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Skin tags are common skin conditions that may affect women and men of all ages. While not medically harmful, skin tags can be a source of anxiety for many of your clients, many of whom may deem them as “unsightly” and undesirable.

Thus, as skin care therapists, it is our role to assess, treat, and provide recommendations as needed in regard to skin tags in order to adequately address and meet these client concerns and needs. 

What are Skin Tags?

Like many other skin imperfections, skin tags are harmless and painless overgrowths of the skin. They are usually smooth, soft to the touch, and most often skin-colored. In medical terminology, skin tags form part of the fibroma family, classified as acrochordon.

Usually small in size, some skin tags can also be medium to sometimes quite large in size. You can usually identify a skin tag easily, as they most often manifest as small fibromas that appear as a single tag or group together in a multi-tag formation. 

Some skin tags have a stalk (peduncle) or they may completely be attached to the skin’s surface, although they often start as small, flattened bumps. 

Where do Skin Tags Occur?

Skin tags can occur all over the body. They are most commonly seen on the eyelids, ears, neck, breasts, groin, and underarms—areas that have folds or creases in the skin.

Oftentimes, skin tags are not obvious as they may be present in areas that are not visible. When they occur these areas, such as under the breasts, groin, and underarms, skin tags are at risk of getting caught in zippers, hung in clothing, or otherwise painfully pinched or pulled.

So, even in cases where the skin tags aren’t immediately visible to the naked eye, they may still be distressing to your client and prone to bleeding.

For more professional education on skin tags, including their contributing causes, preventative practices, and effective treatment options, please click to here for our full blog on skin tags.

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