Have an ASCP Skin Care Summit Party!

Invite your friends for an ASCP Skin Care Summit Party! 

October 1, 2018 is the online ASCP Skin Care Summit: Ageless Edition.
We're opening it up for free to estheticians everywhere, so invite your fellow estheticians by sending them to  www.ascpskincare.com/summit.   

Want to take it to the next level? Gather your esty  friends together for an ASCP Skin Care Summit party to discuss your "ah-ha" moments and get inspired as a group! 

Your checklist for an ASCP Skin Care Summit Party 
The Schedule

Plan your day with the full schedule of presentations from our esthetician experts, available at www.ascpskincare.com/summit

Purple Mimosas  if you're looking to celebrate ASCP, or  Super Purple Juice  if you want to stay extra focused on the presentations! 

Good for the theme:  
Purple carrot hummus 

 Good for your skin:  
Yellow curry bowls 

Party Favors 
Have all your esty friends bring skin care products that they want to share or swap. 

Better yet, make sure everyone leaves the party as an  ASCP member


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