Client Education Equals Full Schedules

How important is client education?

Consumer surveys tell us that esthetics clients don’t always understand the lasting benefits of the work they receive from you. But when it’s explained to them, in their terms, repeatedly, the value of your work takes on a whole new importance.

This was a primary reason that Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) created Fine Lines magazine, a free, digital consumer education publication that keeps talking to your clients long after they’ve left your treatment room. Published quarterly by the editorial team at ASCP, Fine Lines is a tool that lets you continue to educate your clients about the importance of professional skin care and professional ingredients during the downtime between their appointments.

From articles on skin care treatments, conditions, and ingredients, to tips for healthy living, this consumer-education tool will remind clients why they come to see you and inspire them to book another appointment. It also teaches that professional skin care is an integral facet of healthy living, not just an indulgence. For the first-time guest and/or the client who received a gift certificate for your services, this is especially important for them to hear.

All with the click of a button, Fine Lines helps you reinforce the valuable benefits of the work you do.


The Summer 2021 issue of Fine Lines encourages clients to talk to their esty about the professional ingredients that can help with dark under-eye circles, walks them through the facts and fallacies of sun care, and offers a basic explanation of microdermabrasion and its benefits. A healthy recipe and a quick look at focused ultrasound to tackle the signs of aging round out this issue.


It’s easy to do.

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