Evaluating Your Treatment Menu

Evaluating Your Treatment Menu

Thank you for attending this year’s ASCP Skin Care Summit: Holistic Esthetics Edition! Crystal Ngozi, founder of Crystal Ngozi Beauty + Coaching presented Evaluated Your Treatment Menu. Her session focused on seasons of growth and prosperity. Periodically evaluating your treatment menu is important in order to continue to grow and a great way to trim unnecessary “fat” from your business. During the session, She explored the key signs that your treatment menu needs a facelift and how to make those changes!

If you missed out on Crystal Ngozie's session, she has answered some of your thought provoking questions below. ASCP Members can now access all of the sessions and certificates from the 2021 ASCP Skin Care Summit: Holistic Esthetics Edition on demand.

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Q. What do you spend money on for marketing? For example, menu cards, brochures, etc.?

A. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing. $100–$200 to start should suffice. As your business grows, so can your budget. 


Q. When is a good time to re-evaluate?

A. I suggest evaluating your treatment menu quarterly. Run your sales numbers and see what is working and what is not. You don’t have to cut anything every quarter, but it is good to know where your business stands. 


Q. How many services would you recommend offering without being too overwhelming?

A. Offer as many as you are comfortable with. I suggest defining a niche first. 


Q. What are some great marketing ideas?

A. Go where your clients are. Are they on Facebook? Or Instagram? Go there! 


Q. I have a new treatment I am bringing into my business. Do you suggest marketing that it is coming soon to get some excitement from my clients and new clients?

A. It’s easier to market to your current clients first. They will be your walking billboard. 


Q. What is a great way to communicate with your established clients about the change?

A. Send email notifications and have signage by the cash register months in advance. 


Q. What do you think of mini facials, teen facials and a la carte facials?

A. Those are always fun. Price accordingly.


Q. Is there such a thing as too many services or “bad” marketing?

A. Remember, you can’t be everything to everyone. Define your niche. When marketing your niche, you become the “go-to” person.

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