Ep 118 - The Skin Below the Collarbone: The Other 90%

client receives body treatment on back

The skin is our largest organ and one of the most complicated. It plays many roles in the maintenance of life and health and is often the first indication or sign of problems with other organ systems. It helps regulate temperature, immune defense, and even vitamin production. Yet we are most concerned with making it “look pretty” or covering it up.

The global skin care market is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. But nearly half of that comes from antiaging skin care focused on only 10% of the surface area of the skin (the face and décolleté). What about the rest of the skin?

In this episode, we look at the other 90% of the skin, the professional approach to services, and the booming market of total body skin care (retail)! Join Ella, Maggie, and Tracy as they discuss how to be a part of the growing awareness that the skin below the collarbone needs antiaging love too!

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In addition to running a skin care practice, Cressman founded a comprehensive consulting group, the HHP Collective, and has consulted for several successful skin care brands.

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Ep 118 - ASCP Esty Talk - Skin Below the Collar Bone_FINAL 




0:00:00.7 Speaker 1: You are listening to ASCP Esty Talk where we share insider tips, industry resources, and education for estheticians at every stage of the journey. Let's talk 'cause ASCP knows it's all about you. 




0:00:16.5 Speaker 2: Hello and welcome back to ASCP Esty Talk, I am Ella Cressman licensed esthetician certified organic skincare formulator and content contributor for Associated Skincare Professionals. 


0:00:27.2 Speaker 3: I am Maggie Staszcuk licensed esthetician and ASCP's cosmetology education manager. 


0:00:32.8 Speaker 4: And I am Tracy Donley, executive director of Associated Skincare Professionals and basically all around beauty guru. 


0:00:41.2 Speaker 2: Hi guys. 




0:00:42.2 Speaker 3: Hi. 


0:00:43.1 Speaker 4: Hi [chuckle] 


0:00:43.7 S2: I'm excited about today's topic because it's kind of an aha topic I think for some people. Let's start with a couple of fun facts. 


0:00:50.6 S4: I love fun facts. 


0:00:51.8 Speaker 1: Or maybe a review. 


0:00:52.8 S4: Okay. 


0:00:53.4 S2: We know that our largest organ and one of our most complicated organs is... 


0:01:00.0 S4: Our skin. 


0:01:00.6 S2: Our skin. Yep. And it plays many roles right? In the maintenance of life and health, and it's often the first indication or signal of a problem with other organ systems, right?  


0:01:09.1 S4: And if I would say, you would have to be living under a rock if you don't know that, because Benjamin Knight Fuchs, he talks about that all the time. So keep on keeping on. 


0:01:18.3 S2: And we see it too as professionals, we know there's an influence of, oh maybe something else is going on internally isn't showing up on your face or on your skin. We know the skin provides an airtight, water tight, flexible barrier, and that it helps to regulate systems inside of the body and outside for the outside world. It helps with temperature regulation, immune defense, and even vitamin production. Yet we are most concerned about making it look pretty or covering it up. 


0:01:50.4 S4: So true. But I do have to say, I don't know about that whole skin regulation thing 'cause this menopause hot flash thing is not being regulated. [chuckle] But anyhow, I digress. 


0:02:00.9 S2: True. 




0:02:01.5 S2: And hormones show up on your skin all the time. 


0:02:04.0 S4: Oh, that's so true. 


0:02:04.7 S2: Or the effect of the hormone system. Well, our skin is approximately 22 square feet and approximately one square feet of that is our face. It's generally one other square foot if we talk about our neckline decollete, right? But the global skincare market is worth hundreds of billions of dollars with nearly half of that coming from the anti-aging skincare and only 10% the face and decollete being part of that. 


0:02:33.4 S4: Really? That actually blow... 




0:02:35.0 S4: No, seriously. 


0:02:35.9 S2: Yeah. 


0:02:36.0 S4: That blows my mind. 'Cause you would think that it would be so focused on the face. 


0:02:40.3 S2: Yeah. What about the rest of our skin though?  


0:02:43.0 S4: Well, yeah. 


