Learn to Sugar!

Looking to add sugaring to your treatment menu? Alexandria Professional has developed the AP Online Academy, a way for estheticians to obtain an Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring Certificate, regardless of location or schedule.

“After almost three decades of perfecting the art and science of body sugaring, and training thousands of professionals, the AP Online Academy has been a natural progression for my company and my desire to offer educational mastery worldwide,” says Lina Kennedy, owner and president of Alexandria Professional, LLC.

At the core of this education is the AP Advanced Body Sugaring Certification course. This is the first step to becoming certified as a body sugaring practitioner with Alexandria Professional. This self-paced course will train you in the Kennedy Theory for sugaring along with our 6 Steps to Perfect sugaring technique. This course is designed to meet the needs of today’s salons and spas for a safer and gentler method of hair removal and skin conditioning, ensuring each trainee understands the hair growth theory and how to maximize the results of body sugaring with advanced techniques. 

Because Alexandria Professional wants everyone enrolled in the program to get the most out of it, they have added ten hours of face-to-face virtual support with a dedicated AP certified educator, so each student gets the most out of this program and is ready and confident to start practicing.

Sign up for the free virtual tour of the AP Online Academy, happening this Friday, June 26.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot NOW! 

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