Ep 89 - Whoopsie Doozie Listener Stories

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We asked for your “Whoopsie Doozie” stories and . . . wow! So many amazingly funny, comically horrific, and, above all, valuable professional lessons shared. Listen in as Maggie and Ella share some of their favorites with guest Tracy Donley, Executive Director of ASCP.

ASCP Esty Talk with Maggie Staszcuk and Ella Cressman

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Ella Cressman is a licensed esthetician, certified organic formulator, business owner, and absolute ingredient junkie! As an educator, she enjoys empowering other estheticians and industry professionals to understand skin care from an ingredient standpoint rather than a product-specific view.

She has spent many hours researching ingredients, understanding how and where they are sourced, as well as phytochemistry, histological access, and complementary compounds for intentional skin benefits. In addition to running a skin care practice, Cressman founded a comprehensive consulting group, the HHP Collective, and has consulted for several skin care lines, including several successful CBD brands.

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Maggie has been a licensed esthetician since 2006 and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Stephens College. She has worked in the spa and med-spa industry, and served as an esthetics instructor and a director of education for one of the largest schools in Colorado before coming to ASCP as the Advanced Modality Specialist. 

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0:00:00.5 Speaker 1: DMK is the world leader in paramedical skin revision education with certification programs designed to give licensed professionals a thorough understanding of the skin and an in-depth study of the DMK concept of remove, rebuild, protect, maintain. Created by the botanical visionary, Danné Montague-King, DMK offers skin revision training and education for all ages, skin conditions and ethnicities in more than 35 countries, harnessing the body's innate healing mechanisms to change the health of the skin. Learn more at dannemking.com. That's D-A-N-N-E-M-K-I-N-G dot com. 




0:00:48.1 Speaker 2: You are listening to ASCP Esty Talk, where we share insider tips, industry resources and education for estheticians at every stage of the journey. Let's talk, 'cause ASCP knows it's all about you. 




0:01:04.8 Ella Cressman: Hello, and welcome to ASCP Esty Talk. I am Ella Cressman, licensed esthetician, certified organic skincare formulator and content contributor for Associated Skin Care Professionals. 


0:01:14.9 Maggie Staszcuk: And I am Maggie Staszcuk, licensed esthetician, ASCP Advanced Modality Specialist and education specialist. 


0:01:21.5 EC: And we are pleased to be joined by Tracy Donley, the Executive Director of ASCP. Welcome, Tracy. 


0:01:27.1 Tracy Donley': Hi, I am so excited to be with you ladies today. I can't even wait for this. 


0:01:31.4 EC: Oh, this is gonna be the best. I am super excited, Maggie, I know we have been talking about this for a while. Tracy, a few weeks back, you may have remembered a podcast we recorded with Belinda on Whoopsie Doozie Waxidents?  


0:01:43.1 TD: Yeah. 


0:01:43.6 EC: Well, we asked our listeners to share their Whoopsie Doozie stories and boy did they. Right, Maggie?  


0:01:48.7 MS: They did. And they were so funny. 


0:01:50.6 EC: Some of them were so funny, I was literally crying when I read them. Do you wanna hear a few of them?  


0:01:55.1 TD: I am dying. I'm on the edge of my seat. 


0:01:57.0 EC: Okay, cool. This is one of my favorites because I could see it happening as she wrote it, it was so funny, so it's a perfect one to start with. I think we've all been there where either we're reaching just past rational for a product or a piece of equipment and we feel a little unstable on our stool, at least I have, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Well, this one was all too relatable for me, and I could not stop laughing, and I even told my dad about it and he was cracking up too and he's not even in esthetics. Surmar writes... The way she wrote it too was perfect, she writes, "The spa is so dark and the chair is black and blends in with the floor." Well, you know what's gonna happen. "I went to sit down and fell straight on my butt, but on the way down, I grabbed the table my client was laying on and accidentally grabbed her hair too." 


0:02:48.5 TD: [chuckle] Oh, my God, no. 


0:02:49.9 EC: It gets worse. 


0:02:52.6 TD: Okay. 


0:02:52.7 EC: Which, I didn't know was a wig. 


0:02:54.9 TD: Oh. 


0:02:55.2 MS: Oh, no. 


0:02:55.9 EC: And it ripped right off of her head on my way down. I'm pretty sure I broke my butt from that fall. We both laughed after. I cried, just imagining this thing happening, unraveling in slow motion. Can you imagine?  


