Acne Treatment Providers, Face Reality Skincare, Celebrates 15th Anniversary

This September, Face Reality Skincare will celebrate its 15th anniversary of helping people who suffer from acne with their adaptive, individual approach, and an effective combination of safe, premium formulations. Face Reality does this through their clinic in San Leandro, California, and a nationwide network of certified estheticians. Unlike other acne treatment providers, their process coaches clients on lifestyle and dietary choices, as well as providing cruelty-free, premium skincare products.

With more than a 90% success rate and chosen as favorite acne line in the 2020 ASCP Reader’s Choice Awards, the Face Reality team is honored to continue treating acne and changing lives.

In 2005, Laura Cooksey founded Face Reality Acne Clinic, where she worked tirelessly on the Face Reality Acne Treatment Protocol and skincare line. As someone who struggled with acne, Laura was called to help other acne sufferers achieve clear skin with a holistic treatment plan. Before long, other estheticians took notice of the incredible results Laura was achieving in her clinic and began inquiring about Laura’s secret for treating acne. From this came Face Reality’s best-in-class, comprehensive online training course. Fifteen years later, Face Reality boasts more than 1,000 Face Reality Acne Experts who are changing lives and growing their businesses all over the United States.

“I get inspired by seeing how many skin care professionals are now successfully treating acne using our protocol,” Laura says. “What I love about that is so many more people who are suffering from acne are getting the help that they need to get clear. With the plethora of misinformation out there about acne, it’s wonderful that people have knowledgeable skin care professionals to turn to in treating their acne.”

Face Reality Skincare looks forward to another 15 Years of healing acne and encouraging complete confidence. They are beyond thankful for the continued support and for their intelligent community of acne experts. To learn more about Face Reality Skincare and their comprehensive Acne Expert Training, please visit

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