Ep 21 - Is Your Head in the Game?

Kimbella Trent of The Solo Esthetician

Having your own skin care practice has its benefits—flexibility and an opportunity for a much better income, but is your head really in the game? It takes more than a cute space to get clients in the door.  Kim Trent, licensed esthetician, spa owner, and creator of The Solo Esthetician, a private Facebook group, shares her advice and resources on starting and keeping your skin care business.

Author Bio: 

Kim Trent:

Kim Trent is the owner of Skincare by Kimbella spa and boutique in Atlanta, Georgia, and the creator of The Solo Esthetician Facebook Group. The Solo Esthetician is open to licensed estheticians only. If you are a student esthetician, check out the So You Want to Be an Esthetician Facebook Group.

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