0:03:10.8 TD: Talk about breaking your butt. I'd be feeling like I was breaking my pride. I mean, breaking so many things I won't even be thinking about my butt. The fact that I grabbed her wig. 


0:03:20.6 EC: Snatched it right off. 


0:03:22.3 MS: I know, that poor client. That's so embarrassing too. What do you say?  


0:03:27.4 TD: Whoopsie daisy. 




0:03:31.7 TD: Oh, jeez. 


0:03:32.9 MS: Well, what about hot messes? Let me read this story for you. Lindsey, she writes in and says, "When I used to light candles at work, I reached up to grab something and knocked the candle along with the wax in my hair and face, and not only that, her fake lashes were covered in wax and my client walked in right when it happened, of course. And she played it cool, even though she was in full panic. LOL, fake candles for life." 


0:04:02.7 EC: We should hashtag that fake candles for life. 


0:04:03.2 TD: Well, I mean... I do have to say, I mean, not taking... It's funny and I mean, it's crazy, but I do have to say, thank goodness in a way that happened to her, though, you guys, instead of the client. I mean, that's why we have insurance, right?  


0:04:17.7 MS: It's true. 


0:04:19.1 TD: I mean, we've had claims like that with candles and wax. 


0:04:22.5 MS: Can you imagine, though, wax all up in your face, coating your eyelashes?  


0:04:25.6 TD: And she walks in and she's like, "Oh, hi. Yeah, just a minute. Just be a couple more minutes." 


0:04:31.2 MS: Yeah, just a minute. Trying to hold it together. 


0:04:33.3 TD: I mean, do you take oil then and try to get it off, and then that's gonna take your eye lashes off?  


0:04:36.9 MS: But then, your eyelash extensions?  


0:04:38.4 TD: Yeah, they're gone. All your eyelash extensions it's gone. 


0:04:40.7 MS: Whoopsie doozie. 


0:04:41.4 EC: That happened to me actually, I had a candle burning out in the front 'cause I thought that was a safe place, and one of my practitioners knocked it over on top of it, because we have a typical reception desk, knocked it over onto the reception desk, onto all the charts from that day, on the side of the wall. Oh, it was horrible. 


0:04:58.0 TD: Could you even read anything after that happened? Was it white wax?  


0:05:01.9 EC: No. It was red. 


0:05:02.9 TD: Oh, great!  


0:05:03.7 EC: To make matters worse. 


0:05:04.7 TD: Yes. 


0:05:05.4 EC: Real hot. Speaking of hot messes, Bella Benza writes, "I was waxing my client's legs and had my hair in a pony tail. I went to tilt my head to check for any hairs I may have missed and noticed wax dripping from my head onto the client and all over my wax station. But where was it coming from?" I'm imagining her shaking her head from left to right. Where was it coming from? "Hot, sticky blue wax. Well, I had accidentally dipped my whole ponytail somehow into the wax and my hair was soaked." 


0:05:37.8 TD: Like a paint brush. 


0:05:38.5 EC: And it was an, Oh my God moment, and she's here splatter-painting it around and she's like, "Where is this coming from?" 


0:05:43.5 MS: I have been there. I did this to myself. 


0:05:45.6 TD: Really?  


0:05:45.7 MS: Yeah. Fortunately, I was at home, I was not with a client, I had my hair in a pony tail and I was waxing myself and tilted my head down, dunked my pony tail, and then whipped my head up, wax flying... 


0:05:58.6 EC: Oh my gosh!  


0:06:00.4 TD: Does your husband walk in ever and go, "What are you doing Maggie?  


0:06:04.8 MS: Oh, he knows by now. He just stays out of the bathroom. 


0:06:08.7 EC: Yeah, I would too. I don't... 


0:06:11.5 MS: So what about this one? I mean, we can all relate to a package wrestling, right? Someone from Kingston, New York, she writes in, says, "I've been in business for 15 years, I've had it all, missed the stool, steamer falling over. Once I was squeezing what I thought was a squeeze bottle so hard that the cap flew off and the acid back splashed," into her eyes. Splashed her client. Yes, acid burns. She flushed her eyes, she was fine, then got back to the peel and she giggles when she cleans the room because the peel left a dark drip spot on the cabinet, a reminder of a very interesting moment. 


0:06:51.3 TD: Oh my God. Again, I am gonna be a broken record. If you people out there do not have professional liability insurance, whether you're with us, with ASCP or not, get it. 


