It's Taurus Time

Monthly Horoscope: It's Taurus Time

Taurus, you’ve got great vibes heading your way. Obstacles that were once in your way (like developing or retaining a steady clientele, starting up your own business, or finally getting that technique down) will start flowing with much less difficulty. Take this opportunity to make the extra effort to push even harder toward your goals, and don’t forget to listen to your intuition! You will have a brief period of time where truly listening to what your heart is telling you will yield amazing and long-term advantages for you. Possibly years of good fortune! So don’t tune that little voice out. If you’re fresh to the industry and just beginning your job search, keep in mind that interviews are a two-way street: it’s just as important to interview them as it is to prepare to be interviewed. While Tauruses are usually down-to-earth, no-fuss kind of folks, they thrive in work environments where their employers are super creative and are inspired by those who are original, independent thinkers and socially involved.

Gemini, your inner strength and independence is in full swing this month! You’ll find that you’re closer than ever to breaking free from any dependence you may have had on others to achieve what you really desire. Whether that’s finally having the power to schedule clients how YOU want to or shifting your focus to only doing the treatments YOU want to do, you’re there. Think about the changes you want to make in your career and make them.

Cancer, remember when we said last month to not be afraid to network and that important eyes will be on you? Networking will play an even more important role for you this month. Advancements in your job and important connections will arrive via activities outside of the treatment room. This is a good time to consider attending local events or trade shows (which ASCP Members receive discounts to, by the way!)

Leo, there was a financial stillness for you in the beginning of this month, but that’s about to change. As the temperatures of spring rise, so does your bank account! More clients (old and new) are coming in, which is yielding great profits for you. Luckily, your energy levels are high so you’ll be ready to take on a busier schedule and whatever else crosses your path this month.

Virgo, hang in there. Don’t swap out your esty license for a counseling license just yet! Your personal interests have been coming secondary for a while now and your income hasn’t been as great as it could be, but your devotion to your clients, co-workers, friends, and family will bring you so much good in the next coming weeks. Be careful not to make any hasty financial decisions during this time, especially if you’re starting to feel burned out. This will only last a moment.

Libra, things at work have certainly picked up from a brief lull. You’ll be presented with opportunities that will bring you great joy and satisfaction in your work. You’re inspired to take your career to new heights, but try to do so at a steady, manageable pace. You may feel ready to take on the world and multiple goals all at once now, but you’ll risk feeling pulled in several different directions and over-working yourself very quickly if you don’t plan accordingly.

Scorpio, work may be taking an interesting turn these days. You may have clients asking for treatments you don’t normally do, or maybe there’s a change in management that is throwing you outside of your normal routine. Embrace this. It could lead to an interesting social event or opportunity for you to really promote yourself and your career. If you’re job seeking, or trying to take on a new employee, you may have to think outside the box to find what you’re looking for.

Sagittarius, feeling restless and over it yet? We understand. Your job and finances have not been the most stable, and you have taken a lot of work lately. Instability in both these areas will be a recurring theme, but don’t worry too much. This is only temporary, and you will see some relief (finally!!) toward the end of the month. Plus, there will be many positive opportunities for you to take advantage of—so hang in there Sagittarius. The light at the end of the tunnel is near!

Capricorn, while you’ve been treating yourself with some hard-earned fun and enjoyment, go ahead and but yourself a lottery ticket while you’re at it. Luck is in your favor this month and it looks like you’ll be seeing some unexpected, but much welcomed income soon.

Aquarius, you’ve been seeking more meaning in your work. Consider working with a charity or cause you care deeply about. You could offer facial specials for oncology patients and donate the proceeds to discovering a cure or to a local hospital. Maybe run a “buy one full set receive a free 3-week refill” deal for active military women, or for military spouses and veterans. There are so many ways to build your practice to have more meaning and this is a great time to do it.

Pisces, sometimes you have to spend money to make money. This is a great time to make any repairs, re-arrangements, or makeovers to your treatment space to spruce it up. Your career will see a warmly welcomed boost as a result.

Aries, confidence and independence are no strangers to you. However, this month, these will be amplified and have you feeling like a million bucks! Clients will love your extra burst of energy and be encouraged to continue keeping in touch with you. Just note that if there are any changes you’ve been wanting to make in your career, make them now— next month, it may not come quite as easily.

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