Answering Your Questions from the 2022 ASCP Summit

Thank you to those who participated in the 2022 ASCP Fall Education Summit: Big Income, Small Devices. We had so many great questions that came from the session “Smart Technology Options for Your Services and Bottom Line.” Many of your questions were about the bt-vision magnifying headset and the bt-analyze.

Annet King, vice president of business development at Bio-Therapeutic, has provided a summary of these two devices and what you can expect when using them in the treatment room. ASCP members also get 10% off bt ceuticals and all bt technology. Not an ASCP member? Join today!

bt-vision 2.0 magnifying headset—Bio-Therapeutic

The ability to analyze the skin at multiple magnification levels with the perfect light every time is key in determining appropriate skin care products and professional services for your clients. Lightweight and fully adjustable, the bt-vision 2.0 is ideal for an up-close and hands-free look at a level of detail that the eyes alone simply can’t match. The adjustable bright white LED-lighting system gives you a clearer view during the most crucial parts of each service. The bt-vision 2.0 features silver ion-infused silicone surfaces, bright white LED illumination, detachable elastic headband, and five magnification lenses.

  • Silver ion-infused silicone touch points
  • Clear LED illumination system
  • 5 magnification lenses: 1X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X, 3.5X
  • Quick-release lens system
  • Detachable elastic headband option
  • Complete adjustability for optimum comfort and all-day wear


bt-analyze for hydration readings—Bio-Therapeutic

Taking measurements like hydration readings is a great way to differentiate yourself from others and leads directly to rebookings and increased retail sales. Using advanced technology and a sophisticated sensor, calculate moisture levels on the skin in multiple zones of the face to clearly define the needs of each area. Use a hydration-reading tool that allows for each reading to be saved and displayed on the intelligent LCD screen so it can be documented at the end of the analysis. These types of tools give quick guidance to share with clients and begin the process of allowing clients to become an active participant in understanding their skin and need for specific products and services to reach their goals. Use in multiple zones to clearly define the skin care needs of each area. This tool offers quick, scientific guidance to clients and allows them to be active participants in understanding their skin functions and needs for specific topical products and services to reach their goals. The bt-analyze should be used before and after each service to capture improvements made and to note modifications needed.

A guide to what readings can indicate is outlined below. In some tools the range will be 0–65, and the readings mean the following:

  • Dry: 25 or below
  • Optimum: 35–45
  • High level of hydration: 55+

If you were unable to attend this free ASCP Education Summit, session replays are available to ASCP members.

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