Idaho Changes License Renewals and Exemptions

Governor Brad Little signed two bills into law affecting licensed professionals. One will impact your next renewal, and the other will exempt certain individuals from licensing requirements.

Signed March 18

Mark your calendars! Little signed into law House Bill 505 (page 41), which changes the license renewal period for professionals. All licenses, registrations, or certificates issued by the Division of Occupational Professional Licenses are now subject to a biennial renewal. Estheticians, barbers, barber-stylists, cosmetologists, electrologists, instructors, makeup artists, and nail technicians can anticipate renewing their license every two years instead of every year.

Effective: July 1, 2024.

Signed March 22

Little signed into law Senate Bill 1295, which defines hairpieces/toupees and wigs and exempts individuals who fit clients for these head coverings from licensure.

Hairpieces or toupees are defined as a full or partial head covering made from natural or synthetic hair and affixed to a person’s scalp, hair, or head with an adhesive agent, such as glue, tape, keratin bonds, fusion bonds, or other bonding agent, and is worn during activities such as sleep, exercise, and bathing.

Wig is defined as a removable head covering made from natural hair or natural fibers that resemble hair or synthetic fibers that resemble hair. A wig is not affixed to a person’s scalp or hair using an adhesive agent, such as glue, tape, keratin bonds, fusion bonds, or another bonding agent.

People or businesses selling or fitting wigs are not required to have a license if the person or business does not use adhesive agents to attach a hairpiece or toupee to a person’s scalp, hair, or head.

Effective immediately.

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