Ep 23 - Chemical Peels with Metaxia Dalikas

Metaxia Dalikas of Lira Clinical Skin Care

What is the rhythm factor of peels? How have chemical peels evolved from free acids to resurfacing combinations? From instigating two weeks of skin inflammation to a philosophy of strengthening the skin to peel all Fitzpatrick types, in any season, we have witnessed an evolutionary change in chemical peeling solutions and protocols. In this episode, we discuss chemical peels with the peel queen herself, Metaxia Dalikas.

Author Bio: 

Metaxia Dalikas

Metaxia is a licensed esthetician and internationally recognized expert in advanced esthetic treatments, education, and chemical peel formulation. She has worked side by side with world-renowned dermatologists and chemists for many years. She has more than 40 years in the medical and professional esthetic treatment industry and it is fair to say she knows her stuff!

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