Ep 63 - Niche Down and Stand Out

Award-winning Face Reality Skincare has an emphasis on one thing: acne. With proven protocols and education and a founder who knows firsthand how acne can adversely affect people’s lives, it’s no wonder Face Reality won the ASCP Skin Deep Readers’ Choice Award for top acne line. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk we sit down with Laura Cooksey, owner and co-founder of Face Reality Skincare and Acne Clinic, to discuss how she set out to become a renowned acne expert and the advice she has for others starting their career.

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Author Bio: 

Laura Cooksey is a renowned licensed esthetician, owner, and co-founder of Face Reality Skincare and Acne Clinic. She brings over 28 years of experience in working with acne clients and educating skin care professionals about safe and effective ways to treat acne. She shares her knowledge in her acne specialization online course, as well as in numerous articles and speaking engagements for the skin care industry.

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