Improving Barrier Function

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The skin's barrier serves many vital functions. From keeping harmful pathogens out to keeping helpful hydration in, having a healthy barrier is imperative to the skin’s overall health. The barrier can easily become compromised by external and internal conditions, so learning how to detect an impaired barrier is essential for an esthetician’s success. In this one-hour webinar, we’ll go over the causes and effects and telltale signs of a compromised barrier, as well as how to effectively manage impaired skin sensitivities through home care, professional treatments, and protective ingredients. 

Shannon Esau is the director of sales and education with Rhonda Allison Skin Care. Shannon has been working in the esthetic industry for over 18 years through owning and operating three skin care centers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area as well as exploring her passion for skin care and ingredients through her contributions to Rhonda Allison. Shannon develops instructional programs and educational curricula and oversees account management for Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises.

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