Ep 116 - Skinimalism

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Simple, paired down skin care routines, multi-tasking products, and prioritizing the health of the skin is what skinimalism is all about. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella discuss accessible skin care products, what a home regimen should really look like, and the beauty trend taking over skinimalism.

ASCP Esty Talk with Maggie Staszcuk and Ella Cressman

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About Ella Cressman:

Ella Cressman is a licensed esthetician, certified organic formulator, business owner, and absolute ingredient junkie! As an educator, she enjoys empowering other estheticians and industry professionals to understand skin care from an ingredient standpoint rather than a product-specific view.

She has spent many hours researching ingredients, understanding how and where they are sourced, as well as phytochemistry, histological access, and complementary compounds for intentional skin benefits. In addition to running a skin care practice, Cressman founded a comprehensive consulting group, the HHP Collective, and has consulted for several skin care lines, including several successful CBD brands.

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About Maggie Staszcuk:

Maggie has been a licensed esthetician since 2006 and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Stephens College. She has worked in the spa and med-spa industry, and served as an esthetics instructor and a director of education for one of the largest schools in Colorado before coming to ASCP as the Advanced Modality Specialist. 

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0:00:00.7 Tracy Donley: You are listening to ASCP Esty Talk, where we share insider tips, industry resources, and education for estheticians at every stage of the journey. Let's talk, 'cause ASCP knows it's all about you. 


0:00:16.6 Maggie Staszcuk: Hello and welcome to ASCP's Esty Talk, I'm your co-host Maggie Staszcuk and ASCP's cosmetology education manager. 


0:00:24.1 Ella Cressman: And I'm Ella Cressman, licensed esthetician, certified organic formulator, ingredient junky and content contributor for Associated Skin Care Professionals. 


0:00:32.8 TD: And I'm Tracy Donley, Executive Director, Associated Skin Care Professionals as well, and hey, hey, hey, people. 


0:00:38.9 MS: What's up?  


0:00:39.8 TD: We're back, right? Before we jump into the super exciting topic, I am gonna just jump in and make sure that all of you out there, especially if you're an ASCP member, that you have downloaded the ASCP SkinPro, because if you haven't, people, you are missing, oh, let me tell you. And it's super easy, 'cause it's not on the App Store. Did you hear me? It's not on the App Store, so you have to go and log in with your member login on ascpskincare.com, and then do it from your phone, it will... It's so smart, it knows what kind of phone you have, it'll tell you what to do, you download it, and then what happens, Maggie? That's right, they have ingredients, skin conditions, indications, contraindications, everything that you possibly need to be super sneaky in the treatment room. 


0:01:29.8 EC: Look how smart I am. 


0:01:30.7 TD: Look how smart I am. 


0:01:31.9 EC: I use an app. 




0:01:32.5 EC: That you can't get. 


0:01:34.2 TD: Hahahaha. No, just kidding. Okay, Maggie, what are we talking about today? I'm super excited. 


0:01:38.3 MS: All right, question for you guys, have you heard of the beauty movement, skinimalism?  


0:01:43.4 TD: I have. 


0:01:44.2 MS: You have?  


0:01:44.7 TD: I actually have. I watch a lot of reality TV. 


0:01:48.5 MS: Okay. 


0:01:49.0 TD: That's real. 


0:01:49.7 EC: I have not, but I'm excited about it. 


0:01:52.3 MS: Okay, well, let's dive into it. So skinimalism, this is born from the shifting needs throughout the pandemic, it's about simple paired down routines, a clean makeup look or no makeup look, and it putting healthy skin above all else and a less is more approach. So first question that I wanna throw out to you guys is how many active products or ingredients do we really need or do we need to be selling to our clients in order to obtain results?  






0:02:23.2 TD: Are you gonna go first or do you want me to?  


0:02:26.8 EC: I think I would ask you how many active products do you have?  


0:02:29.8 TD: Well, I think it's an unfair question, but... 


0:02:32.2 EC: Is it a loaded question?  




0:02:33.5 TD: It's a loaded question, all you have to do is open up my... Actually, if you even just saw my vanity right now, which is a double sink vanity, and you cannot see the counter top, but that's 'cause I'm a little bit sloppy right now, but I do have to say, yes, I have tons of products. And it's interesting because I have heard of this term, because I wanted to go that direction. I need to pair it down. Now, that whole idea about pairing back make up, being like makeup-free, that's not gonna happen, I'm not gonna do that. 


