4 Ways to Grow Your Beauty Business

4 Ways to Reinvent Your Beauty Business for a Post-Pandemic World

Putting an emphasis on continued growth will help prevent falling into a small business slump. Many beauty professionals are rethinking their business models, enabling them to continue to grow while reducing overhead costs. Here are some tips on achieving growth in your beauty business.

  1. Understand the Beauty Trends
    The first step is to understand what your potential customers are buying and what they're not. McKinsey's report reveals that since mask wearing has become common, there's a big change in the relative popularity of some beauty items and services.

    Because of masks, lipstick sales have declined, but Boston-based marketing firm Klaviyo reported a 64% increase in eyeshadow sales. Another beauty trend to watch shows people looking for stress relief are buying skin care and bath and body products.
  2. Help Your Beauty Clients DIY
    PocketSuite user Julie Lindh, a New York City-based esthetician, is known internationally for her clinical-based skin care products and treatments. When the pandemic forced her to stop in-person treatments, she pivoted, developing do-it-yourself skin care kits.

    There, too, Lindh has been focused on what her clients want now. Staying up to date on what your clients are looking for today will keep your business model fresh and on-trend.
  3. Pivot to Video Beauty Consultations
    Lindh supplements the kits with individual video beauty consultations, another useful pivot for beauty professionals.

    With video conferencing tools more accessible and affordable than ever, this is a good way for independent beauty professionals to stay in touch with clients and to continue to guide them on their beauty routines.

  4. Use Mobile Business Tools to Reduce Overhead
    Especially with small businesses, it's important to reduce your overhead as much as possible.

    A great way to do that is with a mobile business app like PocketSuite, which lets you handle client communication, product sales, contracts, appointment booking, and payment processing in one handy place. It means you have everything you need to run your business efficiently at your fingertips, and it's simple enough that you can do it yourself. 


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