0:02:44.5 S2: Not just anti-aging, that's not including prevention or other parts of this. 


0:02:48.0 S4: Health. Yeah. 


0:02:49.1 S2: My point is we spend most of our money on our neck up. 


0:02:53.3 S4: Yeah. 


0:02:54.0 S4: Not on our neck down. So we're buying a $100 creams and serums and we're getting these services or we are providing these services for our collarbone up. 


0:03:06.1 S3: Is that because that's what we see in the mirror every day?  


0:03:09.4 S4: Oh important. 


0:03:09.6 S2: What about our other parts of our body? It could be, it could be, that's what we see or that's what we're exposed or that's what we're conditioned to think is important. But I think we've also seen this movement to wait a minute what about other parts of the body?  


0:03:21.5 S4: Well, I don't even think about my other parts of the body unless it's summer, right? I just... 'Cause I'm covering it. 


0:03:27.9 S2: Right. 


0:03:28.0 S1: So I'm like oh... Do you guys do that thing where you're like, "Oh time to moisturize other parts of my body now" 


0:03:35.3 S2: Well I think that is uncovering it, right?  


0:03:38.0 S4: Yeah. 


0:03:38.4 S2: But I also think sometimes we notice parts of our body after it's too late. 


0:03:42.9 S4: Oh, so true. 


0:03:43.5 S3: Yes totally. 


0:03:44.2 S2: My arms are creeky, my hands are aging, my what's going on with these spots on my legs. 


0:03:49.5 S3: Yes, totally. 


0:03:50.2 S2: So much things. So, I think where we're missing a mark in the professional industry, is providing that same attention that we give to the area from the collarbone up to the collarbone down. 


0:04:03.4 S4: I know as a consumer, I would totally appreciate a reminder from my aesthetician of like, "Hey, have you paid any love to this, we offer this" 


0:04:12.7 S2: Well, the reminder is coming. 


0:04:14.8 S4: Oh it is. Yeah. 


0:04:14.9 S2: Because you see the shift in ads, targeted ads. There is a shift at this point in body creams that have retinals in them, that have tightening agents, that are $120 for a 4 ounce jar, right?  


0:04:29.0 S4: Wow. Yeah. 


0:04:29.8 S2: Yeah. But of course then you get a subscription and it's half the price, but whatever. 




0:04:33.6 S4: So true. 


0:04:34.3 S1: There's all these these marketing tactics to lure in, "Hey, look at the body, you need this in the body. We have these hand sunscreens, we have other kinds of products" Right? The mainstream market is recognizing, "Oh this is gonna be important." And it's important probably we can guess, because there's a shift in even plastic surgery, there is a statistic... 'Cause you guys know I love new beauty. So then. 


0:05:00.9 S4: Oh my gosh, she doesn't, I keep every single one of them. 


0:05:02.5 S2: It's like a Bible. [chuckle] 


0:05:03.4 S4: It's a Bible. 


0:05:04.6 S2: But in the new beauty magazine, it goes through... For those who don't know, it goes through plastic surgery trends and such, and the body, face really took an uptick after COVID because of what you said, 'cause that's what we see. But the body treatments have always been there, but what's been lacking, right? We think of conventional medical procedures, we have liposuction, and we have tummy tucks or augmentations of certain areas of the body. 


0:05:28.2 S4: Booty augmentation. 


0:05:29.6 S2: And, but what we have now is... Those would be considered invasive. But what a lot of med spa clinics, or even dermatology clinics or these plastic surgery clinics are recognizing, "Hey, that's a one and done, how do we capture this client more?" So they're having body treatments. 


0:05:46.2 S4: Yes. Like Emsculpt, which is... It's not about fat removal or fat reduction, it's about muscle tone. So and that's one of those ones that you get them coming back, you could actually say, "Oh, I'm gonna do some liposuction on these people" Get the big ticket item and then say, "Oh, now you should come back and get these Emsculpt treatments every so often. 


0:06:08.7 S2: So I see that as an opportunity for retail sales. 


