC: I think it's me... 


0:12:41.2 TD: No, I think it's me, I'm telling you, I bought one of those industrial size of... What rhymes with Minoxin... 


0:12:49.2 TD: You can see that my hair is not luscious and thick at all. 


0:12:53.2 MS: We all experience it. 


0:12:56.6 MS: Just as we age, the hair thins, and I'm right there with you. Every time I go to my hair stylist, I say, I feel like it's thinning, and like you said, Ella, it's right here in the crown area, and he says every time, you've got plenty of hair there, you're fine, chill summer... 


0:13:14.9 EC: I think it's yours because mine said "Oh, yeah, I see. Do you want bangs?" [laughter] 


0:13:17.6 MS: Rude. What do you mean? Isn't the lighting... 


0:13:22.1 TD: Well I think I've got it worse. I'd rather be able to see... I'd rather be able to see where it is thinning, but I think it's thinning right here at the crown of my head, and so not only like Maggie, I might have to put you on alert and you have to be like, "Oh, maybe you should back-comb your hair at the crown there, so we can't see your bald spot" 


0:13:46.2 EC: I'd rather be back-combing than wear a headband. 


0:13:49.0 TD: Is that why you have a headband on today?  


0:13:52.3 EC: Yes. [laughter] 


0:13:52.8 MS: If, the light is shining, and you can see your scalp. For me, that's a problem. 


0:13:57.1 EC: And it does, and even if I... For those who are listening and not watching, I have a headband on today, but you can even see, it is so sad. 


0:14:06.6 TD: How about when you start parting your hair on the other side because you're thinking like, "Oh, it won't look so thin maybe they'll just... You won't see my scalp... " I remember the days when you used to not be able to see my scalp, I'm just gonna say that. 


0:14:19.0 EC: Does that stress you out?  


0:14:20.5 TD: Girl, there is a lot going on in this head this days, So that is minimal. [laughter] 


0:14:27.9 EC: It stresses me out or even... And then this could be why in during the pandemic, we saw such a change in hair loss or interest in... I'm curious, I wish I worked at Google to find out exactly what else people were looking for, but this was a one main topic, and it could be stress, because what happens is when you're stressed out, there is an increase in the release of cortisol and sometimes the cortisol will result in thinner hair or shedding of hair, or in extreme conditions, the hair coming out in clumps, so stressful life events like a pandemic were, marriages or divorces, they're burning houses... 


0:15:10.6 TD: Are you looking at me again? Oh my God, you're giving me the eye... 


0:15:15.7 TD: Check them all... Check all the boxes. I've had it all happen. [laughter] 


0:15:18.1 EC: Yeah, and those contribute to hair loss... 


0:15:21.7 EC: But usually, luckily that phase is reversible, it's not permanent just temporary... 


0:15:28.3 MS: Yeah, for sure. And styling damage, of course, I think you've probably all been there too, like putting that blow dryer to close to the scalp, I remember back in the day having those bangs was like total... 


0:15:40.2 TD: I love those bangs. 


0:15:41.2 MS: '80s bangs, roll brushing them forward. And I remember burning myself a million times and I feel like, Dang it, maybe that bald spot right up front is because I had too much heat damage. 


0:15:51.8 TD: So you roll brushed yours forward? See I just took a big can of Aqua Net, held it up high, sprayed up and then angled the dryer so that it would shoot straight up, it almost looked like Something About Mary hair. It was good. That was the look. It was good. 


0:16:09.4 EC: Thank God, right now, the look is like beach waves because I found on TikTok, this lady, long luscious hair, noted everything she did, ordered everything she suggested... 


0:16:20.5 TD: Did you get it yet? In the mail. Did you do it?  


0:16:21.0 EC: Yeah, I almost wore it here today. 


0:16:23.8 MS: There are this foam rollers that you sleep in, back to like in 1952 or there are foam rollers, you sleep in and there's no heat damage... 


0:16:35.1 TD: Are they pink foam rollers like when I was like... 


0:16:38.2 EC: Like that, without the plastic thing, their alternating to... I'll send you guys the picture tonight. 


0:16:43.8 TD: We are digressing, but I'm really excited, 'cause I do love some beachy waves. 


0:16:48.3 MS: Okay, so let's talk about treatments for hair loss. 


0:16:51.4 TD: Thank the Lord!  


0:16:52.6 MS: Here we are. We arrived. Alright, so number one, collagen induction therapy or micro-needling on the scalp, this is using anti-aging skin care products and micro-needling may also be a method or a treatment for hair loss, so it's the same kind of process that we're using on our face, this is creating those micro-rooms in the skin and in spot to regenerate the health of the hair follicle, so can be combined with PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma and contains active growth factors that may promote that hair growth. 


0:17:27.3 TD: I'm just gonna say, I wanna see this video, Maggie, I want you to make this happen 'cause I want to see it. 


