Are You Operating Within Scope in New York?

Last year, the New York State Department of Education released a chart called the Appearance Enhancement Licensees—Procedural Service Determinations to issue guidance to estheticians, cosmetologists, nail technicians, natural hair specialists, and waxing specialists regarding the procedures and services they can legally perform.

It is essential to review this chart, now available on the Board of Cosmetology website, to ensure you are operating within your current scope of  practice. If you hold multiple licenses, make sure to review the section of the chart applicable to each license. 

The chart contains guidance that clarifies which procedures are within or out of scope for your cosmetology license. While some of these determinations may be familiar to New York members, it is still imperative to review the chart and, if needed, acquire additional licenses from state or local authorities (county/city) to perform certain services. Alternatively, you may need to remove some services from your menu. 

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