5 Tips to Prevent Burnout

5 Tips to Prevent Burnout

Burnout is a risk in any profession, but those who work or study in caregiving professions are especially vulnerable.
Follow these important tips to avoid the risk:

Overscheduling is a big factor; keep it in mind as your successful practice grows.

Remember your personal care. Are you eating properly, exercising, and getting enough rest? Do you get facials and massage on a regular basis? Swap services with fellow professionals to save money and restore yourself.

Journaling helps prevent burnout, and so does talking with someone else to get a fresh perspective on your work.

Schedule vacations and regular days off. When you're at home, make a conscious effort not to spend all your time on chores; hobbies that have nothing to do with work will help keep you balanced.

Keep learning. Attending seminars, trade shows, and workshops can shift your thinking and give you new perspective. Mentoring can also refresh you and may provide additional income.

The best antidote to burnout, of course, is to love what you do. But even when that's the case, burnout can happen. Taking good care of yourself will help you be sure you need just a break and not a career change.

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