0:07:04.0 MS: Can you imagine?  


0:07:04.1 TD: That is insane. Thank goodness, she knew, kept cool and calm and flushed her... Knew to flush her eyes and exactly what to do. But acid?  


0:07:14.0 EC: Yeah. 


0:07:14.2 MS: That's crazy. 


0:07:16.2 EC: I can't imagine going back to service after splashing acid in your face. 


0:07:19.1 MS: I couldn't. Never. 


0:07:20.9 EC: No, yeah, I wouldn't, no. Or then just, hee-hee. 




0:07:23.9 TD: Well, a good spot. Whoopsie doozie. But then seeing that reminder all the time... 


0:07:30.1 MS: Yeah. 


0:07:30.7 TD: I've messed up so many things. 


0:07:32.0 EC: I am glad it went well for her. I am glad that that turned out well for her, that could have gone to the left, to the left, right?  


0:07:37.8 MS: Oh, totally. 


0:07:38.9 EC: There were so many funny ones, but speaking of lessons, right, I'm sure she learned a lesson that was, open it away from the client before the client walks in, probably. I always let my peel bottles breathe just a little bit, not that they're fine wine or anything, but because I'm afraid to drop them. 


0:07:54.9 MS: Do you take a swig, just to test it?  


0:07:56.6 EC: Yeah, just a... 




0:07:58.7 EC: Yup, that's TCA. 




0:08:00.1 EC: It has a specific smell. 




0:08:03.3 TD: Why did I literally picture Ella doing that? Like... 




0:08:06.6 TD: Oh, that's right. That one's right. I love it. 


0:08:09.4 EC: I do that to my oils too, like... 




0:08:10.7 EC: Oh, that's old. That's old. Other people's oils who are getting a massage, I'm like... 


0:08:15.1 TD: Do the clients ever go, "What are you doing back there?" 


0:08:18.7 EC: I'm checking for freshness. Okay?  




0:08:21.6 EC: Listen. Listen. Eyes are closed. Shh. You relax. 


0:08:26.9 MS: Yes. 


0:08:27.0 Speaker 6: Hey guys stop. Let's take a quick break. 


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0:09:08.9 Speaker 6: Let's get back to the conversation. 


0:09:10.6 EC: But here's another really funny one... This is a long one. This comes from Theresa, and she write... She wrote it in three different messages 'cause it was... It's a doozie. Are you guys ready for this?  


0:09:21.2 TD: I don't know it. I'm scared. 


0:09:23.7 EC: I'm gonna... I know. It sounds like it. 


0:09:25.0 TD: Okay. 


0:09:25.2 EC: So I'm gonna summarize some of them just because it is so good, and this is my voice of what was going on. So she writes, "In 2011, I wanted to bring in a new product line to my skin care studio, so I contacted a company that... " And she reached out to the lead educator and then she went to their location to meet them and to receive this exciting hibiscus lotus facial peel. She was excited because she loved the line. So she got there, she talked to the lead educator, she saw the facility, she got into the spa bed in their demonstration area. I'm imagining, this is in my head. And she was settling in for what she called an, "Ahh experience." 


0:10:06.2 TD: Yeah. 


0:10:06.2 EC: But by this end of this treatment, this hibiscus lotus facial peel, from that name, you would imagine tropical, relaxing... 


0:10:14.7 MS: Luxurious. 


0:10:15.4 EC: Regenerate... 


0:10:16.1 MS: Yes. 


0:10:18.4 EC: Opening chakras, all the things. By the end of this treatment, she could feel her face burning, which is... As we know, that's not no... Abnormal when it comes to resurfacing treatments, so she knew that, and she said, "Hey, this is feeling a little hot. Is this normal?" 


0:10:32.4 TD: More than a tingle. 


0:10:33.6 EC: More than a tingle on a scale from one to 10, I'm not sure what they said. But enough that she asked, "Is this normal?" She said, "Oh yes, it's normal." So she took her little home care instructions, went back to her hotel because she and her family had come in just for this. She is so excited for this line, and she proceeds with her post-care that evening, goes to bed and around 5:00 AM, she writes, "I was dreaming that I was running and I could hear my heart beating, I could feel myself breathing heavier, I could feel my heart beating in my face. I was sweating and I felt really, really hot," in her dream. "I felt like I couldn't catch my breath, and that is what woke me up with a fury," I'm imagining, because she woke up with such an explosion that she woke her husband up, who then looked at her and said, "Oh my God." 


