2020 Year in Review

ASCP Year in Review, Courtesy of You

This video features Instagram stories from our ASCP members shared @ascpskincare. Thank you for always being an inspiration to us. Here’s to 2021!

I think it’s safe to say that we will all be celebrating the end of the year with a little more enthusiasm than usual. While 2020 may be a year that many of us don’t necessarily want to dwell on, there were many, many moments that shone bright through the darkness.

Before businesses were forced to shut down all across the country, we celebrated our gorgeous and courageous Esty of the Year, Jessica Marie, who appeared on the cover of ASCP Skin Deep magazine. Little did we know how much we would all need her inspiring story of perseverance and strength in the months to come.

And we all know what happened next. We had to make some changes; some drastic, some life-altering. But ASCP members are resilient and continued to push forward, continued to keep themselves informed, and continued to do whatever they had to to keep their clients and their practice safe.

As we all adapted to our “new norm”, we shifted our business and marketing strategies. Since we couldn’t get our education in person, we went virtual. We all got together for a full day of online education at the ASCP Virtual Education Experience.  We were learning together, growing together, and had the chance to engage with each other, surrounded by the industry and experts we love so dearly.

But in the midst of all the heaviness that was surrounding us, you’ve gotta find a way to have some fun too! We celebrated all of our ASCP Skin Deep magazine Readers’ Choice Award winners. We got dressed up, we gave out awards and prizes, and we enjoyed celebrating some of the best skin care brands in the business. Congratulations again to all the winners!

This year was hard on all of us. But one thing that could never be stopped, pandemic or not, is your drive to flourish and prevail. We watched in awe as our members continued to educate themselves in all manner of ways. While some may have been sitting around watching Netflix during nation-wide closures, we were watching webinar-after-webinar together, learning about different facial techniques, skin care ingredients, modalities, and skin care conditions. And maybe we binge-watched a Netflix show or two…

We eagerly consumed as much knowledge and insight from ASCP Skin Deep magazine as we could, month after month after month. We educated ourselves on diversity and inclusion within the skin care industry; we were determined to figure out how to move forward together as an industry and defy the odds; we learned how we can take our businesses and skills to the next level; and as we approached the end of what is likely one of the most difficult years we will ever experience in our lifetimes, we learned how to find and share our gratitude with others. We shared some laughs, even if it was with our furry companions in quarantine. 

So thank you. To all of you who have shown such strength during such trying times. To all of you who continued to pursue your dreams even though every obstacle possible may have been thrown in your path. We are honored to serve and support such incredible individuals who see and understand the importance of working together for the greater good, who have faith in leaning on each other when times are tough, and who strive to better themselves in order to better the lives of others. We are amazed at all of the things you have accomplished this year and we cannot wait to see all that you will do in 2021. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

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