Follow the Leader: Face Reality

What is Face Reality’s mission? 

Acne isn’t just a skin condition; it’s something that can negatively affect the emotional and mental state of the person experiencing it. At its core, Face Reality believes everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin. Our founder, Laura Cooksey, experienced acne from her teens until her mid-30s, at which point she finally found an esthetician who helped her get clear skin. It was this personal experience that inspired Laura to become a licensed esthetician and help others achieve long-term clear skin in a safe, effective way.  

After years as a solo practitioner, Laura opened an acne-focused clinic in 2005, where the Face Reality Skincare brand was born. Face Reality has grown substantially since, but our mission remains the same: to give everyone clear skin for good through guidance and education, treatments, and award-winning products from skin care professionals. 

How does Face Reality support skin care professionals and acne clients alike? 

Acne is the most common skin condition in North America and affects up to 50 million Americans any given year across all ages, genders, and race. That’s a lot of people who have tried everything under the sun to get results—we are committed to helping them get the results they’re looking for with our certified acne experts. As an esthetician-founded business, skin care professionals are the backbone of our business. Our mission to give everyone clear skin for good would not be possible without our talented community of acne experts who are changing their clients’ lives every day. From advanced education and online business tools to our acne expert locator, we always aim to elevate the businesses of certified acne experts. When we support the success of our professional community, they can better serve their acne clientele. When we dedicate ourselves to the success of skin care professionals, we are ultimately supporting their acne clients. 

What sets Face Reality apart in the industry? 

Our education and entire line of products is dedicated to acne—there are so many great skin care brands out there, but not very many that cater solely to acne-prone skin. The Face Reality Clear Skin Method is defined by adapted, personalized routines. Acne experts begin the process with a skin analysis to determine the client’s skin type, acne type and severity, Fitzpatrick type, and any other skin conditions occurring at the same time will dictate the products given to the client. Assessing all these factors is imperative to assigning a home-care routine that isn’t too strong—when a routine is too strong it can impede the clearing process. This is why we employ an adaptive method that allows the skin to acclimate to acne-fighting ingredients while gently pushing the skin to clear. 

How can skin care professionals get certified by Face Reality? 

Joining the Acne Professional Program is a simple, self-paced process. It starts with our online comprehensive acne professional training, which takes skin care professionals through everything about acne, from identifying acne types and severity to building personalized routines using the Face Reality Clear Skin Method. Students will then need to pass an exam to receive certification. Since all of this is done online, the training fits into any schedule and lifestyle. We also offer in-person and online education classes to certified acne experts to further expand their acne expertise and help them grow their business.  

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