0:03:06.1 MS: Not gonna happen for you or don't think it's happening in the industry?  


0:03:08.3 TD: No, no, no, it's not gonna happen for me. I don't think it will happen as a sweeping... This is sweeping the nation. Do I think... I've started seeing it a little bit with influencers online, yeah. 


0:03:18.5 EC: I have to say that with this question about... You asked about how many active ingredients is really necessary, that's such a good question, because I had a client yesterday, she comes in with a tote bag... 'Cause part of... She's a brand new client, part of it, it's like, "Let me see what you put on your face." She brings a tote bag in and it's got a little of this from this place, and a little bit of this from this place, a little bit of that from this place, and I'm seeing like alpha hydroxy acids and over the counter retinals, and I'm seeing all kinds of different ingredients, is what I'm looking at for her function and I try holding it in, I asked her the question, "What influences you to buy this? Why did you buy this? Why did you buy this?" Well, because there's a lady in Texas... We live in Colorado. 




0:04:02.4 EC: Dry arid. 




0:04:03.5 TD: Yeah. 


0:04:04.1 EC: This lady in Texas, hot humid... 


0:04:06.2 TD: Houston. 


0:04:07.2 EC: She's about my age, and she looks great and she was talking about this product, and I had this, this and this in it. And so there's two thoughts, there's a product line who has active products, and then there's a product, acquire, shall we say, gatherer who has a hutch part of active things and all with the intention of looking good. And I would say for consumers, be careful of what those actives are and for practitioners, active? What does that mean? What does an active product mean? Because does it mean initiating a response from a botanical or does it mean sell turn over from a retinal?  


0:04:48.0 MS: Entirely. Yeah, I totally agree with you. Active means a lot of things, it doesn't mean that you're slathering your face with an acid necessarily, it could be it's just vitamin C. 


0:04:57.4 EC: Yeah, which would be active. 


0:05:00.0 MS: Yeah, yeah. 


0:05:00.9 EC: How many would you need? Personally, whatever it takes, I just today... 


0:05:04.6 TD: See, that's a problem. 




0:05:05.7 TD: That's how I am. I'm like, "Well, if two serums are good, I'm gonna put six on." 




0:05:11.4 TD: That's different ones. 


0:05:12.0 EC: And I was having a conversation... 


0:05:13.3 TD: It's terrible. 


0:05:13.6 EC: With my friend on the way here, and I was like going off, blah, blah, blah. I'm gonna be... How old am I? Oh, my God, I'm gonna be 44 next month. [chuckle] 


0:05:23.2 TD: Oh girl, I just turned 49 last week. 


0:05:25.4 EC: But still, it changes. 


0:05:28.3 TD: It does change. 


0:05:29.0 EC: It changes. 


0:05:29.9 TD: It's changing. 


0:05:30.0 EC: And so whatever it takes is my answer to the question. 


0:05:33.6 MS: Okay. 


0:05:33.6 EC: All the active ingredients. 


0:05:33.8 MS: I think we're all product junkies. 


0:05:36.3 EC: Yeah. 


0:05:36.3 MS: So we maybe can't answer that question. 


0:05:38.0 TD: But are you a little less though? That's why... Weren't you the one who... You were like, "No, I like to keep it simple." Like you don't get off fussy everyday. 


0:05:47.3 MS: I am like you with an entire cabinet or two of products that I rotate through, but what I use on a daily basis is pretty minimal. 


0:05:57.1 TD: Yeah, I wanna be like you when I grow up. 




0:05:58.9 TD: That's my new plan, is to not put six on. 


0:06:02.0 MS: Yeah, yeah. So you don't need that. 


0:06:03.6 TD: Yeah, yeah, yeah. 


0:06:04.5 MS: You want a skinimalistic down, Tracy?  


0:06:06.6 TD: Right. 


0:06:07.2 MS: Yeah. 


0:06:07.6 TD: I want that t-shirt. 


0:06:08.6 MS: Yeah, yeah, so the idea with skinimalism also is that your routine really is just two to three steps. So esthetician, Ella, is that enough? In the treatment room, we're doing a whole heck of a lot more, but when we retail to our clients, is that enough?  


0:06:25.5 EC: Yes, I would agree that that's enough, it's sufficient depending on the product line that you're caring. 


0:06:29.7 MS: Yeah. 


0:06:29.9 EC: Well, a couple of things depending, two to three... Base, like your core products... 


0:06:36.2 TD: Like the daily deal. 


