An ASCP Member’s COVID-19 Story

Shana, an ASCP Member

"My mom is immunocompromised and so is my husband, Armie, so I stay home for both of them. He is an essential worker in the health-care industry and we sheltered separately since he was still working. Armie is in Philadelphia and my mom and I are in New Jersey. I haven't hugged him since March 13. Honestly, I didn't realize then it would go on quite this long.

Unfortunately, Armie tested positive for COVID-19. We were both scared because he has severe asthma. I'm not sure anything can prepare you for the absolute fear of knowing that a loved one has this disease.

We immediately had to discuss who to tell, his will—all the things we thought we'd not have to discuss for years. We had to have these conversations upfront because we didn't know what the progression of the virus would be like for him.

I then flung myself into action... the incessant searching for supplies online, checking in to monitor symptoms (and his spirits), and hiding my anxiety as best as I possibly could. I cried a lot at night and I barely slept. I cooked a lot of homemade soup and made contactless deliveries, waiting for him to come to the door just to catch a glimpse. One thing people don't really talk about—seeing comments and opinions that are less than supportive or mindful—is essential workers and the risks they are taking, and how that affects their families. I truly treasure every single kind word I see.

I thank God that he is through the symptoms, and although there is a lot we still don't know about immunity, together we are stronger for it."

Armie, Shana’s husband

"Despite all the speculations health-care workers have heard about the spread of COVID-19, we keep trying to help others and just continue to do our jobs. It was just a matter of time; we are, unfortunately, easily exposed.

All of a sudden, I found that I needed to stop and be responsible because I started experiencing symptoms. That was my first thought. The next thing I needed to do was to not allow my symptoms to develop into a more serious capacity, which involved rest, quarantine, and monitoring my body’s response. In my mind, I was afraid of the progression and I gave my utmost attention to how I felt every hour of the day for the next five days.

If it wasn’t for me taking care of this as soon as possible, and loved ones taking care of me as best they could by checking in on me constantly, I am sure I would’ve gone into some level of depression. Their caring support got me through it and made my recovery easier. I can’t thank them enough.

My experience with COVID-19 definitely showed me how bad it could’ve become, and it all depends on how well you take care of yourself during your quarantine. It certainly makes you aware of how serious this pandemic has become."

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