Are you covered? 4 questions to be sure.


If your employer says you don't need the coverage that comes with your ASCP membership, here are four questions to ask him or her, to make absolutely certain: 

  1. "Does your liability insurance policy cover me individually?" Many skin care professionals who work in spas, salons, or doctors’ offices mistakenly believe the owner’s insurance covers them should there be an unfortunate client mishap. Under some plans, the business alone is protected. If your employer’s policy does not name you individually, you are not covered. 

  1. "Does your policy cover every type of treatment I provide at work?" Certain services, techniques, products or equipment may be excluded from an employer’s liability insurance policy.  

  1. "Is your policy current?" Even the most competent spa owner may set an insurance bill aside and fail to renew it on time.  

  1. "Am I covered for treatments I perform outside of your facility?" If you provide treatments to clients, friends, or family members in your home or at any other location, you likely aren’t covered by your employer’s policy. 

And finally, even if those four questions all check out, a client can still file a claim or lawsuit against you personally, instead of against the spa where you work. That situation might not be covered unless you have your own insurance. 

If you're unsure about employer coverage, why take a risk? Legal fees and defense costs can be substantial—even when you aren't found liable. Settlements can threaten your assets and future earnings. Professionals realize that insuring themselves just makes good sense. That's why you protect yourself with individual liability coverage from ASCP.      To find out more visit                                                                


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