0:06:11.0 S4: Yes. 


0:06:11.6 S3: This is what comes to mind for me when we're talking about this and more so when it comes to these more spa-like treatments and especially product is it seems like there's a crossover between esthetics and even what a massage therapist can do. And so what is scope of practice? And what should estheticians do and not do? Or can they do it? Is it their scope of practice?  


0:06:36.3 S2: I love that you just said that, Maggie, and of course, it's from Maggie. [laughter] 'cause Maggie's, just keep it by the books, people, by the books. But yeah, isn't it in Texas, that they're not allowed to touch the hands? Or feet?  


0:06:49.9 S1: I don't know. Yeah, could be. 


0:06:52.7 S2: I think that that's the case. And then, in California with 803B, they just recently redefined what an esthetician could do versus a massage therapist. 


0:07:03.9 S1: And that's because of the crossover because that licensure would be manicurist or nail technician versus other parts. But if we're dealing with the skin... 


0:07:10.7 S2: Is that different?  


0:07:12.1 S1: I don't know. 


0:07:13.1 S2: I think on the other side, too, you have a lot of these massage therapists who feel like it's a body treatment, and they're wanting to get into doing Emsculpt. 


0:07:21.8 S1: Yeah, we're seeing that all the time. And we have people calling in members that are massage therapists saying, "Hey, I'd like to start even doing laser." 'Cause, it's about e treatment. "I want to do laser hair removal," or "I wanna do some skin tightening" or what have you. Yeah, it's getting blurry. 


0:07:37.3 S2: Well Emsculpt I saw this, 'cause I love New Beauty. And I am a sucker for ads on social media. There's this one ad I almost bought it. And it was like, you put these nodes, this electronic thing and then you press a button and they're convulsing. 


0:07:51.8 S1: Dude, I have it. 


0:07:51.9 S2: Can I borrow it?  


0:07:54.3 S1: I love it. I swear it works. I put it on my arms. And then I lay down and watch TV, and I put it on my abs. It's like doing situps without doing situps. 


0:08:02.5 S2: But this commercial, they're sweating. They're like, "Yeah, it worked so good. I just... 




0:08:09.2 S1: I know. 


0:08:09.7 S2: And I'm like, "Oh, I want that" 


0:08:11.2 S1: It is hardcore. I put it on my old dad. And he was like, "Oh," I was like, "Dad, beauty, and pain go hand in hand. Look how buff you are dad" 


0:08:20.0 S2: Do you feel the burn afterward?  


0:08:23.4 S1: Yeah. Usually, it's not right away. It's usually the next day. And I can feel it if I laugh. [chuckle] You can tell I didn't do it yesterday. 


0:08:28.6 S2: Well, speaking of scope of practice, there's some areas that we are already in. We seen these... We seen... We have seen these treatments offered. Like we just recently did a podcast on the signification of hair, where we were talking about things that would be out of this area, but the gray area potential. What are some other areas that we can think of?  


0:08:50.2 S1: Well, Tracy mentioned the vajazzle. 


0:08:53.4 S2: Well, and it's interesting. So I think we did a video a while ago on the vajazzle, it was a few years ago. And I like, "Okay, let's see how this goes." But I went recently to go see my wax hair to get my normal wax job. And I noticed that she offers it on her menu. So I took that time to really dig in and say, "Hey, Tana, what are the real benefits that I'm gonna see from doing a vajazzle. I mean, take care of all your skin, I get it. But she walked through it. And she totally sold me on it. I'm doing it. She said that we get a lot of razor burn, or we get a lot of ingrown. Sometimes those are in places that are difficult to get to, and they can get to those and they can start you on... She really says that it's more so to really start you on an at-home routine, that is gonna keep your skin healthy so that you don't have so many ingrown flare-ups or things of that nature. Also, too, she was like, "Do you hydrate down there?" And I was like, "Well, I drink water. I mean, that helps, right?" But she said that we really need to be able to make sure that that skin is healthy as well. Because it has to deal with the aging process just like the skin on other parts of our body. I would also say going to a lot of the trade shows most recently. I mean, anal bleaching is the bomb... 


