Ep 122 - The Insider’s Guide to Tradeshows

people walking the tradeshow floor

Tradeshow season is back in full swing and whether you’ve been before or it’s your first time, trade shows are always good for business and worth the effort. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Ella speaks with Tracy Donley, Executive Director, about planning, finding events and classes suited to your needs, and the art of networking.

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She has spent many hours researching ingredients, understanding how and where they are sourced, as well as phytochemistry, histological access, and complementary compounds for intentional skin benefits. In addition to running a skin care practice, Cressman founded a comprehensive consulting group, the HHP Collective, and has consulted for several skin care lines, including several successful CBD brands.

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Ep 122 - ASCP Esty Talk - Tradeshows_FINAL 



0:00:00.0 Speaker 1: Get the truth on how to achieve real results in your client's skin health. All Truth Treatment Systems products have one thing in common, they work. Made with 100% active and functional ingredients, no fillers, preservatives, waxes, emulsifiers, oils or fragrances. Truth has leveraged the latest biochemical knowledge and proven strategies to deliver the most nourishing products that meet the strictest performance standards. Visit truthtreatmentspro.com or download the Truth 360 app from your phone's app store. ASCP members, log on to ascpskincare.com now to access your limited time discount code. 




0:00:44.6 Speaker 1: You are listening to ASCP Esty Talk, where we share insider tips, industry resources and education for estheticians at every stage of the journey. Let's talk, because ASCP knows it's all about you. 


0:01:00.2 Ella Cressman: Hello and welcome to ASCP's Esty Talk. I'm Ella Cressman, licensed esthetician, certified organic formulator, content contributor for Associated Skin Care Professionals, and very excited to be joined by today's guest. 


0:01:13.1 Tracy Donley: I'm a guest. I'm a guest. Hi, I'm Tracy Donley, Executive Director of Associated Skin Care Professionals. You've probably heard me before. But I'm the guest. 


0:01:22.5 EC: You're not only the guest. 


0:01:23.7 TD: I'm not only the guest. 


0:01:23.8 EC: You're also focus of this podcast. 


0:01:25.7 TD: Oh, you know I love the spotlight, girl. 




0:01:29.3 EC: I know you do. And I also know you are a mingle queen. 


0:01:33.8 TD: Yeah, kind of a networker. You and you and you and you. 


0:01:38.3 EC: And I know you're very popular. A lot of people love you and they love seeing you. And they love seeing you at the trade shows. 


0:01:44.3 TD: Oh, I love them. 


0:01:44.9 EC: So today is all about how to get the most out of trade shows from an expert. In 2021, we saw a return to trade shows, despite a few awkward moments with elbow bumps and reluctant hand shakes. But good news, 2022 is the comeback year for in-person events. 


0:02:00.9 TD: Thank goodness. 


0:02:01.9 EC: Ooh. 


0:02:02.4 TD: I was dying. I was dying. I missed everybody so much. 


0:02:06.2 EC: Whether it's your first time attending a trade show or you're a pro, we're super excited to talk to Tracy about her experience. Tracy, how many different types of industry trade shows and events have you attended?  


0:02:18.8 TD: Oh, Ella, I think part of really learning the industry, which was so important, 'cause everyone knows I'm not an esthetician. I'm just a business builder. But I wanted to soak it all in. I wanted to really understand what that esthetician lifestyle is, like who they are, what drives them, all that good stuff. So I mean, it's gotta be well over maybe 30 plus different trade shows and events. Who knew there are so many things out there? But there are, from huge, gigantic, very impressive, 60,000-plus person shows to really great events that are truly networking that maybe there's only 25 people. So it's been a lot. I love it. That's crazy. [laughter] It is crazy. 


0:03:10.7 EC: Oh wow. You know what? You and I actually met at a trade show. Do you remember?  


0:03:16.5 TD: Oh my gosh. Did we met at Nassim Pro?  


0:03:19.4 EC: No, we met at the CBD Conference. 


0:03:24.2 TD: Yes, that's right. That was put on by American Spa. 


0:03:28.4 EC: Yeah. And it was this... And can you imagine having a vitamin... 


0:03:30.8 TD: Oh my God, I fell in love with you. It was like a girl crush. It was so sick. 


0:03:35.3 EC: Well, I was sitting in the booth and you walked at me like, "Oh my God, Ella Cressman." And I was like, "Oh my God, Tracy." It was so crazy. 