0:11:27.5 TD: [laughter] That's the best way to wake up her husband. 


0:11:30.8 EC: And then she goes in... How sweet. Oh my God. Her face was swollen like a balloon, she says, and red as a tomato, and it was weeping lymph fluid. 


0:11:42.6 TD: Oh! Oh my God. 


0:11:43.8 EC: Lymph fluid. And so much lymph fluid that her pillow was drenched. She writes, "I was unrecognizable as my eyes were nearly swollen shut, my neck was so swollen it started to put pressure on my airways and I ended up in the hospital with an IV drip full of anti-inflammatory drugs, and I was held overnight." 


0:12:02.6 TD: Oh, my gosh. Poor girl. 


0:12:05.2 EC: Poor girl. And it gets worse. 


0:12:07.4 TD: What?  


0:12:09.2 EC: Yeah. She contacted the rep and the educator and rather than try to go down this investigative discovery route, which is something I would do, I've... We've all been faced with adverse reactions, right? It's how I learned that hair spray post microneedling could cause an adverse reaction, you know, it's how we learn. So, it's good to reach out to the practitioner because they may have been encountered with something like that before, but rather she was met with an accusation, "You must be on Retin-A and you didn't tell me." 


0:12:40.3 TD: Oh no. 


0:12:42.7 EC: Yeah. 


0:12:42.9 TD: Oh no. 


0:12:44.5 EC: Yeah. She was blaming this client who flew in for this lotus hibiscus thing. 


0:12:50.5 MS: Chakra opening experience. 


0:12:50.6 EC: Yeah, this is not an "Ahh... " No, this was, "Ahh!" 


0:12:53.5 MS: Yeah. 


0:12:53.7 EC: It was a totally different... Same letters, different sound of a facial experience. So, long story short, it turns out that she has a resorcinol intolerance, and there is a small percentage of people who have this intolerance and have this reaction. But the funny part of her story is that she got back to her spa, which I guess they had an art opening there, so it must have been some ____ cross thing, and she looked a hot mess, I'm thinking. 


0:13:24.3 TD: Oh, she didn't look like art. 


0:13:25.1 EC: No. 


0:13:25.7 TD: Unless it was like a Picasso. 


0:13:27.6 EC: I think... I'm thinking like, Samantha, Sex in the City, at Carrie's book signing. 


0:13:30.3 TD: Oh, yes!  


0:13:30.5 EC: Remember she had had a chemical peel. So... 


0:13:33.1 TD: And she had to where a veil. 


0:13:34.6 EC: This is what happened... 


0:13:35.8 TD: No!  


0:13:35.9 EC: She wrapped her face and she wrapped her head just so her eyes are showing, and this is pre-pandemic before it was cool. So she's... 


0:13:43.5 MS: And she still went?  


0:13:44.7 EC: She still went. "Ain't nothing gonna hold me down!" 




0:13:50.1 EC: Yes! So that is the triumph of the story. The triumph is that she persevered, she knew she didn't have any Retin-A or a derivative. She learned about resorcinol, and I'm sure she's able to share that with her clients and she's just kept on keeping on, you know?  


0:14:03.9 TD: Wow, that... 


0:14:04.8 MS: I wanna know what she told people when they said, "Wow, what happened to you?" 


0:14:08.4 EC: I know, we should write back to her. 


0:14:10.2 MS: Yep. 


0:14:10.7 TD: I wanna know more. 


0:14:12.2 EC: [laughter] Yes. 


0:14:13.0 TD: Can I... I have to tell you, my whoopsie... It makes me think about this, my whoopsie doozie of a chemical peel, and it was my very first aggressive chemical peel. So I went in, I knew it was gonna be a lot, and I was ready for it. I was all ready for it. I was like, "I'm gonna... It's gonna suck. But it's gonna look amazing." So I go in and let me tell ya, my face was frosting, I was frosting like crazy. They're like, "Oh, this is gonna be so good. Oh, you're gonna love this, girl, this is good." And I was like, "I can make it through it, I can make it through the pain, I could do this." And I did it and I left and I was like, "Okay, I'm ready for it." And sure enough, you know, big peeling. 


0:14:55.0 EC: Really?  