0:10:25.9 S1: I was just gonna mention that one. 


0:10:26.9 S2: Yeah, I had a session I think it was at UCSC. And I was like, "Oh my gosh, all these people are lined up to come see me at my session. Of course, they are Tracy, yes, they want to know how to start their own business." But instead, they went into a different classroom. And I was like, "What is this classroom? Why are all these people so excited?" They were there to see anal bleaching. So... 


0:10:49.7 S1: It's a thing. 


0:10:50.1 S2: It's a thing. 


0:10:50.6 S1: I think that and the vajazzle, those are those treatments that you say should estheticians be performing those services?  


0:10:58.5 S2: Well, I know you have opinions, Maggie, so you should just share them. 


0:11:03.7 S1: No, I don't know. I mean, when I was an esthetician, it was on the menu. When you talk about scope of practice and you're looking at rules and regulations, specifically it's saying, Neck, decollete, face, but at this point, it is skin and we are waxing vaginas. And butts for that matter. 


0:11:19.8 S2: And legs and feet. 


0:11:21.3 S1: And legs. Yeah. So it is really gray. And why not then follow it up with your post-care, which is technically like a vajazzle. 


0:11:28.4 S2: Yeah, and that's where I think the money is really for her right is that then when I come in every single time to get my normal wax, she's gonna ask me, "Hey, how's your homecare going? Do you need anything?" 


0:11:40.4 S1: Perhaps t makes your job easier. 


0:11:42.5 S2: Yeah. 


0:11:43.8 S1: Because she doesn't have to fight around. I mean it's healthy skin healthy hair removal process. 


0:11:49.3 S2: Yeah. And even too, I found out I didn't know, she has a high-frequency device. So if you have one of those... I'm sharing so much information here. But if you have one of those crazy ingrown hairs that are so angry, that you feel like you need to put Lena Kane on it. She's like, just come in and we'll zap it and like, that's quick money. 


0:12:07.2 S1: You know what I will say too, is at least when I was practicing esthetician there are so many estheticians who will not do these treatments. They're not comfortable with doing it. And from a money-making standpoint. I mean, when you get good at Brazilian and you guys know it is quick. 


0:12:24.1 S1: Yeah, 15 minutes, max. 


0:12:24.2 S2: You're in and out. Yeah. You add your little vajazzle, it's another 15 minutes, I mean money maker, like you said. 


0:12:32.6 S3: Hey guys, stop. Let's take a quick break. 


0:12:35.6 S4: Elleebana, Australian-born, globally loved. Elleebana's story is simple, they love lashes and brows. They shoot for the stars and lift lashes to new heights. Their addiction is real, their passion is popping, and there is nothing more they crave then offering excellence, service and innovation in products. Elleebana Lash Lift allows you to offer your customers luscious lifted lashes that can last up to 12 weeks in one safe 20-minute treatment. Learn more at elleebana-usa.com. 


0:13:13.1 S3: Let's get back to the conversation. 


0:13:15.6 S2: I think using it in combination to piggybacking on other things like understanding this Emsculpt or the CoolSculpt or the body sculpting, using those as opportunities for the home care like your waxer was doing. And we look at another opportunity, one of my favorite treatments in school was the body scrub, like a salt scrub, it was what it was called. 


0:13:38.2 S1: Oh, yes. 


0:13:39.3 S2: Oh, my gosh. 


0:13:39.9 S1: I love those myself. 


0:13:41.7 S2: I do too. I loved the way it felt, I loved the way I felt, and that was only... I don't do well sitting for a long period of time, like massage, it depends on who's doing it, but I'm more talking to them, I'm that client. 




0:13:55.1 S1: Oh yeah, I bet you are like, "Listen lady, I need a break from that." [laughter] 


0:14:00.8 S2: But yeah, But I'm not... I never do well... That's how I relax. 


0:14:03.1 S1: Yeah. 


0:14:03.7 S2: You know that's how I come down. And so but this, it was the texture, it was the touch, it was the movement, it might have been a lymphatic movement, I haven't had one since school, to be fair, that's one service I would like to go have. 