0:03:42.3 TD: Like I got to put the face with the name. I had heard the name so much. 


0:03:45.2 EC: Well, speaking of that trade show, can you imagine having a trade show dedicated to vitamin C?  


0:03:50.3 TD: I think they actually should. That'd probably actually be a better trade show. 


0:03:53.1 EC: A vitamin C in a trade show?  


0:03:54.7 TD: Yeah. I mean, if Ben Fuchs was here right now, he would be like, "Hell yeah." 


0:03:58.4 EC: "Let's do it." [laughter] But yes, there's all different kinds of trade shows, like you mentioned. Actually, earlier this week, I was at Live Love Spa. 


0:04:08.0 TD: I've been hearing so much about them. Tell me just a tiny bit about it. 


0:04:11.7 EC: You know, I thought it was great. I thought it was... 


0:04:14.1 TD: Was it intimate?  


0:04:15.1 EC: Very intimate. 


0:04:16.1 TD: I love that. 


0:04:16.2 EC: And it was well organized, in my opinion. So what was different about it? I mean, there's all different kinds of trade shows. 


0:04:24.1 TD: And they do those all over the country. So that's kind of a cool thing, it's when there's regional shows versus... Or even state-specific shows that's like... It comes to your area. I love that. 


0:04:35.9 EC: Yeah, and it was smaller. It was definitely... The exhibitors, they gave away full-sized products. 


0:04:43.7 TD: Smart. 


0:04:44.4 EC: It was fantastic. There was an experiential portion and there was a floor, but it wasn't like a trade show floor. It was like a room. But what was really cool afterwards is they had a mingling session, a networking happy hour. 


0:04:54.8 TD: That's the best. 


0:04:55.5 EC: And you got one drink ticket. And in order to get a second drink ticket, you had to go meet other new people so it was very well-organized. 


0:05:01.3 TD: Smart. Oh, I love that. 


0:05:02.6 EC: I loved it. Yeah, different from the Vegas show. I think a lot of people think of the Vegas show as the gold standard of trade shows. But tell us more about your experiences. 


0:05:15.2 TD: Well, I think you're right. I mean, there's everything from the very big shows. I do really appreciate the big shows because a lot of times, that's where I will find up and coming new product lines, more of the Indie lines. And I'm always looking for new concepts to bring to our estheticians and to talk about in the magazine. I do think that mixing it up, I think is good. Because what you'll see is a lot of the vendors and a lot of the supplier classes as well as the education tracks, that I think to mix it up, it's gonna give you a more diversity in just the education and the exposure to the different vendors. 


0:06:03.1 EC: I remember my first trade show was probably 2007. And I went to Vegas. But I remember a couple of things. First thing, I remember walking in, feeling completely overwhelmed. Because that's a sister show to The Hair. You remember Hair in... 


0:06:16.8 TD: Oh, International Beauty Show?  


0:06:18.1 EC: Yeah, yeah. 


0:06:18.8 TD: And they vow that's a different thing?  


0:06:20.2 EC: That was the next thing that I thought, is why would anyone name a show IBS?  


0:06:24.4 TD: I know. Well, just for defense of them, they did try to rebrand it and no one liked rebranding it, and they could not say IBS. So anyhow. 


0:06:31.1 EC: Anyhow. 


0:06:31.6 TD: We digress. 


0:06:34.5 EC: I digress into the IBS. [laughter] International Beauty Show. But I remember feeling completely overwhelmed with... There was free education. There was paid education. There was all these different booths of people to talk to, not just in skin and spa and such and... But also in the hair side, and I was not prepared. 


0:06:55.3 TD: Well, I think the good thing about the way that that show is always put together is they have the beautiful white carpeting or gray soft color palette on the skin care side, on the IECSC side, and then they have the black carpeting, and the music that's like... 




0:07:12.9 EC: Yeah. 


0:07:13.5 TD: And people are on their headphones and like, "Come on over here. We're doing a barber show." So you can try to split your brain and go, "Okay, I'm ready for this." 


0:07:21.3 EC: Stay on the grey carpet, and no one gets hurt. 




0:07:23.5 TD: That's right, pretty much. 


0:07:25.1 EC: You don't want to walk away with bangs. 


0:07:26.3 TD: That's real. 




