California Home Salon Establishment License Reminder

Per the Barbering and Cosmetology Act, any person, firm, or corporation who wants to operate an establishment must obtain an establishment license. This includes services offered within a licensee’s home. Here is information on how to obtain a Board-issued establishment license to provide barbering or cosmetology services (hair, skin, and nail care) within your home.

How Do I Apply for an Establishment License?
To open a home salon, you must have an establishment license issued to your home address—you cannot open your business until your establishment is licensed. To license your home salon, mail a completed Establishment Application with required attachments and fee to the Board.

Establishment Licensing Requirements
Home establishments must meet all requirements listed on the application. For example, home establishments must have a direct entrance that is separate and distinct from any entrance connected to private quarters. Licensees should also contact their city and county to find out if they need additional permits, as well as with their homeowners’ association, if applicable. The Board’s Home Salon Licensee Fact Sheet is a great resource for answers to FAQs.

How Long Until I Receive an Establishment License?
You can review the status of your application using the BreEZe link to see if you have obtained an establishment license three weeks after your check has been processed. It may take up to 10 days before you receive your license in the mail after your online status displays “licensed.”

If you have further questions regarding establishment licensure, email the Board at

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