0:06:37.6 EC: And then you have a couple of bumpet products [laughter] 


0:06:42.6 MS: That you're using like maybe couple of times a week. 


0:06:44.6 EC: Couple of times a week. 


0:06:45.4 MS: Yeah. 


0:06:45.7 EC: And I think that should be sufficient. If the products are formulated in a certain way, you look at other brands that are over the counter, we talked about it in another podcast called... We're not gonna say the name but basic... That they would have like... 




0:07:00.1 EC: Nine different things from that line versus one different product from a different line, I would incorporate those things and as far as aesthetician to aesthetician, in the trim room, I think often times, those steps are... Too much. 


0:07:12.8 MS: Yeah. 


0:07:13.6 EC: I think sometimes I forget that peeling on the skin at the end. 


0:07:16.1 MS: Yeah. 


0:07:16.1 EC: Where you've put so much on that it is... 




0:07:18.2 MS: Yeah. 


0:07:19.2 EC: It's not penetrating anyways... 


0:07:20.9 MS: Yeah. 


0:07:21.2 EC: I think that, the way you apply it, the method, the modality in which you're applying it with, all has an influence on it. 


0:07:29.3 MS: Yeah, I mean, would you agree, both of you, are there products that you deem unnecessary that maybe you're using that probably you don't need to or that you're retailing to your clients?  


0:07:39.3 TD: I would probably say it's unnecessary, but I like it, and because of a fragrance, I use a rose mist toner... 


0:07:49.0 MS: You can mix it?  


0:07:49.7 TD: I could mix it. 


0:07:50.7 MS: Yeah. 


0:07:51.0 EC: I say, there's lines that I use, so we have a couple of lines in my practice that I don't order them, there's things that I order and keep on hand that are my go-to's as a practitioner for recommending, and then every once in while, I think they might need that, but toners is one, 100%, we don't need toners anymore... 


0:08:11.3 MS: No, no, and I'll admit when I was an aesthetician, I never sold eye cream, infact... 


0:08:16.6 TD: I was just gonna ask you about that 'cause I just took it out of my... 


0:08:19.3 MS: Well... 


0:08:19.6 TD: My routine. 


0:08:20.4 MS: There are estheticians that will totally disagree with me, but I would tell my clients always, you do not need this, take your eye cream up and around your eye, and that is just fine. 


0:08:28.4 TD: Your normal moisturizer and put it up in your... Yeah, so I just took it out. I just, I did. 


0:08:33.9 EC: I'm one of those that... 


0:08:34.9 TD: I just did it. 


0:08:35.3 EC: Would sell eye cream and I see... 


0:08:37.0 TD: I used to do it, I used to be freaking out if I was out, did I not... I came to your... I was like, can I get five of these? And you know which ones I'm talking about. 


0:08:45.6 MS: Yes. 


0:08:45.8 TD: And I was like, Oh my God, but I just recently was like, I'm throwing caution to the wind... 


0:08:49.9 MS: Yeah. 


0:08:50.2 TD: I'm putting moisturizer... 


0:08:52.3 EC: I have an idea. 


0:08:53.2 TD: Oh boy. Should we do one eye, one eye. One eye or the other?  


0:08:56.2 EC: Yes. For four weeks. 


0:08:57.0 TD: Four weeks. Oh my gosh, what if I look so jacked up?  


0:09:01.1 MS: Well, if we're talking about a pare down routine, only two to three steps, your eye creams, your lip plumpers, the rose mist, it doesn't factor in. 


0:09:09.0 TD: On the side note. Lets do the challenge, it'll be funny. 


0:09:11.5 EC: Yeah, two to three plus. 


0:09:12.5 TD: Wait [laughter] 


0:09:12.8 EC: May one begins left eye challenge. 


0:09:15.8 TD: At about... 


0:09:17.2 MS: I do see where Ella's going with this though, because you do have such advances and ingredients, you've got peptides and the ability to eliminate those dark circles and reduce that puffiness... 


0:09:28.1 TD: Oh look, it's like you're selling yourself right now. 


0:09:30.6 MS: Well I get the science, but I also... I'm a skinimalist... 


0:09:34.7 TD: You're a skinimalist to the core... 


0:09:37.3 MS: Yeah, what can I say?  


0:09:38.9 EC: You know what I like to use too, and I like to retail 'cause it's fun at the cash wrap is those eye, under eye masks... 


0:09:44.6 TD: Are you talking about the ones that are the... Well, I'm addicted, I just actually bought a case of 'em. I love them. 


