ASCP Recognized as Top Workplace

PAC employees enjoy a break from work ... with cake!

We are proud to announce that Professional Assist Corp, ASCP’s employee-owned parent company, was named a 2019 Top Work Place according to the Denver Post. The recognition is based on an anonymous survey of employees conducted by Energage, and ASCP scored particularly well in the category “My job makes me feel like I am part of something meaningful.”

For us, the reason is simple—our members! ASCP’s mission of supporting our members, making it easier for them to succeed at what they love, and living up to our credo of expectmore is evident in looking through the feedback from our employees:

I love my job because …

“We all are proud of the quality and breadth of services we deliver to our members.”

“The people, the culture, the opportunity for growth and learning, giving back to the members.”

“Of the people I work with, and the members who I get to help every day.”

PAC system architect Drew Zarn receives a shoulder massage from massage therapist/web developer Ashley Hurlburt

Why would you recommend working at PAC/ASCP?

“We get to help our members succeed at what they love.”

What about PAC/ASCP is motivating to you?

“I believe in our mission: to help our members be successful.”

What contributes most to you wanting to stay with PAC/ASCP?

“Everyone in this office is here to serve and help make the lives of not just the massage therapists, bodyworkers, etc., but the general public that so desperately needs these services of our members to reduce the stress of daily life!”

PAC's graphic designers brainstorming

Share an example of PAC/ASCP operating by strong values:

“We focus strongly on our members and what helps them.”

“Our credo is expectmore; we strive to provide strong value benefits to our members.”

“PAC truly cares about EVERY customer we have. I've never seen a company bend over backwards for any one member.  It feels like PAC will do almost anything to give quality customer service, whether the member has been with us a year or 30.”

PAC employees enjoying lunch in our Colorado office

What do you find most meaningful about working at PAC/ASCP?

“I love the people that we do our jobs forour members.”

The announcement was released on Sunday, May 5, and is available at


...that the people who support us in our work have a great support system as well!

Congratulations on this great honor. Curious to know how racially diverse is your organization, especially ASCP? 

Thank you Shay! You can learn more about the ASCP team that works hard to serve you and other skin care professionals at The events of recent weeks and months have reminded us how far we have to go toward equality and racially diverse representation. Currently, we honor diversity in a few different ways at Professional Assist Corporation (ASCP's group of sister associations). We have team members who celebrate their Chinese, Russian, and African-American heritage, but as we further reflect, we are refocusing our recruiting and hiring practices and our content sourcing, as well as discussing our leadership diversity and strategies we can take to increase it. And we will always continue to ask ourselves tough questions and of course listen and learn from valuable feedback.

Emily Morgan (Membership Program Manager)

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