0:07:26.9 EC: 'Cause that's something that happened to Vegas that doesn't stay in Vegas. 




0:07:29.9 TD: It follows you home, unfortunately, and then you've got bangs. 




0:07:34.1 TD: Not that I have a problem with bangs, but they're a big cup to keep. 




0:07:38.9 EC: Anyhow, that's a lot. So tell us about the different... You've been to all of these different shows, and you talked about the different education. I know you're actually a speaker at some of these shows, as well. 


0:07:49.9 TD: Yeah. 


0:07:50.0 EC: So what's the biggest difference in education opportunities, or... 


0:07:52.3 TD: Well, I think... 


0:07:53.6 EC: You can speak generally too, and talk about the different ones. 


0:07:56.3 TD: Well, I think it's really nice. The majority of the programs, the big... If we're still talking about the big shows, they're gonna have an educational track that is non-brand specific. And then they're gonna also have, what they typically call as their supplier classes. And they both have major, major value. So don't think just because it's a supplier class, and it's branded that you're not gonna get some really great education because every single one of those classes that I popped into are super valuable. So not only are they giving you a little background on, an insight on their product line, but they're gonna talk to you about a protocol or something that maybe you aren't considering in your treatment room. I mean, you're gonna laugh, but I'm gonna tell this really funny story, just super quick. And here's what it is. 


0:08:44.4 TD: I was doing a supplier class, we were speaking about ASCP, and I was so excited. I was walking up to my classroom, and it is lined up, people are backed up to get into my classroom, that's what I'm thinking. And I'm thinking, this is gonna be awesome, it's gonna be definitely a standing room only, I don't even know how we're gonna pack 'em in. Anyhow, so I get up to my classroom, I walk in the door, and there's like 20 people in there. And I'm thinking why aren't these people funneling in, what's happening. Well, it turns out, they are all in line for anal bleaching. So I guess anal bleaching ranks a little bit more than learning how to start your solo practice. 


0:09:24.1 EC: That brings me to your... You just said something that was so important, because I've been to a lot of trade shows now at this point, and there is something I do take from this, 'cause of the other class, like the non-brand specific, those are extra money. 


0:09:35.6 TD: The education track. 


0:09:36.8 EC: Yeah. So when you're a new esthetician starting out, or you're starting out your business, you might be like, why should I pay extra for this trade show? 'Cause the trade show cost in and of itself, travel, not to mention the cost of the show including everything. 


0:09:49.1 TD: Right... But I would just mention to that part of how much it costs, if you're an ASCP member, another shameless plug. We offer discounts to members to these shows, because we believe that this education is very valuable, so... 


0:10:01.8 EC: A 100%. 


0:10:02.2 TD: Yeah. 


0:10:03.0 EC: And I think I've taken something from all of those classes. 


0:10:06.1 TD: Even the supplier classes, right?  


0:10:07.5 EC: Especially the supplier classes. 


0:10:08.8 TD: Yeah. 


0:10:09.0 EC: There's one I'll tell you about, and not to plug a brand, but there is a brand that has exclusivity, they don't sell to a lot of people. So it's another reason to go to trade shows 'cause you can pick it up. 




0:10:18.0 TD: Right. 


0:10:19.0 EC: But they have a high minimum, they have exclusivity, you can't be within certain miles of other retailers, but they have the best classes. And I don't mean knowledge. I know other brands have amazingly like science-packed classes, and knowledge-packed classes, which are awesome too, but this one was eminence, and I walked into this class... 


0:10:42.0 TD: Was Bol Ajar giving it?  


0:10:43.0 EC: Yes. 


0:10:43.3 TD: Yeah. 


0:10:43.6 EC: And lights were dimmed. 


0:10:44.8 TD: Oh my gosh. 


0:10:45.8 EC: There was a huge beach ball going back and forth, and there was some upbeat music, and I watched him give a massage, a facial massage. And it wasn't the technique, it was almost like permission to be myself, and not this massage that I learned in school which was very mechanical and checklist-y. And I watched him too, and I thought, I love that. I was smiling ear to ear, I was pumped up about that. 


0:11:10.0 TD: And that is the inspiration that you can get at trade shows. It's not all just about formulas, and products, and things like that. I mean, you should go to these shows to feel inspired. 