0:14:16.6 S1: I have to tell you, you just mentioned the lymphatic movement, I mean, that even right there, again, gray area, because I know massage therapists like to specialize in it, but getting that skin treating while doing a lymphatic drainage, that would be so the bomb. 


0:14:32.2 S2: Even just rubbing the salt is part of it. 


0:14:34.2 S1: Yeah. 


0:14:34.6 S2: 'Cause the direction that we learn how and where to rub it. 


0:14:37.1 S1: Oh, that's so good. 


0:14:38.0 S2: Yeah. That's why we do things in a particular order, we start here, we end here, we work this way because of that, and so that opportunity. But it was seen as fluff, which is why I haven't gone, because if I want one, I've gotta go to Four Seasons or another gay spa thing to get one. And, "Yeah, I'll get to it, I'll get to it." But if I was to think of a full-body scrub that was an anti-aging treatment, like a little full body peel, like an enzyme peel marked in there, I'm probably that person that's gonna go get that. 


0:15:08.0 S1: Oh my gosh, yes. 


0:15:09.8 S2: Regularly. 


0:15:10.1 S1: For sure. Yes. 


0:15:10.9 S2: Yeah. So there is an opportunity to address that, pull from those anti-aging dollars to increase that, to offer a new service, even if it's just incremental like an arm scrubber and you can name it whatever you want to, but I've seen... Or where you can put peels inside the scrubs, easy now but... 




0:15:29.5 S2: Don't be throwing your TCA up in your sugar scrubber or anything. But there's opportunity that you can do that, and I would do that. 


0:15:37.1 S1: Well, and then you're getting more revenue, ideally, from your current client base, so it's not like you're necessarily having to go out and get new clients, hopefully, that's the end game that you would, but to be able to get more from each client, winner winner chicken dinner, right?  


0:15:56.5 S2: But you also have this opportunity for home care. 


0:16:00.9 S1: I love it. 


0:16:01.0 S2: So a lot of your professionals, I would call them collarbone up skin care lines. 




0:16:06.0 S2: I guess. New term. 


0:16:07.4 S1: Are you coining that?  


0:16:08.2 S2: Mm-hmm. You heard it here first. [chuckle] 


0:16:09.8 S1: Yes. [laughter] 


0:16:10.8 S2: Those companies are now peppering in or have always had a body component, and really what's in them, where it's like didn't really make sense to buy a $60 body cream, but now it does, because it's in demand, because it's not just the professional market that's there but they're seeing it on their feeds, social media feeds, and then also they're captivated now because you've done it for a purpose, it's not just for relaxing, which there is a quality of the human touch aspect that is immeasurable at this point, but it's what's the purpose? The purpose is anti-aging, and if you wanna continue this at home, you need this lotion, you need this cleanser, whatever it is, just the same way you need your face and they trust you. 


0:16:50.1 S1: And that's the key, I just wanna underline what you just said, is that so many skin care lines, professional ones, have a body care system, but you just see it on the shelf when you go there, and it's not in the professional services on the menu. And so maybe once in a while you're like, "Oh well, I love this line, so I probably would like this body care. Okay, I'll buy it." But I think it stems from the professional. It stems from the professional saying, "This part of your body, this skin, is really important, and that's why we have a treatment, and that's why we have these products that you can use at home." So I think that that part is key. 


0:17:31.3 S2: I often show my hands 'cause they're really dry right now, so I'm not gonna show you guys. 


0:17:35.6 S1: Don't look at mine either. 


0:17:37.9 S2: My hands on my left hand is where I would put product before I put it on somebody's face, so it would warm up, and if you look at my left hand versus my right, my left hand look so much younger. 


0:17:47.8 S1: 10 years younger?  


0:17:49.1 S2: At least five. 


0:17:49.9 S1: Okay. [laughter] 


0:17:50.4 S2: Because I look 20 years younger than I really am. 