0:14:55.4 TD: Lots of big peeling. That's not where the story's bad. The story gets bad when I decided that same weekend to go to the hot sauce festival in New Mexico, not realizing that that would reactivate my peel!  




0:15:13.4 TD: So, I literally was leaving bits of DNA all over New Mexico, so bad that my children were saying, "Mom, you should just put your face out the window while we're going 80 miles per hour, and it'll blow it all off." 




0:15:30.6 EC: Like that Paula Abdul song, Blowing Kisses in the Wind, but it'll be blowing skin flakes. 


0:15:36.3 TD: Yeah!  


0:15:36.3 EC: Oh, jeez. 


0:15:37.7 TD: And they were just like big sheet, s and I always kept hearing that voice in my head, "Don't peel it, don't pick it, don't peel it, let it fall off by itself." 


0:15:45.8 EC: Let the wind blow it away? [chuckle] 


0:15:47.5 TD: Yeah. I was like, "I might just stick my head out the window." 


0:15:47.6 EC: Oh, jeez. 


0:15:50.0 TD: Yeah. So I didn't go that aggressive again after that. 


0:15:53.2 EC: Some of the other funny ones too that we're in here were talking about, speaking of dark room or setting expectations, were talking about this, I think she had a glitter powder or a shimmer powder that she put on, but she couldn't see until the client came out of the room. She said that she put so much illuminating powder, I think she called it, that it was just like, wow. 




0:16:17.8 TD: Did she look like Twilight? Like, the Twilight characters in the sun? That's all I'm thinking of. 


0:16:22.7 EC: Yeah, I bet she did. And this other girl said that she had put on the wrong tinted moisturizer on her client... 


0:16:28.1 MS: I read that one. Yeah. 


0:16:31.0 EC: And she said she walked... She realized after the lights came up and she just told her, "Look, you're gonna leave a little darker than you came in!" [laughter] It's like... 


0:16:38.8 TD: What's better, darker or lighter though?  


0:16:40.9 EC: Darker, I would say. Yeah. 


0:16:41.3 MS: I would say... 


0:16:41.7 TD: I think so too. Otherwise, you'd look like all the blood drained out of you. 


0:16:44.9 EC: That's why I tend to have really light tinted moisturizer, like a really universal color, because that stuff's hard to spread when you have gloves on and they have nine serums on or whatever, and then it's dark. So, I always give that disclaimer, "You know it's dark in here, so there's a mirror when you get up and just go ahead and blend it in." What about the old mirror squirter in the face or the Matrix in the face? Remember from our podcast on extractions?  


0:17:11.3 TD: Oh, yeah. 


0:17:14.2 EC: Yeah, someone writes in and she says, "By accident, yesterday I was talking to my client's mom while extracting my own kiddos face," and she wasn't paying attention and she popped her kid's cyst all over her face and her hair. 


0:17:28.1 MS: What kind of cyst are we talking, that it's like all of your face and all over your hair?  


0:17:31.7 EC: Yeah. 


0:17:32.0 MS: I mean, it has to be something with a lot of pressure. But the sebaceous cysts are the worst, 'cause those ones, those are accompanied, not just by the good stuff, but they're accompanied by the pungent stuff. 


0:17:44.9 TD: The stinky. 


0:17:46.3 MS: The stinky... 


0:17:46.4 TD: The stinky where you could smell it and you can't even wash it off!  


0:17:48.8 EC: Ugh!  


0:17:49.9 TD: Ugh!  


0:17:50.3 MS: Let me just say, listen to extract or walk away. That might have been a walk away a moment. 


0:17:54.4 EC: That would have been a walk away... That would have been a lean back... Lean back moment, for sure. That's the Matrix move, that's how you get it nailed down. 


0:18:01.2 TD: Oh, that's the Matrix move!  




0:18:05.4 EC: Yeah, and get a... You go... 




0:18:08.8 EC: Like, pull back when it starts coming your way 'cause that stuff is not good. It's happened to me, my cousin had one on the side of her nose. Her name is Chelsea, I'm calling her out, so... 


0:18:14.8 TD: [laughter] Oh my God!  


0:18:17.7 EC: Chelsea, I won't say your last name, but this is how close we are because I went to go, "Oh, let me see." She's like, "Can you take a look at this?" "Sure, let me just take a quick peek." And I just lightly squeeze, apparently it was ready... 




0:18:29.4 EC: Like a missile, right into my face. But I couldn't let go because it was coming out now, you know? So, it hit me right below the eye. Thank God, that it wasn't in my eye and just kept coming out, coming out, coming out. 