0:11:21.8 EC: Yeah. And even to feel inspired, to pick up tips, to take advantage of the show discounts, 'cause a lot of these manufacturers have show discounts, but also to see what else is new out there. For example, I... On that level of spot, little tiny show in comparison. I don't even know how big the room was, but the most exciting thing for me was checking a couple of really, really cool skin care lines, but I was really drawn to these patches. 


0:11:51.0 TD: Are these the sunscreen ones?  


0:11:52.6 EC: No. 


0:11:53.0 TD: Oh, tell me more. 


0:11:53.8 EC: There are these patches, it's like... They were vitamin patches, they... 


0:11:58.3 TD: Oh, I love those. It's transdermal vitamins, so you don't have to swallow pills. Is that what you're talking about?  


0:12:05.3 EC: Yeah. 


0:12:05.5 TD: You're literally getting your vitamins transdermal, which I am all about just because of the fact that I hate swallowing pills. 




0:12:13.3 TD: I'm an anti-swallowing pill person. 


0:12:14.8 EC: But these ones are called The Good Patch. 


0:12:16.8 TD: I love it. 


0:12:17.0 EC: I think that was the name of them, The Good Patch. We could put it in the show notes what it was. 


0:12:20.5 TD: Yeah. 


0:12:20.8 EC: But what I loved about them is their packaging, and I could see, and the no minimum... Not that I'm plugging them, but I could see this as a cash wrap... 


0:12:28.6 TD: But you kinda are. 


0:12:29.5 EC: As a cash wrap item that I would, I would've never have sought out. 


0:12:33.2 TD: No, I mean, when you think about, okay, so we do the rogue pharmacist, and we're always talking about topical nutrients, but we're also talking about the importance of nutrients internally, right? I mean, what a great retail product to say, "Oop, there you go." 


0:12:49.1 EC: Hey guys, stop! Let's take a quick break. 


0:12:52.0 S1: Elleebana. Australian born, globally loved. Elleebana story is simple. They love lashes and brows, they shoot for the stars and lift lashes to new heights. Their addiction is real, their passion is popping, and there is nothing more they crave than offering excellence, service and innovation in products. Elleebana lash lift allows you to offer your customers luscious, lifted lashes that can last up to 12 weeks in one safe 20-minute treatment. Learn more at elleebana-usa.com. 


0:13:29.4 TD: Let's get back to the conversation. When you are, especially, a newer aesthetician, or you're looking to... We've been talking a lot about it. It's important to re-look at your treatment menu, the services that you're offering, blah, blah, blah. But I think this is a great opportunity to invest in this additional education because it is cash and carry at a lot of these shows. So you don't have to buy their whole line. You can literally purchase six products and you can try them out, whether it's on your clients or on yourself, and you can then determine if this is a new line that you wanna bring into your spa or your treatment room or what have you. I like the fact that you don't have to invest in a full line. It's so great. 


0:14:18.6 EC: And there's a lot of show discounts and such too. 


0:14:20.5 TD: Yeah, and you can try them out. A lot of times they're doing demos right in their booth. There's just so much. And then, even too, just standing at the booths and talking to people, you end up talking to fellow aestheticians, and you just never know who you're gonna chat with or why they like that product, or what they're thinking about when they're including it. Everyone is really open about their business and what they're trying to achieve, and I think it's just inspirational. I literally come back happily exhausted from every trade show. 


0:14:57.1 EC: Blissfully exhausted. 


0:14:57.5 TD: Blissfully exhausted, yes. 


0:15:00.4 EC: Well, since you're the expert, do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions from the esthetician point of view for those who may have never been to a trade show or have been to just one?  


0:15:08.7 TD: Lay it on me. I'll try to answer the best I can. 


0:15:11.3 EC: All right. Let's start with, how do I choose which shows to attend? You kind of talked about regional. You talked about diversifying, but what's a good way to start?  


0:15:23.9 TD: Well, I'm a pen and paper girl. So I would say that you should write down what your priorities are going to be, your outcomes that you're looking for to achieve by attending this trade show, whichever one it is. So do you want to network with other estheticians? Are you looking to get a specific education on a certain line or on a modality? And then also to... What can you afford? So those are important. Those are just some of the ones that I would mention. 


