How to Make Six Figures as a Solo Esthetician

We all want to make enough money to be comfortable in our lifestyle, to buy that car or house we want, those new pair of shoes or that designer purse. Believe us when we say it is very achievable for an esthetician to achieve a 6-figure income. But if you aren’t following these business basics and doing them with every client, it may be impacting your financial freedom.

Don't Underestimate the Importance of Good Customer Service

Seems like a no brainer, but this is huge! Impressions are everything, even if the client never returns. Smile while talking to them over the phone, greet the client immediately upon arrival, offer a refreshment while they wait—anything to make them feel appreciated and valued as a client. Customer service also falls into the category of offering a hand and arm massage while their mask sets and even opening the door for them as they leave after a service. Customer service includes anything that makes your guest feel special while you are making a connection. Which brings us to the next tip.

ASCP memberMaking a Connection with Your Skin Care Clients

This can be vital to your success in achieving a 6-figure esthetician salary. Licensed estheticians are in the business of serving others. We need to not only provide exceptional service for our clients, but also make a connection so they want to come back to us. An important thing to note is that it is not about you—it is all about them. They are coming to you for a service and an experience. It’s the little things that matter and going the extra mile to make your client feel special and treated.

Know Your Esthetic Skills

Knowing your skills and being good at your craft will speak volumes for yourself and the esthetician salary goals you are trying to achieve. Educating yourself and your clients will keep them satisfied knowing they can come to you to achieve their skin care goals and for a consistent job well done. This also aids in building your book of business, as satisfied clients are likely to spread good word of mouth.

Follow Up with Clients

After treating your client with anything from a brow wax to a chemical peel, always follow up to see how their skin is doing. It’s customary to call within 24–72 hours depending on the treatment provided. If retail products were purchased, you should check in see how whether they are working for the client and if they have questions about use or application. Your client may have questions, their skin may have some irritation or a breakout, or they may not remember how to use the products you’ve sold to them. A follow up is a great way to show good customer service and that you care.

Haven’t seen a guest in a while? Has a client canceled on you multiple times? Give them a call, send them a text—whatever your standard form of communication is—and see if you can rebook them. A quick “Hey, we haven’t seen you in a while and have been thinking about you” is all you need. Make time for this. It can take a few minutes of your day to follow up and you will be leaving a lasting impression when you do.

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