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What sets Bio-Therapeutic apart? 

Simply put, we’re one of the only independent, American-based skin care and technology companies with a qualified skin therapist at the helm. Unlike other companies in the space, we’re focused on skin care professionals, particularly on developing our technologies to amplify service results. Also, each of our technologies is engineered and assembled in our FDA-registered, medical device-manufacturing facility in Seattle. 


Why should every skin therapist offer microcurrent? 

Microcurrent is a real game changer because it’s safe, effective, and noninvasive—yet it delivers exceptional results for facial sculpting and lifting. Rather than shocking the facial muscles like other technologies on the market do, True Microcurrent uses a combination of precise wave shapes and energy levels combined with physical, kinesthetic lifting to help train the facial contour into a more lifted appearance. Since it’s designed to mimic the body’s subtle electrical signature, True Microcurrent helps reduce skin puffiness, improve skin clarity, and has been shown to stimulate the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the building block of cellular energy. 


Why is cellular energy important? 

ATP is the very source of life because it powers every cell in the body. As we age, our ATP levels decline, and by the time we reach 60, the levels are about half of what they were when we were younger. We’ve been talking about this for more than 50 years, and the industry is finally catching up. You’re going to start hearing a lot about this explanation of aging, which is now called the “energetic theory of aging.” Rather than superficially addressing the symptoms of aging, like most technologies on the market do, True Microcurrent with kinesthetic lifting—a technology we pioneered and have exclusive patents to—helps boost skin energy levels and resilience.  


How is True Microcurrent different from other electrical modalities? 

Most microcurrent units on the market either deliver too little energy to be effective or shock the facial muscles into a temporary lift. The latter is problematic, because it depletes the skin’s energy levels and fatigues the muscle over time, which can lead to drooping and skin laxity. Bio-Therapeutic invented True Microcurrent to dynamically adjust energy levels more than 1,024 times per second to ensure we always deliver effective current output to the skin. This is critical because everyone’s facial landscape and body chemistry are different and react uniquely to applied technology. 


Bio-Therapeutic just launched the bt-sculpt handheld unit, and the bt-sculpt PRO facial electrode probe. Why are these important? 

The bt-sculpt PRO facial electrode probe brings the ease of single-handed use to the professional service and it delivers the power of Bio-Therapeutic’s professional-only microcurrent units to the skin with a simplified application. The bt-sculpt handheld takes this handheld simplicity further with a self-contained unit that can be used during the service and is available for home use to help maintain sculpting results between service visits. 


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