Brazilian Wax Demo With Tips and Tricks

Brazilian Wax Demo with Tips and Tricks

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Positioning your client is an important first step of the service. You can offer them a variety of positions such as having them butterfly their legs together, bending one knee with their toes pointed at the opposite knee (half butterfly), or hanging both legs off of the sides of the table. For the bum strip, your client can lay on their side with the bottom leg straight while tucking their top leg into their chest and holding open their bum cheeks, on their belly while holding open their bum cheeks, or knees to chest while on their back (you can supply a rolled towel to assist them if they prefer). The key point is to be sure your client is comfortable throughout.

After positioning your client, prep and clean the skin thoroughly. After cleansing, you can apply Magic Dust Sprayable powder to the area. This is a fine, talc-free powder that is perfect to absorb any oils or sweat during the waxing services.

Whether you’re using soft or hard wax, creating a pattern that you can replicate on each and every client is going to be important to create an efficient service. To begin laying strips, I personally like to begin on the inner thighs and top of the pubic bone, and usually always have three strips down at a time to increase my speed. Your clients can always help you assist to hold the skin taut if needed. Once I have the next thigh strip pulled, I will then begin on the outer labia areas, working inwards, from the bottom of the outer labia upward.

If you’re working with hard wax, always have your wax tab on an area that does not have hair, which could interfere with your pull and also be painful for client. If this does happen, use your wax stick after the wax has been applied to “pop” up the tab to utilize for your pull, although try your best to avoid this on the labia areas, as it is, in my opinion, the most sensitive area to be waxed during a Brazilian.

To finish the service, you should always talk about aftercare with your client. I apply the Post-Wax Potion to sooth and calm the skin.

If you’re looking for a wax that is comfortable for your client, easy to use, pliable and reliable, check out the Stonhart Spellbound Hard Wax.

Throughout the service, try to read your clients’ body language. They are so vulnerable and trusting us to care for them free of judgment. Take pride in your work and your representation of yourself and business. As time goes on, your relationship will strengthen and your reputation will soar. Be confident in yourself for the best success in waxing!  

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About the Presenter

Jazmin Borges is a licensed aesthetician and instructor in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. She is also an educator for Stonhart Academy, a Licensed Advanced Aesthetic Institute in Massachusetts.