0:17:53.7 S2: But it's crazy, it's remarkable. It feels different, the texture is different, I go, "See, it works. So use that as... Look at this, it works." And so I have lately been playing with one of the lines I carry, "I love their body line." And so I've been playing with how I sell that, and it's working. 


0:18:10.5 S1: Maggie, when you were in the treatment room, what percentage of the business that you did was as a body?  


0:18:17.7 S2: I would say maybe 20% of that, but we were like a spa, spa. This was like before you had a lot of these medical aesthetic procedures coming out, laser hair removal was hardly even a thing then, and we had a Vichy shower and we did salt clothes with the Vichy shower and spray tanning. 


0:18:38.3 S1: Nice. 


0:18:38.3 S1: Yeah. 


0:18:39.1 S2: So that was like a thing, and. 


0:18:40.3 S1: That's ahead of the curve. 


0:18:42.0 S2: It was like not a choice for us, if you were an aesthetician you were doing those treatments and for me it sucked. 


0:18:50.3 S1: Oh, honest. 


0:18:51.8 S2: Yeah. 


0:18:52.1 S1: Here wake up. 


0:18:52.8 S2: Because that was not my thing. I was an esthetician doing skincare, not an aesthetician doing body treatments. That was my perspective. 


0:19:00.8 S3: So do you think your perspective would change, you would have a different... How would your perspective change? Now today 2022. 


0:19:05.8 S1: Yeah. Would you do body?  


0:19:07.6 S2: I think for me, body... Just in general, the industry has changed. So body is like, we were talking about like body contouring doing the Emsculpt to. 


0:19:17.3 S1: True sculpt. 


0:19:17.8 S2: True sculpt or whatever. Yeah. I think that is now more body for me, as opposed to like a salt glow or something along those lines, but even still that's not my passion necessarily. 


0:19:31.8 S1: I wonder if it's because you like to see more instant gratification. 


0:19:35.8 S2: I do. 


0:19:36.3 S1: And so. 


0:19:37.1 S2: Yeah. 


0:19:39.1 S2: With... I think you see more instant gratification, dramatic results with maybe the more aggressive procedures. 


0:19:44.5 S2: Yeah, yeah. 


0:19:46.0 S3: I would say I would agree. And I see even with that, there's an opportunity for retail. 


0:19:49.8 S1: Yes. 




0:19:50.0 S1: Oh my gosh yes. 


0:19:51.1 S3: And it's missed, it's missed. 


0:19:53.0 S1: Why wouldn't you be doing true sculpt and then selling some good cellulite cream or some skin forming cream. Hello don't wreck what you just got here, keep it going people. 


0:20:04.3 S3: Okay. 


0:20:04.6 S1: Yeah. 




0:20:05.3 S3: Okay. Because it's does a bunch of things, 'cause guess what? When they run out of that amazing cellulite forming cream, guess where they're gonna go? Back to your office. 


0:20:14.3 S1: Back to true sculpt. 


0:20:15.0 S3: And they're gonna see a flyer for "Oh, a new treatment. What's that?" 


0:20:18.1 S2: Yeah. So it's not just selling a product. 


0:20:20.3 S1: It's selling you. 


0:20:21.4 S2: It's building a relationship. 


0:20:22.3 S1: It's selling you. Yeah. All right, you guys have sold me. I need to run outta here and go get some potty treatments like yesterday. 


0:20:29.4 S2: But to those. 




0:20:30.6 S2: To Maggie's point of what the aesthetician was doing before, there is something again in the new beauty magazine, the spring summer, 2022. 


0:20:38.8 S1: Are they paying you?  


0:20:39.8 S2: No. 


0:20:40.0 S1: Okay. 


0:20:40.3 S3: Not yet. 




0:20:40.5 S3: Not yet. 


0:20:42.1 S2: Email me. 




0:20:42.8 S2: Getconnected@ascp.com, but the brain skin connection was an interesting thought process in this article called headspace. And it's goes on about the role mental health plays in skincare. 


0:20:57.1 S1: Oh, I love this. 


0:20:58.9 S2: Yeah. 