0:15:58.2 TD: And then, you can kind of dive down. So you can say, if it's not working, then maybe one of the big shows is not ideal. To tell you the truth, I would probably recommend going to something more like Live Love Spa or even the Nassim Pro. Those are fantastic for that too. But if you're looking to really get a huge diversity of lines that are out there, and even indie lines and things of that nature, I probably would go to the bigger show. And if your budget allows, you're gonna take a look at how close are these shows in proximity to where I live and all of those types of things as well. 


0:16:34.4 EC: So you brought up a couple of good, great points. So what kind of cost can I expect to pay? That might be a question people would have. 


0:16:41.9 TD: Yeah, so I think that you can expect to pay anything from zero dollars, depending on the show, all the way up to, the most I've seen for an attendee pass would be $900. Now, when you start to couple in with some of the shows, how you mentioned, there's the floor pass, which might be 250 bucks, and then the education track, depending on the show, it could be $500, then you are still getting up into that $900 range. 


0:17:11.6 EC: And I think you have to think of, too, travel?  


0:17:14.8 TD: 100%. Some cities are way more expensive than other ones. There's a show... Premiere, they have a big show that's in Orlando. That's their biggest show, but we were actually just talking about them earlier today, is that they have a smaller one that's in Birmingham, Alabama. So you're gonna look at your hotel costs. It's gonna be quite a bit less. Now remember, too, that when you are attending these shows, all of these trade shows do have hotels that they partner with, so you get special rates. So I can tell you when you go to Las Vegas, you might normally pay $500 a night to go to Mandalay Bay, but if you can get on the room block before it is all taken up, you might feel to go to Mandalay Bay for $230 a night. So there are some discounts that do come along with all of them. 


0:18:05.3 EC: So pre-planning is key?  


0:18:06.7 TD: It is key. Like literally, you should be looking in January or December and say, "What is my plan for the next year?" 


0:18:14.3 EC: Nice. Yeah, that's great advice. What about... This is another one. Should I come to the show ready to buy?  


0:18:21.4 TD: I'd say yes, because that will allow you to take advantage of big discounts. But what I would say is do a little bit of research on that company that you're interested in prior to going and have specific questions written down so that when you get that face time, in front of that company, you know the questions you're gonna ask and are able to determine, how much can I afford in my business. Can I afford this much? Can I bring in what their expectations are of me?  


0:18:51.6 EC: And I think, too, it's good to understand... I think there are two-fold to that question. So if you're going to peruse and to discover, it's one intention... 


0:19:02.1 TD: Investigate, yeah. 


0:19:04.4 EC: Versus I'm ready to buy and I wanna pull the trigger, and I also wanna see this and this and this, because there are some phenomenal discounts. And then, also, a lot of companies do a show just on the side bar, like secret sister time, a lot of companies do show discounts even without attending. 


0:19:20.1 TD: Oh, they totally do it. If you just call up and you're like, "Hey, I went to the EC Las Vegas show," or "I went to the IECSC New York show, and... " Are we gonna get in trouble for telling all of these sisters out there about this?  




0:19:31.2 EC: Well, no. They even just write, "Hey, it's a show discount day, day one." You don't even have to... 


0:19:36.8 TD: Yeah, and just say, "And I wanted to get that." 


0:19:39.4 EC: No, they'll advertise. It's your discount, even though you're not at show... 


0:19:41.7 TD: In general? Oh, okay. 


0:19:43.2 EC: Everybody gets it. 


0:19:43.9 TD: Oh, okay. 


0:19:44.2 EC: There was a bigger show discount at the show, but a lot of people will give 10% off. 


[overlapping conversation] 


0:19:49.0 TD: Face & Body has that, so does Premiere, so does... Yeah, they're discounting. They want to get you in the loop. 


0:19:57.7 EC: Yeah. So let's talk about the education tracks. They all look so good. How do I prioritize my time and decide which are best?  


0:20:05.3 TD: It can be overwhelming. Here's the good news. You're gonna go online prior to going to the show. You're gonna look at all the education tracks. Maybe there are two competing ones. You wanna see both, but you can't be in two places. Good news. Guess what? Sometimes they will repeat that exact education class later on during the time. So check it out, but you're gonna have to really determine what your outcomes. Like we said before, write it down on a piece of paper, what are the outcomes that you are looking to achieve? Because here's the thing as well, it's really exhausting or challenging if you are gonna spend a ton of time in classes, it's hard to then change that energy, 'cause it is an energy change, to then go down to the show floor and get it going, and fight the crowds to get the information that you're looking to get. And that's why I always say, if there is specific information that you want, that you're trying to get from a vendor, look into going to their supplier class. 


