Happy 70th Anniversary, CIDESCO!

December 27, 2016, marks a special date for CIDESCO, Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie, celebrating its 70th anniversary.

“CIDESCO has reached an incredible milestone this year, celebrating 70 years of success, developing into the internationally recognized and respected organization that it is today,” says CIDESCO International President, Anna-Cari Gund. “I am incredibly proud of all that has been achieved and look forward to celebrating the achievements to come of all our members, students and graduates across the globe.”

Founded in 1946 by Georges Dumont from Belgium and Jacques Poirsons from France, the birth of CIDESCO aimed to unite beauty therapists, to exchange ideas and a framework for education, exams, and teaching in a progressive, unified way. 

To commemorate the milestone, CIDESCO is taking a look back at notable beauty events, fashions, and trends that have occurred over the last seven decades including occasions such as the election of the first female president of CIDESCO.

With the first CIDESCO sections accepted in Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands and Switzerland only a year later, the world standard for beauty and spa therapy began its international journey. Just over ten years later, CIDESCO’s first beauty diploma was issued in 1958, marking the start of a change in beauty standards and education. Since then CIDESCO welcomed its first female president, Ria de Korte from the Netherlands, in 1963, adapted to the demand for new skills, equipment, and diplomas to embrace continuous global development and changes within the beauty industry.

From CIDESCO sections in Australia and Latvia to Malaysia and France, there have been distinct changes in trends, styles, and popular beauty treatments, creating new challenges and opportunities for both members and students alike. Over the years, CIDESCO has noted the acceleration in technology and science, adapting with the beauty industry’s response to continually maintain high standards.

With the introduction of paraffin treatments in the 1950s, the big bold brows trend, and the alteration in hair volumes that became the front page of every major magazine in the 1980s, CIDESCO beauty therapists have become accustomed to the rotating platform of beauty trends, further noticing the correlation between fashion and beauty appointments.

The year 1975 saw the invention of the tanning bed, revolutionizing the beauty industry and challenging health and safety standards. The tanning trend grew in popularity and decades later (in 1997) the spray tan was introduced. CIDESCO has recognized that with new trends, developing products and treatments it is essential to comply with new, developing beauty standards to ensure that the industry develop positively and on a global scale.

Today, as aesthetic surgery grows and the variety in makeup tools, products, and services increases, this rapid development demands that beauty standards are continually accommodating and aware of social changes, too. In 2004, Facebook united the globe by connecting people in a new social sphere, which has supported the beauty industry incredibly. Social media platforms allow users to share images and videos and create professional branding. The growth of social media has helped to inspire new people into the industry and also unite therapists and businesses professionally to share tips, job opportunities, and more.

Now in its 70th year, CIDESCO has 29 sections globally, its own quarterly magazine, CIDESCO LINK, and even more diplomas and post-graduate qualifications with millions of students worldwide who study with the widely accredited examining body.

For more information, visit www.cidesco.com

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