0:09:50.5 EC: I love to sell them and me and my fi-husband, we sit and we watch... Don't tell him I told you, but he watches Real Housewives too, but we watch Real Housewives. 




0:10:00.2 TD: You just said it, in front of like thirty thousand people. 


0:10:02.6 EC: But we watch it, he loves it. And I got him the black ones, so he feels cool. 


0:10:07.1 TD: Oh see, I got Chris the gold ones [laughter] 


0:10:09.0 MS: You guys are spilling the beans. 


0:10:11.9 TD: He doesn't even listen to it, so... [laughter] 


0:10:13.3 EC: I would like to sit there and watch em 'cause the Real Housewives they wear 'em too. So we're part of it. 


0:10:18.2 TD: I know. 


0:10:18.7 EC: Real Housewives of Lakewood, Colorado [laughter] 


0:10:21.8 TD: You and I should just get the show going. Okay, anyhow, I digress [laughter] 


0:10:25.7 MS: So there is a new trend taking over skinimalism, and that is status skin. 


0:10:31.6 TD: Hey, guys stop. Let's take a quick break. 


0:10:34.7 MS: Elleebana, Australian born globally loved. Elleebana's story is simple. They love lashes and brows, they shoot for the stars and lift lashes to new heights. Their addiction is real, their passion is popping, and there is nothing more they crave than offering excellence, service and innovation and products, Elleebana lash lift allows you to offer your customers luscious lifted lashes that can last up to 12 weeks in one safe 20-minute treatment. Learn more at elleebana-usa.com. 


0:11:12.1 TD: Let's get back to the conversation. 


0:11:14.6 MS: Do you know status skin?  


0:11:15.6 TD: No. I do not know. 


0:11:16.5 EC: I have no idea. I want it. 


0:11:17.2 TD: I thought skinimalism would be status skin. 


0:11:19.6 MS: You'd think, but it's actually a trend of its own. 


0:11:21.9 TD: Oh. 


0:11:22.3 MS: So skinimalism, this is about focusing on condition and health of the skin, pairing down, status skin is about flaunting it. 


0:11:30.4 EC: Ewe. 


0:11:30.5 TD: Oh, how do you do it?  


0:11:31.8 MS: Yeah. 


0:11:33.3 TD: I wanna do it. 


0:11:33.4 EC: Oh, look at me I'm minimalist skinimalistic. 


0:11:35.1 TD: I get it [laughter] 


0:11:36.1 MS: So, you still have that minimal pare down make-up, you have hidden perfections, and you have dewy glossy or even a wet skin look. 


0:11:46.4 TD: Oh, so it's like being a poser, so you do hide your imperfections, but you're like listen, it's like, I got nothing on really trust me, I have nothing. But you really do. Is that it?  


0:11:57.8 EC: Yeah, you're a total poser [laughter] 


0:12:00.8 TD: Sorry, I'm a product of '80s. 


0:12:03.2 EC: Sorry. 


0:12:03.2 TD: You guys are a little younger than me. 


0:12:05.0 MS: I'm just sharing what I've learned here. 


0:12:06.6 EC: Hey but wait a minute, let me ask the question. 


0:12:11.3 TD: But that's posing, right?  


0:12:11.7 EC: Yeah poser. 


0:12:11.8 TD: Poser. 


0:12:11.9 EC: Don't be a poser. Let me ask you a question, do you know how things started out, there's celebrities that do this... Right?  


0:12:17.2 MS: Mm-hmm. 


0:12:17.8 EC: I know they start out well intended and then they're emulated... 


0:12:21.8 MS: Yeah. 


0:12:22.1 EC: Okay, I can just imagine that somebody has... You said petroleum jelly on their face. 


0:12:27.7 MS: That's a thing it's called slugging. 


0:12:29.3 EC: Slugging. 


0:12:29.8 MS: Yeah. 


0:12:30.1 EC: Okay. 


0:12:30.2 MS: So we'll talk about it in a second. 


0:12:31.7 TD: Oh my gosh, okay. 


0:12:33.7 EC: So, this is what I'm thinking of like a couple of years, the eyebrows, for example. 


0:12:37.8 TD: Oh are those like skinny ones?  


0:12:40.8 EC: Pamela Anderson, two hairs thick, two these drawn on extreme, right, we have the celebrities that did it, and then we had the emulation that was like scary. 


0:12:51.4 TD: Well and then they left the whole eye brow... 


