Follow the Leaders: Osmosis Beauty

Q. What makes Osmosis different? 

Osmosis uses a unique combination of active ingredients that focuses on three important factors: our pharmaceutical-grade delivery system, because most aging occurs deep within the skin; our patented products that create real changes in the skin; and our unique inside-out approach that triggers collagen/elastin and plumps the volume of the face. Osmosis uses proprietary skin mapping to identify which organs and toxins are involved. For example, many people treat lower eyelid puffiness with caffeine or similar ingredients. Instead, we explain this condition may be caused by inflamed kidneys, so we suggest products that treat the root cause.  


Q. What does “holistic healing” mean to Osmosis? 

Osmosis clears skin conditions by treating the source of the condition. In most cases, this involves our unique wellness approach. Founder Dr. Ben Johnson remains personally involved in many client cases because he believes that almost every skin issue is caused by toxins, pathogens, and/or emotions. Osmosis has designed topical products and internal wellness products that specifically address each condition. Osmosis approaches conditions with a holistic medical strategy, meaning (1) Osmosis never causes harm through traumatic treatments or toxic ingredients and (2) Osmosis treats the source of the problem by considering the whole body, inside and out.   

  Osmosis Beauty

Q. What skin types and skin conditions benefit most from Osmosis? 

Osmosis products are beneficial for everything from eczema (with a 98 percent success rate) to acne that results from every source (on the back/chest that may come from too much chlorine, on the jawline that may come from hormones, and on the neck area that may come from pesticides or candida in the gut). Our products are also beneficial for rosacea from every source (such as from liver damage or digestion issues), pigmentation from every source (such as liver damage), and other rashes and autoimmune conditions. After 25 years of working with estheticians on thousands of cases, Johnson has learned how to diagnose and treat almost every condition he is presented with.   


Q. What are a few key ingredients that make your products so effective? 

Osmosis’s patented trioxolane found in Rescue is amazing for inflamed skin or acne. The DNA Repair C Serum reverses acne scarring and has the highest clinical efficacy of any vitamin C serum due to the addition of hydroxylated amino acids. The vitamin A serums use liposomal-delivered retinaldehyde in combination with liposomal chlorella, liposomal niacinamide, and liposomal 1,3-beta-glucan with nine different collagen stimulators.  


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