In Case You Missed It: Skin Deep Spring 2023

The spring issue of Skin Deep magazine came out in April with articles to help you in your technique, business practices, and general knowledge. In case you missed it, here are a few highlights:   

ASCP Esty of the Year 2023    

Stephanie Andresen-Stevens is ASCP’s Esty of the Year for 2023. Learn all about Stephanie’s philanthropic mission to care for everyone in her Wisconsin community. Inspired by her personal medical journey, Stephanie has founded two nonprofits that give back and put clients at ease in her spa. 

Read: “Giving Back—One Client at a Time” by Jen Anderson 

Your Best Facials Ever 

You might have the best facials in town, but there’s always room for improvement. Take a note from Lydia Sarfati’s book about mastering facial massage. Then flip to our Ingredient Deck column to read about the acids that make your peels and other treatments so effective. 

Read: “Mastering the Facial Massage” by Lydia Sarfati 

Read: “Carboxylic Acids: Old Friends, New Phrase” by Ella Cressman 

Take Care of Yourself 

Esty burnout is the real deal. That’s why it’s important to take care of yourself and practice building boundaries. For a long, fruitful career in esthetics, read Beatrice Van’s feature about embracing your self-worth and finding your balance. Then listen to Ella and Maggie discuss self-care on the ASCP Esty Talk podcast. 

Read: “Strike Your Balance” by Beatrice Van 

Listen: ASCP Esty Talk Podcast, Episode 175, “Self-Care for Estheticians” 



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