Leave Your Problems at the Door

By ASCP Staff  

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: Leave your problems at the door. The energy you bring into your treatment space can not only cause stress to the people around you, but can also hurt your overall business. It can bring the mood down and cause someone else to feel bad. Most of all, your clients don’t want to hear about your personal drama.  

Let’s face it, bringing your personal life through that threshold can kill your productivity= because you’ll have less focus. And we all know that in this profession, you need to be on your A game, keep appointments on schedule, and have laser focus to wax those brows, properly extract, and provide a thorough consultation and advice. When you aren’t focused, you have the potential to make more mistakes and that can cost you your clients.  

Life can sometimes get in the way, and you can feel like your world may be crumbling around you. But when you walk into your treatment room, take a deep breath and remember: Today is about your clients. You are giving back to them, and building a client base with a positive rapport requires you to leave your problems at the door.   

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