As we close out 2023, the ASCP Skin Deep magazine editorial team wanted to highlight some of their favorite articles of the year. Here’s a look at their top picks: 

It was a unanimous decision that the ASCP Skin Deep Autumn 2023 issue on pro-aging was the editorial team’s favorite, and Pamela Springer’s “The Complexity of Complexion” was a standout in that package.  

“If there’s anyone who could tackle this topic, it’s Pamela Springer. Springer’s immense knowledge on the relationship between skin of color and skin aging shines in this piece. There’s something for everyone to learn here.” 

—Jen Anderson, ASCP Skin Deep editor 

“It really applies to most of my picks, but trying to broaden awareness about different groups in order to make everyone feel seen and heard is a large part of why this particular piece resonated with me.” 

—Erica Buehler, associate editor 

“Occasionally, I find myself completely enamored by the information I learn in an article. This is one of those instances. I learned so much about the production of skin care products from this piece—it’s a process that takes time and careful planning, so much more than we even realize.”   

—Jen Anderson, ASCP Skin Deep editor 

“It’s not an easy topic, but this article outlines some basic preparedness tips that are important for all business owners to consider. The authors describe it as a how to build a ‘got hit by a bus’ file for your business, but it’s a basic cautionary exercise that will make your life, or the lives of those you love, much easier should an accident happen.” 

—Karrie Osborn, senior editor 

“Pregnancy is such an important time in a client’s life. I love how this article guides skin care pros toward a gentle approach, so you’re well-equipped to provide for expecting clients, and those clients can feel free to indulge in ‘me time’ without any worries.”  

—Jen Anderson, ASCP Skin Deep editor 

“This insightful piece helps estheticians understand the finer points of creating healthy-looking skin through careful facial touch.” 

—Scott Kaniewski, editor, online and digital strategy 

Other favorites from our editing team include: 


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