Beauty Trends for 2024

Understanding your clients’ desires is crucial in developing effective services that are high in demand. As the skin care industry evolves, so do its trends and expectations. By keeping up with the latest fads, you can anticipate and meet these evolving needs and ensure that your services remain highly sought-after.  

At the start of a new year, many publications and social media outlets take a detailed look at emerging skin care and beauty trends for the days ahead. Pinterest publishes a yearly report that forecasts trends for the next year with an 80 percent success rate. It can do this because of the 482 million monthly active users on Pinterest, who use the social media platform to plan. This gives Pinterest unique insight into what people are planning to do. For instance, Pinterest predicted the boom in the skinification of hair.  

Here are some of Pinterest’s skin care and beauty predictions for 2024, based on the percent increases in trending search terms. 

Blue Beauty 

Aquamarine makeup has made a striking comeback, with an even bolder and more vibrant look than before. This complements Pantone’s color of the year, peach fuzz, and both colors feel like a throwback to the 60s. 

  • “Blue eyeshadow aesthetic” +65% 
  • “Light blue prom makeup” +70% 
  • “Aqua makeup look” +100% 
  • “Blue quince makeup” +85% 

Whole-Body Health 

2024 will be a significant year for body care as we start to see a surge in face care equivalents for the body as well as beauty brands entering the supplement and nutrition category.   

  • “Sunscreen” +75% 
  • “Body lotion aesthetic” +245% 
  • “Spa aesthetic” +60% 
  • “Body skin care routine” +1,025% 
  • “Bodycare” +845% 


2024 will be focused on building stronger bonds. While spa therapy is a wonderful way to reflect and take care of oneself, it also provides an opportunity to unwind, relax, and connect with others. Many estheticians are now adding “life coach” to their resumes and facilities are offering group classes, workshops, and activities that encourage social interaction and connection.  

  • “Hot seat questions” +825% 
  • “Deep conversation starters” +185% 
  • “Deep questions to ask friends” +85% 

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