0:17:33.7 EC: And I'm gonna add to that too, making sure that if this is a route that you choose to go, that whether you're a practitioner or a consumer, that you either make sure that your practitioner is completely certified and qualified, or if you're a practitioner looking for this to make sure you are completely... First of all, within your scope of practice... 


0:17:55.1 TD: Thank you. 


0:17:56.1 EC: Second of all, qualified because this... This could be... Imagine if it goes wrong... 


0:18:02.1 TD: Well, that's what I was just gonna say, and let's make sure you're insured, right? So make sure you're an ASCP member and make sure you're insured because... 


0:18:08.8 EC: Accidents happen. 


0:18:11.2 TD: Accidents happen and when people have bald spots that will never come back ever, ever, ever. That's very expensive. 


0:18:19.9 EC: Very. Yeah, so make sure all your I's are dotted and your T's are crossed when you're doing that. 


0:18:24.5 MS: And the same goes for other modalities, like a HydraFacial scalp treatment. 


0:18:30.1 TD: I wanna know about that. 


0:18:30.9 MS: Yeah, so you have this HydraFacial machine, and we've heard that the skin health, skin build-up can cause hair loss, but make sure that you're trained in this part of the body before you go ham on the head. But what happens when you're using a HydraFacial scalp treatment is that you clean, exfoliate and hydrate the scalp and the hair follicles, so you're basically cleaning out the debris so that the hair has the best chance possible to be strong and long and luscious... 


0:19:01.2 TD: You know what? My favorite with HydraFacial is when they show you in the light, all that grossness that they collect in that... Can you imagine how much grossness is coming from your scalp. 


0:19:11.5 EC: Oh, totally... 


[overlapping conversation] 


0:19:14.1 EC: I do that, where I switch my head and look. 


0:19:14.1 MS: I think that is major marketing right there, that's a great way to a sell a series and get your clients coming back, look at all this gunk we just took off your scalp. 


0:19:22.6 EC: It would be like triple the amount of gunk that comes off your face. 


0:19:26.7 EC: And then there's also with a HydraFacial or a hydrodermabrasion type machine, there's an opportunity at the same time, you know, just to add the serums in there. So... Introducing the serums would... I'm assuming that definitely some of the antioxidants would be a great idea, but anything strengthening and probably hair specific would be great. So something that... Promotes hair health... Would be key. So wether someone has thin brittle or an oily scalp, this treatment could be really good for some people. 


0:20:01.5 MS: Totally. And we talked about circulation being a big issue for hair loss. And something like a HydraFacial treatment on the scalp is gonna help with that increase that blood flow and hopefully lead to better hair growth. So another... Treatment you guys are seeing on the market right now for scalp is micro-pigmentation. So this is really popular for the men, but also popular for women who are starting to see that hair loss. It is obviously immediate results gives the look of thicker fuller hair. It is considered a non-invasive treatment, although it is... Technically a semi permanent tattoo. So this is using those micro needles to deposit pigment into the scalp and creates, this appearance of tiny hair follicles and helps give the look of thicker, fuller hair. Like I said, it's for both men and women, I've seen those pictures of men who are completely bald, but now it's giving that appearance. Like they have a very, very fine buzz cut if you will. 


0:21:00.9 TD: I mean, I have to tell you who doesn't love instant gratification. 


0:21:04.5 MS: Oh yeah. 


0:21:05.0 TD: I mean, come on. 


0:21:06.7 EC: But what it does for their confidence level. 


0:21:08.8 MS: Yes, exactly. 


0:21:09.9 EC: And like, I'm just thinking about my own hairline before, you know, before it gets to that point, how, what, what would it do to me? Like how I would style my hair differently? The things I might do. 


0:21:19.2 TD: Well I know someone who had it done here in this office and she loves it. Like best thing ever. She's complained about hair loss due to hormones specifically... For a very long time and she loves it. She's like, where have you been all my life?  


0:21:36.2 EC: And how long ago did she get it?  


0:21:38.9 TD: A month ago. 


0:21:40.0 EC: Oh, okay. Yeah. Cool. I'm curious about retention, because it is such a vascular area. Like what the retention would be. I mean, I wouldn't mind going to get touch ups, but I'm just curious. 


0:21:51.0 TD: I also heard it wasn't as painful as she thought it was gonna be. 


0:21:54.8 EC: Interesting. Another one that does sound a little bit more painful is fractional laser therapies. Yeah. That this is laser therapy that it's... Been reported to increase hair growth and activate hair follicles. It's not ablative... But it creates micro channels in the skin kind of like microneedling, and that could be something you can introduce with a hair growth serum to allow for better penetration and stimulation, then. 


0:22:22.9 MS: The interesting thing about laser just anywhere on the body is that some people actually respond to laser treatments by growing hair. 


0:22:31.3 TD: Oh, that's right. I've heard that. 


0:22:33.9 MS: Yeah. Like people may come in for whether it's face or their arms or their chest. They wanna target certain pigmentation issues and that pigment may go away, but then they start growing darker hair there. 


0:22:45.1 TD: That would really suck if it was on your face. 