0:12:51.8 EC: What's the slugging going to be like on the emulation side is it gonna be so slippery that there's gonna be like face prints everywhere. 


0:13:00.7 MS: Yeah, so, okay. 


0:13:00.8 TD: Tell me what the slugging thing is first. We're jumping ahead. I don't know. 


0:13:03.9 MS: So to Ella's point, did you guys all see, it was Hailey Bieber who posted and she had the glazed donut skin look. And then from that evolved and now you have slugging. So slugging is all over TikTok, and it's about slathering your face with Vaseline petroleum jelly, something that makes your skin look... 


0:13:28.6 TD: Like you're like an oil slick?  


0:13:30.0 MS: Yeah. 


0:13:30.3 TD: Like what some people looked like when I was in junior high?  


0:13:33.0 MS: Totally. And this is the status skin. It's giving you that wet do-ey, glossy, completely, supposedly perfect skin. 


0:13:42.3 TD: When you go to hug your friend, if I had my space on that, and I was gonna give you a big hug, Ella, like "Hi, babes. I haven't seen you for a while," do I just leave big face prints all over your shoulders every time I see you. 


0:13:58.4 MS: It's like the slide right off the sheets look. 


0:14:00.6 TD: Yeah. 




0:14:03.1 MS: I couldn't help it. I couldn't help it. 


0:14:05.6 TD: Yeah, exactly like that look. But how practical is having a Vaseline sluggish face? Is it practical?  


0:14:13.1 MS: If you're fighting someone behind their middle school. 




0:14:15.0 EC: Then it's practical. 


0:14:16.2 TD: Yeah, right?  


0:14:16.7 MS: If you're a boxer, it's practical. 


0:14:18.8 TD: Oh, so it's practical. 


0:14:19.6 MS: But everyday... And it's so interesting how five years ago it was matte skin, that was... 


0:14:25.2 TD: So matte. 


0:14:25.7 MS: Beautiful. 


0:14:26.3 TD: Yeah. 


0:14:26.7 EC: Yeah, we've gone the opposite extreme. 


0:14:28.6 TD: Always... Do we... Are we shocked? It's like, "I'm gonna have big huge bell bottoms and big wide jeans. Now, I'm gonna have ones that you could spray paint on." 


0:14:37.4 EC: But... Well, I guess it could be said those spray painted on jeans could cause health issues. 


0:14:43.0 TD: They could. 


0:14:43.0 EC: But what does this mean for skin health to be putting something so occlusive on your skin for so long. 


0:14:47.9 MS: Totally. Totally. That's why you need to cover up those imperfections. You've been slugging it. 


0:14:52.2 TD: Yeah, you're gonna have acne, blackheads and whiteheads. 


0:14:56.8 MS: Slug life. 


0:14:58.1 TD: Yeah, I think you're gonna have to put putty on your face if you do that too long, slug life. [chuckle] 


0:15:02.7 EC: So slugging skin is gonna change skinimalism to maybe they'll tinted Vaseline. 


0:15:08.9 TD: What's gonna happen is... 


0:15:10.1 MS: Oh, interesting. Yes. 


0:15:11.0 TD: I think what's gonna happen is you're gonna end up having such bad skin that skinimalism is gonna be out the window and you're gonna need some serious treatment. Maybe it's a way to see more aggressive in spa treatments happening. Really aggressive ones, right?  


0:15:28.0 MS: Resurgence of chemical peels or something. 


0:15:30.1 TD: Or lasers or what have you just to... 


0:15:34.5 MS: Skin scrubbers and extractions. 


0:15:36.2 TD: Fix all those acne scars that you're gonna get from slugging. 


0:15:39.7 MS: So with regard to make up, we've kind of talked about hiding imperfections, pairing down skin routines, makeup is really pared down to. Do you think it's gonna stay that way? What did you take on that? Because estheticians, I think are in one of two camps. They either are all about the make-up applications. They might do weddings on the side, or you have the esthetician that doesn't focus on it at all, and they're more maybe about corrective work. 


0:16:05.2 EC: Both, I think. You know what's interesting too is this trend of putting on make-up to make it look like you're not wearing makeup. 


0:16:10.0 MS: Yeah. 


0:16:10.9 TD: I love that trend though. I love that. 


0:16:11.1 EC: And just how much the influence is... But it's a long time, just like, "Okay, no big deal. We're gonna put on a primer, and then we're gonna put on a corrective color, and then we're gonna put on a... 