0:18:41.0 TD: Well, that's a question. I mean, do you wear goggles when you're doing extractions?  




0:18:45.4 MS: Use your Mag lights. 


0:18:47.3 TD: Oh, hide behind the mag light. Yeah, yeah. 


0:18:47.7 EC: So you learn, you learn to use that as a tool, not just to see, not just for a light, but as a PPE. 


0:18:51.6 TD: For real. 




0:18:53.5 MS: So this one I think is really funny, and I think we can all relate to in some way, and I'm just gonna read it as Dominique has written it, and she says yes, she knew she made a mistake here. "Yes, the mistake I made was during a Brazilian wax. My client had a piercing on her clitoris, the wax dripped on the ball of the piercing." 


0:19:15.1 EC: No. 


0:19:15.6 MS: "And let's just say an interesting task to remove, so I attempted to wax around it, but the wax made the ball a little heavy and it kept leaning towards the strip." 


0:19:27.9 TD: Oh gosh. 


0:19:28.8 MS: You guys can envision that. 


0:19:29.9 TD: I'm visualizing the whole thing. It's like killing me. 


0:19:32.8 EC: Kerplunk. Kerplunk. 


0:19:33.9 TD: Like, let me pop that back over to the other side. 


0:19:36.3 EC: Kerplunk. 


0:19:36.4 MS: Exactly. "So I placed a wooden cuticle pusher," I think? Yes, "wooden cuticle pusher, like what you use for nails over the top of the ball and pulled my strip. No problem, right? Well, silly me, decided to pour wax remover over the piercing. Lord, why did I do that? My glove was slippery. The Piercing was slippery. Let's just say it was a very weird moment. I laughed and gave my client a fresh pair of gloves, paper towel and wipes and asked her to get the wax off, the last thing I need was her to think I was... Well, yeah, y'all get it. So that day I learned what not to do. We laugh about it now, but it was crazy. The Day in the Life of an esthetician." 


0:20:23.2 TD: Oh, I love that line. 


0:20:24.3 EC: So well said. 


0:20:25.0 MS: I think we can all relate because if you do any kind of bikini wax, any Brazilian wax, you get wax where you don't intend to, you don't wanna be picking or touching, alright?  


0:20:36.2 TD: Rubbing. 


0:20:36.9 EC: Rubbing. Yeah, exactly. 


0:20:38.7 TD: Well, I'm just... All I'm thinking is, how well does she know this client? Is this a first time client? Is this like a long time... I am hoping for her, this is a long-time client and you are just laughing it up. 


0:20:53.3 MS: Totally. 


0:20:53.4 TD: Because a first time client... What if it's even their first time ever getting a Brazilian? They have no concept of what's supposed to be going down. 


0:21:02.9 EC: Well, then they will have a high expectation going forward. 




0:21:08.9 EC: I would say there's... You forgot something. 


0:21:14.2 TD: That's not what my other esthetician did for me. 


0:21:17.8 EC: Yeah. Oh, my gosh stop it. It sounds like if it was the first time client, it definitely turned into a long-term client. So that's awesome. 


0:21:25.9 TD: Is that what happens the majority of the time when you are having these crazy... If you handle it right, these whoopsie doozies, that you actually develop a stronger bond with your client?  


0:21:36.7 EC: In most of my whoopsie doozies, unless they were oh hell no's, 'cause I've had those too. That's a whole different... 


0:21:43.1 TD: And then you're like, It's okay if I never see you again. 


0:21:45.2 EC: Absolutely, somebody gave me a 50 cent tip to get a hot dog once, and this is after she sneezed, and I watched this snot slow motion across the room onto my curtains that I had across the room. And so that was a oh hell no client. 


0:22:01.4 MS: Oh, geez. Well, thank you for joining us, Tracy, it's been a pleasure on that note. 


0:22:07.4 TD: I hope I added anything to the conversation, not sure I did. 


0:22:10.5 EC: Absolutely. And listeners, we still wanna hear from you, what is your whoopsie doozie story? Let us know, reach out on social media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or by emailing getconnected@ascpskincare.com. We wanna know all the details. In the meantime, thank you for listening to ASCP Esty Talk. For more information on this episode or for ways to connect with Maggie or myself or to learn more about ASCP, check out the show notes and stay tuned for the next episode of ASCP Esty Talk. 




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