0:22:48.6 EC: It would suck. 


0:22:50.2 TD: I mean, you know, little hyperpigmentation here and then all of a sudden you have black hair growing out. 


0:22:54.6 MS: Like any monster. Yeah. Like that little Werewolf kid. Yeah, totally. Whether you decide to look at fractional laser or scalp pigmentation, HydraFacial or collagen induction therapy. I wanna reiterate that it is important to... Always make sure you are following your scope of practice. Each state has different rules and regulations, and it's not uncommon that an aesthetician may not be able to touch the scalp even for that matter. 


0:23:25.3 MS: You don't wanna risk anything. Further, if you're performing something like a pigment procedure or a laser procedure, some states may even require secondary license or a medical director to oversee these procedures. And as always, of course, dotting the I's, crossing the T's. Make sure you are insured. 


0:23:44.4 TD: Yes. And if you have additional questions about scope of practice or what have you... If you're an a ASCP member, you can just log on and go right to that state and get their contact information. And we're always here to help you anyway that we can. Oh, and talking about wanting more information. Did you guys know that all of our ASCP members now get the coolest app that nobody else has out there? That's right. It is called ASCP SkinPro. Yes it is. 


0:24:19.3 TD: Oh my goodness. I love a ASCP SkinPro. Do you guys know what it's all about?  


0:24:25.0 MS: Love SkinPro. I know all about it. 


0:24:27.4 TD: I bet you do because you were one of the creators. But you guys, what it is is it puts all the answers in the palm of your hand. So let's say you are doing a client intake. And You're looking and you see some information and they have rosacea. They think they have rosacea. You don't know, but they say they have rosacea and you are not quite sure what that facial protocol should look like. Well, you just go to ASCP SkinPro you put in rosacea and what comes up, Maggie? Tell them. 


0:24:58.1 MS: You learn all about the contraindications, the indications, treatment, considerations, everything you need to know about treating your client with rosacea. 


0:25:06.7 TD: And what if you are so bound and determined to use vitamin C let's say, and you wanna know, will vitamin C in that protocol be a no, no, or a yippee. 


0:25:18.9 MS: That app is gonna tell you what vitamin C is, who you should use it on. Who's contraindicated for vitamin C, what you can expect. 


0:25:26.2 TD: And I know all of you out there are going Tracy, Maggie, Ella. "Guess what? I know everything, I've been doing this for years and years and years". Well, you probably are right. You probably do know everything, but who doesn't want a quick little... "Let's see if I'm right." "Oh, I am right. Excellent, moving on." Right?  


0:25:47.2 EC: You know, when I use it. 


0:25:48.4 TD: Oh, tell me. 


0:25:50.2 EC: During consultation. 


0:25:50.3 MS: Yes. 


0:25:51.9 EC: And so, especially for initial consultation, because I do like a skincare audit have them bring in their stuff. And as try as I might, I don't know every single skincare line out there and as an ingredient junkie, I don't know, every single ingredient out there. 


0:26:04.1 TD: And that says a lot. 'Cause you know a lot. 


0:26:06.5 EC: So I'll either use it to show, you know, here's an ingredient in here that's good for you or here's why it's good for you. And I'll show it on the app or... 


0:26:15.9 TD: Oh, I love that. 


0:26:16.6 EC: I'll even look up. I don't know really what, what this one is and I'll look it up that way too. So it's a nice handy little tool. 


0:26:22.6 TD: See? So here's a cool thing. Guess what? It doesn't cost anything. Zero members just get it, and the cool part is it's a web app. So you just log in on your phone, if you're a member and then it will automatically know what phone... Type of phone you're logging in on, and it just will download it to your phone. 


0:26:41.7 TD: You'll just couple quick steps, super easy. So, anyhow, I mean... Insurance, an app, a magazine. Access to these great people sitting next to me here... 


0:26:54.0 EC: Podcasts. 


0:26:54.7 TD: Podcasts. Well, you get those for free. You don't have to be a member, but you know, I'm not telling everybody that... Anyhow, check it out. I hope that you guys will become a member today. 


0:27:06.4 TD: ASCP. We got your back, 'cause we're all about you. 


0:27:11.6 MS: Now listeners, we wanna hear from you. Are you jumping on the hair loss bandwagon and incorporating some of these treatments in your menu? Are there skinification hair loss treatments we haven't mentioned in today's podcast? Share with us on social media by commenting on our Instagram or Facebook posts or by emailing getconnected@ascpskincare.com. Thank you for listening to ASCP Esty Talk. And for more information on this episode or ways to connect with Ella and myself, or learn more about ASCP check out the show notes. 


0:27:40.8 S1: Thanks for joining us today. If you like what you hear and you want more, subscribe. If you wanna belong to the only all inclusive association for aestheticians, that includes professional liability insurance education, industry insights, and an opportunity to spotlight your sick skills. Join at ascp skin care dot com. Only $2.59 per year. For all this goodness. ASCP knows, it's all about you.Page Break 


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