Being a Successful Skin Care Professional Isn’t Always Easy

By: Liz Kline 

Being successful in the skin care industry isn’t as easy as rebooking a client or offering discounts to get people in the door. It takes time, work, dedication, the ability to form long-lasting relationships, and so much more. We must adopt skills and tailor our craft to our clients’ needs. This all takes time. For some it may come quickly, and for others it can take years. On average, it can take 12 months to build a profitable clientele, and up to 24 months—if not longer—to build the ideal client base. Additionally, honing in on your interpersonal skills can make or break your success. Here are some tips on how you can continue to grow your success. 


Know the latest trends. Understanding new and exciting techniques can help tremendously in the long run. Attending a trade show or a class to help inspire you with new tools, techniques or even new treatments can make you comfortable with growing your business. Own a spa? Part of your success is the skill level of your employees. A perk for estheticians to come work for you is also having continuing education as a requirement in your establishment. To get the most up-to-date information about trade shows and events, visit 


Social media can create awareness. Are you using social media to promote your work? Are you using a social media platform to communicate with potential clients? We can talk about our skills all day long, but until someone can see what we do or see a testimonial from someone, they take a gamble when coming to us—if they come to us at all. Remember, using different platforms will help diversify the audience you reach.  


Build relationships. Booking out extra time with your client can solidify a long-term relationship. This goes for new and loyal clients. During the consultation, introduce the newest treatments on your menu to a returning client or spend ample time with a new client to build rapport and instill trust. It will also show that you are keeping their best interest at the forefront of your mind. 


Evaluate your space. We get comfortable in our treatment space and don’t stop to think of how our clients may see it. Take a few minutes to really look at your business and see if it needs a facelift. When a client comes in, do they see a pile of dirty laundry? Dusty retail shelves, or old magazines from last year? Keeping your environment fresh and clean is exciting for your clients when they come to see you.  


Be consistent and make appointments comfortable. There is nothing worse than walking into a place of business and not feeling welcomed. Or worse, maybe you are running errands only to find out the place you wanted to go to isn’t open—when the business hours on their website said otherwise Don’t be that person. Open on time every day. If your business hours say you open at 9 a.m., then open your doors at 9 a.m. Same goes for closing time. However, if there is a last-minute customer who comes in, and you can honor their request, then do so. You may get a long-term loyal client out of the deal. Plus, in some cases, you may receive a nice tip. This brings me to my next point: making it comfortable. Having light, upbeat conversations with your clients will help them feel comfortable, especially any last-minute clients who walk in. Don’t smirk, make a face, or intentionally project body language that is off-putting. Word of a negative experience spreads quicker than a positive one.  

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