0:21:08.3 TD: Oh, and another little super secret, sneaky sneak is, a lot of times, if you do attend a supplier class, they have even a better, bigger, special discount for the people who attend their supplier classes. So, if there's something that you are wanting to buy or include in your practice, then go to the supplier class, 'cause you're gonna get the super, on the down low, good deal. 


0:21:30.0 EC: And stay the whole time. Don't just walk in and walk out. That's so rude. 


0:21:32.5 TD: Yeah, it's so rude. And they're not gonna give you the special dealio. 


0:21:34.8 EC: No. 


0:21:35.1 TD: They're gonna save that 'til the end. 


0:21:36.5 EC: I guess another really good question, on that note is, what are some of the biggest mistakes trade show attendees make that you think of?  


0:21:44.1 TD: Just showing up and letting it... You just not having a plan. I mean, there is just... If you don't have a plan, you're not gonna get what you want. And you're gonna feel overwhelmed, disillusioned, disenchanted, discouraged, all the disses. You're gonna feel dissed. Pretty much dissed. 


0:22:03.6 EC: And then you could just dismiss yourself. 


0:22:05.0 TD: Yeah. 


0:22:06.8 EC: I think the biggest mistake I did the first time was, I went cute. I went so cute. Head to toe. 


0:22:13.9 TD: Like what? In cute clothes?  


0:22:14.6 EC: And cute shoes more than anything. 


0:22:16.4 TD: Oh, that is such a big rookie mistake. 


0:22:19.4 EC: Rookie mistake. 


0:22:24.1 TD: So, no. 


0:22:24.2 EC: Don't be afraid to wear your Dr. Scholl's. 


0:22:25.0 TD: I would say, literally, I wanna have a booth that just sells flip-flops. 


0:22:29.1 EC: They do. 


0:22:29.5 TD: I'm gonna sell them for 10 bucks a piece and buy them for a dollar. 


0:22:32.1 EC: Yeah, yeah. That's what I bought, that's what I spent a lot of money on, is foot stuff. 'Cause I work trade shows too, that was the other experience I had as, with brands I'd work trade shows. 


0:22:41.6 TD: Oh, brutal. 


0:22:43.6 EC: And at the end I'm like, "Oh, foot relieving... " I came home, my bag was filled with foot relieving cream, foot lotion, flip-flops. 


0:22:50.1 TD: I know. Well, bring that. That's actually a good little hack, bring that so that you have it in your hotel room and you can do that at night, 'cause you'll need it. You're gonna need a lot of things in your arsenal bag. Should I tell you what I think you should put in your overnight bag?  


0:23:04.0 EC: Yeah. 


0:23:04.4 TD: So, I think you should have foot cream. I think you should have some kind of a pain reliever, like Tylenol or Ibuprofen, and then probably some emergency... Make sure that you have a bottle of Gatorade, because you're gonna be having very long days. Very, very long days. And hopefully, you're taking advantage of all the networking parties, and that's one big mistake, I would say that people do not do, is that they don't realize that there's tons of evening events that are happening like crazy. So make sure that you are paying attention to the promos that are coming out from the show in that app, 'cause now everything's pretty much in a show app, so make sure you're checking that out. You might have to RSVP ahead of time. But I think you need that, you need comfy shoes, you need comfy clothes, and let's be real, just wear black, everything matches. And just make it comfy. 


0:23:55.8 EC: And bring enough... Bring baggage to take home, or be prepared to ship home. 


0:24:00.8 TD: Yes, 100%. And by the way, when I was mentioning those networking events, make sure that you are attending the ASCP Reader's Choice Awards event at the IECSC Las Vegas show. You will not regret it. It is so much fun. It's drinks, networking, and it's just a fun time. 


0:24:21.2 EC: Well, thank you so much, Tracy. What an amazing perspective. Now, listeners, we wanna hear from you. Are you attending trade shows this year? Tell us your favorite ones, and we hope to see you there. Share with us on social media by commenting on our Instagram or Facebook posts, or by emailing, getconnected@ascpskincare.com. Thank you for listening to ASCP Esty Talk, and for more information on this episode, or for ways to connect with Maggie or myself, or to learn more about ASCP, check out the show notes. Until next time, thank you so much for listening. 


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