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Douglas Preston of The Inspired Esthetician shares why he chooses ASCP year after year.

More from Preston:

Be sure to catch Preston on our April 24th webinar, "Esthetics Today: What Clients Really Want." The esthetics industry is rapidly changing and often falls victim of fads. By learning what motivates clients, you'll be able to stay a step ahead with the understanding that clients with different skin conditions are motivated by different things. In this one-hour webinar, we'll cover motivators, what clients expect from you (and you might be surprised!), as well as how to plan a successful long-term relationship with your valuable clients. Reserve your spot now!

If you're like us, it can be tough getting started when you don't know where to begin. That's why a business coach and mentor can be beneficial to your career. From getting direction to fostering motivation, a mentor can help you define what your individual success looks like—and help you actually achieve it! Be sure to check out The Inspired Esthetician for ways Preston can help you. Members of Preston's group also are eligible for a special rate on ASCP membership.

About Preston:

Douglas Preston's career spans more than three decades in professional esthetics, technical education, and new skin therapy development. Licensed in both California and New Mexico, he is a pioneer in non-medical corrective acne therapies and creator of the Preston Rxtractor pore extraction tool. He has been featured on CNN and Fine Living and contributes articles to Dermascope, Spa Management Journal, American Spa, BeautyNZ, and others.

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