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More than 16,000 estheticians are members of the Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) family. Everyone has a reason for joining, and for continuing to renew their membership each year. Some find us because of the benefit of liability insurance, while others seek us out for our tools and resources that support their careers. No matter why people join, one thing remains true: ASCP is here for you, too.

Let us support you in your career. Whatever you've set your mind to achieving, regardless of where you are on your path to attaining the career of your dreams, come join us. We will help you get there sooner.

ASCP is helping thousands of estheticians reach their career goals faster—and having fun along the way.

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We recently asked members to fill in the blank after a popular webinar. Here are just a few of their reasons.

I am an ASCP member because: ________________

    • of the insurance and education
    • I'm an esthetics student wanted to be better prepared.
    • It was referred to me by my school
    • of the perks and constant information
    • I feel informed, I love the information provided, discounts, inclusiveness, and coverage.
    • It is the best insurance in the industry.
    • Gotta have insurance! Never used anyone else, this month is my 10-year anniversary!
    • of the ongoing education they offer and excellent speakers at no additional cost to its members. Thank you!
    • Great insurance coverage, but also the benefits of webinars, skin care updates and business potential.
    • As an esthetician refreshing knowledge is so important
    • I am an esthetician
    • all the services and information you have to offer
    • I love all the information and connections the website provides
    • I trust and depend on the quality of the organization.
    • Mainly education - but also because I love all of you :)
    • I like to be part of a prestigious professional organization and benefits one will enjoy
    • A truly amazing resource for continuing education and enlightenment!  Thanks so much!
    • Great support and education! Thank you! Love all the webinars!
    • Love the webinars, love ...
    • You are a wonderful resource for education and insurance
    • The excellent benefits that come with the coverage. I've been a member since 2005.
    • one of the best professional organizations I've ever belonged to.  I have recommended ASCP to many professionals.  Very worthwhile.
    • "insurance, publications, education"
    • Dear Lauren, I love and appreciate these webinars, great education, I learn a lot from you and looking forward for more knowledge. ❤️
    • Many benefits and feel I that I am one of the professional aestheticians that the ASCP supports
    • This company is recommended and preferred in my industry.
    • ASCP is the best!
    • It's important to be a part of an organization that both covers the service I perform and lift up the standards and education offered to our community
    • Of the great things I've been told about this company along with the special offers made to members. Great coverage, and love always being informed of the new things are going on.
    • The discounts and educational materials. The more I know, the more I can offer and help my clients. Thank you ASCP
    • Luckily I have never needed to call on the insurance but you are such a supportive organization.  I Love all the info you provide me and know that if I did need insurance help you would be supportive
    • I am a professional and value the education you offer and support you provide to our industry
    • SO many reasons!  Community is first and foremost
    • You offer amazing webinars.
    • Member since 2011
    • It's worth it!
    • of my liability insurance.
    • plans and tools
    • Of all of the marvelous opportunities for growth.
    • It's the best insurance out there that provides so much information and trends to its members.
    • education, insurance, and I support my professional organizations
    • I feel with the insurance, there's great benefits.
    • I love all of the advantages on many levels including an educational forum.
    • I love what I do!
    • It's a great resource in keeping up with the times.
    • they provide so much more than just coverage!  :)
    • I feel protected and supported as a professional.
    • because the insurance product is a great value for my business.
    • It's so important for my business! I can't see how I can do without it EVER! It helps me in my practice as well as the business end of it!
    • I am in an Esthetician apprenticeship and also LOVE the medical side of skin improvement.  Thank you for the Webinar.  Looking forward to learning more.
    • ASCP offers a wide range of support for my career and practice.
    • I'm a professional esthetician
    • I love the support and guidance ASCP gives me!
    • liability insurance and they are a great resource for the professional!
    • It's important to belong to a professional organization to have access to all of the experts!
    • I am a licensed esthetician and am insured with ASCP.  However, I love the wealth of information you provide and all the support tools.
    • it was the cheapest insurance option.
    • You concentrate on delivering intelligent support to your members!
    • Recommended to me as a student 11 years ago. 
    • I am an Esthetician and have insurance with you for my business
    • I am a professional.
    • They care about the industry
    • You offer the best coverage, continued education, product knowledge, business information and more.
    • I receive more access to education and have the ability to communicating with other estheticians.

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