Body Contouring with RF [VIDEO]

Body contouring and fat elimination is not a new concept, and the demand is only expected to rise. Treatment is ideal for the healthy client with stubborn fat they just can't seem to lose. 

Are you performing body contouring?

Body contouring insurance is available for ASCP members who are certified or trained in advanced esthetic services such as body contouring with radio frequency, ultrasound cavitation, laser, and more. Now is the perfect time to reflect on how you can improve your business and make sure you're covered! Learn more about ASCP's Advanced Modality Insurance (AMI) coverage options today.


Video not playing?

If the video is no longer available, it has been archived in our members-only video education library. This is just a small taste of one of the many online educational videos ASCP members have on-demand access to 24/7. ASCP’s videos are designed to provide top-notch education and support to licensed estheticians across the country. Not an ASCP member yet?



I cannot get the Body Contouring with RF [VIDEO] to work.  I also cannot find the "Members-Only Video Education Library.

Can you please advise.  Thanks so much.

Hi Shirley!

If the video is no longer playing, it has been archived in our members-only video education library, linked above. Enjoy!

Emily Morgan, ASCP Membership Program Manager

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