The 20-Step Program for Retail Rehab

What if the secret to retail success isn’t how you say it, but how you display it?

ASCP's Lauren Snow recently created a 20-step program for retail rehab for readers of Skin Inc. magazine. Snow says, "Having an effective retail strategy can be the reason you achieve financial stability sooner, as the revenue opportunity is immense. Selling retail does not need to be scary, and it certainly does not have to be hard work. With a little planning and creativity, you can be well on your way riding the retail train all the way to respite in the Bahamas."

Snow challenges readers to review some of their favorite stores and how they choose items to display. The industry standard of mixing 80 percent product to 20 percent props helps set the scene for success. She encourages skin care professionals to remember that telling a story is essential when selling. Selling using emotions or purpose is of the utmost importance and actually pursuades clients to buy. 

Snow says, "If you have a retail section in your spa, it is time to put on your visual merchandiser cap and start thinking like a pro. You will need an open and creative mind, a small budget for a retail refresh, and some thoughtful work to get your spa’s retail area in top shape."

To view the 20-steps for retail success, click here: Skin Inc. magazine online.

Happy reading!

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