0:21:00.1 S1: I love this topic. 


0:21:00.3 S2: And it talks about the... It didn't talk about the body completely as much, but the physical touch in both facial and body treatments, how it improves circulation. So even those perceivable fluff treatments have a histological value, how it helps to provide relaxation and relieve stress, which communicates with essential, nervous system and Tracy, even the endocrine system, which is. 


0:21:21.3 S1: Horror bones. 


0:21:22.1 S2: Yeah so that. 


0:21:22.6 S1: Yeah. 


0:21:23.3 S2: Relaxation helps to release tension in the mind and it creates a better sense of awareness, allows clearer thinking and it moves away from cosmetic versus skincare. So it's a different thought process there. 


0:21:38.8 S1: I just think that is so key to remember because we do... I don't remember it, I'm always thinking beauty, beauty, beauty, will I look better, will I look better, and I think to myself so much that what a huge opportunity it would be for an aesthetician then to partner with a life coach, a wellness coach, a nutritionist, and really blend those services then together and say, "You go see this person and I'm gonna refer you to them" 


0:22:09.3 S2: Functional aesthetic clinic. [chuckle] 


0:22:11.0 S1: Yeah. 


0:22:11.3 S2: Oh yeah. 


0:22:11.6 S1: Oh my gosh. 


0:22:12.0 S2: I think that would be cool. 


0:22:12.8 S1: Oh, that sounds cool. 


0:22:13.8 S2: They say, when you look good you feel good. 


0:22:16.0 S1: Yeah. 


0:22:16.0 S2: When you look better... When you look good, you feel good so it's perpetuates. 


0:22:19.8 S1: Yeah. When you feel good, you look good. 


0:22:22.3 S2: My final thought is that there is a huge opportunity to address the other 90% that we have overlooked. And for one reason or another, maybe you're afraid of anal bleaching, maybe you're nervous about retail selling. 


0:22:34.8 S1: Not that's under the obvious reason. 


0:22:36.5 S2: Or maybe is not your thing, but being aware of it is key. And for that, I think you should at least pay attention. 


0:22:44.0 S3: Yeah. I think that we talked quite a bit on vajacials and anal bleaching, but the other 90% is so much more than that. And it's not just, "Treating the skin with your products and doing a facial on another body part" But it could be that you're incorporating more waxing. It could be you're incorporating more devices, you could even be taking your Microdermabrasion and treating. 


0:23:08.8 S1: The décolleté 


0:23:09.6 S3: The décolleté sure. 


0:23:10.5 S1: Yeah. 


0:23:10.8 S3: The back. 


0:23:11.3 S1: Oh, back feet. 


0:23:12.4 S3: Back feet. 


0:23:13.3 S1: Yes. Back for sure. 


0:23:14.9 S2: Yeah. 


0:23:15.0 S1: Back of the arms for that. 


0:23:16.4 S3: Yeah. 


0:23:16.9 S1: Oh, build up. 


0:23:17.9 S3: Yeah. It's thinking outside the box. 


0:23:19.4 S1: Or could you do an enzyme peel on your armpits?  


0:23:23.0 S3: Sure. 


0:23:23.9 S1: Just to really get that nasty skin. 


0:23:25.1 S2: After a full consultation. 


0:23:26.3 S1: Okay. 


0:23:26.8 S2: That is a possibility. 


0:23:28.4 S1: Okay. 




0:23:29.9 S2: I'm gonna qualify that client, but absolutely. 


0:23:31.9 S1: Okay. [chuckle] 


0:23:33.4 S3: Now listeners, we really wanna hear from you. What are you doing about the skin from the collarbone down, the other 90%? Are you carrying more retail focused on the body? Are you offering more body treatments? Let us know, reach out on social media, especially Instagram and Facebook or by emailing getconnected@ascpskincare.com. We want to know all the details. In the meantime thank you for listening to ASCP Esty Talk. For more information on this episode or for ways to connect with Maggie or myself, or to learn more about ASCP check out the show notes and stay tuned for the next episode of ASCP Esty Talk. 




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