0:16:21.0 TD: Contouring. 


0:16:21.3 EC: Contouring, and a highlight, round one, then we're gonna put on our foundation and then we're gonna put more concealer on," it's like a lot. I'm like, "Oof." But I think that what's interesting about makeup... You talked about the pandemic early on, right? I talked about my personal... My personal feeling with make-up is it feels different to get dressed now. There's a lot of things that feel procedurally different. One of them is my skin care routine and how simple it is, and I don't know if it's because I got into a different habit, but another one is make-up, and it's because I wasn't seeing people a lot. I was seeing them on avenues like Zoom and such, and so I had to change my makeup to accentuate my virtual... 


0:17:04.1 MS: Assets. 


0:17:04.3 EC: Assets. Yeah, like my eyes. 


0:17:04.6 TD: Yeah, you even said your eyes. 


0:17:06.8 EC: Yeah, and different things in person. I'm gonna be honest with you, I'm having a hard time wanting to do my make-up every day, which is not me. You guys know me, I love pretty things. But wanting to do my make-up and then wanting to do it that much. [laughter] I want to be skinimalistic with my make-up. I wish I could, but I feel like there's still certain things I have to do. I feel like I wear heavier eye make-up than before. Also, that being said, I think there's an influence with some of the procedures that we offer. Like lash extensions, I think that has an influence on the amount... We talked to about this last... A couple of podcasts ago. 


0:17:43.1 TD: Yeah, I think it so definitely does. 


0:17:44.5 EC: It has an influence on what's important now, bigger lips, because you're not putting the eye shadow on or the winged eyeliner now. 


0:17:53.0 TD: Well, you can see your lips now. 


0:17:54.6 EC: And people from other states can see mine right now. [laughter] 


0:17:57.2 TD: I know, go you. 


0:18:00.6 EC: Or some people see now, but yeah. 


0:18:02.5 TD: But I think it's interesting. I think you're always gonna have artistic expression. So I think that you're gonna always have a camp that's like, "I don't like a lot," and then you're gonna have that artistic camp that's like, "Oh, this season's eye shadow color is neon, yellow. Fantastic. What can I do with that?" So I think you're always gonna have... I really was thinking that after COVID that we would see less glam eyes, less glam whatever, and really see that because people were doing it and people were used to more natural faces, but to be quite honest, I haven't seen... There are people getting lash extensions like crazy, they're getting brow lamination. People are in it to win it. I think if anything, people are adding more of everything, and if you're doing skinimalism, then I think you're doing... You might not be putting as many products on your face, but you're into your face. 


0:19:00.6 MS: Oh totally. 


0:19:00.6 TD: You're making a decision. You're putting... 


0:19:02.5 MS: Totally, you're into your face, but it's still... 


0:19:04.0 TD: It's a statement. 


0:19:04.7 MS: It's like a natural look though, because there's no make-up. It's lash extensions. It's brow lamination and... 


0:19:09.7 TD: It's high maintenance still. 


0:19:11.3 MS: That's it. Yeah, still totally high maintenance. 


0:19:13.9 TD: You're carrying, yeah. 


0:19:14.6 EC: I think that's an interesting point you both bring up, is that this as a form, honestly, it's an adornment. 


0:19:20.4 TD: It is. 


0:19:20.7 EC: And is a form of expression. 


0:19:22.1 TD: Self-expression, for sure. 


0:19:22.8 EC: And through centuries, we've had this. And it evolves and changes. We just see a rapid change right now, but if you look at some tribal makeup, even for Egyptians, with the darker eye shadow... 


0:19:35.9 TD: Oh, yeah. 


0:19:36.7 EC: And then you look at Catherine the Great with this lead-based whitening and the pulling out of your hair. 


0:19:41.7 TD: And taking all your eyebrows out. 


0:19:43.2 EC: Yeah, so pretty beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. 


0:19:47.6 TD: It is. 


0:19:48.2 EC: And If you're beholding skinimalism, you glow girl. 


0:19:52.4 TD: You glow girl. 


0:19:54.1 MS: Now, listeners, we wanna hear from you. Are you embracing skinimalism and status skin with your product and treatment offerings? Are your clients requesting a paired down regimen? Share with us on social media by commenting on our Instagram or Facebook posts or by emailing getconnected@ascpskincare.com. Thank you for listening to ASCP Esty Talk. And for more information on this episode or for ways to connect with Ella and myself or learn more about ASCP, check out the show notes. 




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