Human Trafficking Signs Required in Texas

Human Trafficking Signs Required in Texas Spas and Schools

Texas passed Senate Bill 1831 (SB 1831) this legislative session in June 2021, which requires certain facilities, including cosmetology facilities, massage establishments, and massage schools, to post human trafficking warning signs at the following locations:

  1. At each entrance to the premises
  2. At each roadway or any other way of access to the premises
  3. At least every 500 feet along exterior boundaries of the premises for areas not fenced
  4. At places likely to be viewed by all persons entering the premises
  5. Parallel to and along the exterior boundaries of a school’s premises

Attorney General Ken Paxton recently issued the required signage. Signs will be provided to schools free of charge.

SB 1831 details that the following facilities, establishments, and schools must comply with the provisions set out in the bill:

Cosmetology facility means a person who holds a license to operate a facility or school.

Massage establishment means a place of business that advertises or offers massage therapy or other massage services. The term includes a place of business that advertises or offers any service described by a derivation of the terms ‘massage therapy’ or ‘other massage services.’

Massage school means an entity that:

  1. teaches at a minimum the course of instruction required for a massage therapist license; and
  2. has at least two instructors.” (Emphasis added)

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