Lira Clinical Partners with Mrs. Cambodia World

Lira Clinical has signed a partnership agreement with Jacqueline Bhagavan as the company’s spokesperson. Bhagavan currently holds the title of Mrs. Cambodia World 2022, and is a professional esthetician and an advocate for empowering women.

Jacqueline Bhagavan resides in the San Francisco Bay Area but emigrated from Cambodia as a child when her family fled from the Khmer Rouge; she came to the United States as a refugee and genocide survivor. Bhagavan struggled to adapt to her new home, including coping with poverty, a language barrier, and undiagnosed dyslexia. She eventually earned her college degree from California State University, Sacramento. Today she owns her own clothing business and carries the title of Mrs. Cambodia World, with plans to compete in the Mrs. World pageant in December. Bhagavan also serves as president of the Coral Tree Education Foundation, which is dedicated to helping rebuild schools in Cambodia.

“Jacqueline has overcome huge obstacles as a refugee and a genocide survivor, and we are excited to bring her positive outlook and inner resilience to Lira as a spokesperson,” said Metaxia Dalikas, co-founder and CEO of Lira Clinical. “Jacqueline’s background as a licensed esthetician and her commitment to empowering young women aligns perfectly with Lira’s corporate mission. She embodies an entrepreneurial spirit that today’s women admire. She also understands that true beauty needs to be internal as well as external. Working together, we can help women change the way they look at their skin care regimen.”

In addition to her current title as Mrs. Cambodia World, Bhagavan was crowned Mrs. California in 2015/2016, the first Cambodian-American to receive the title. She was also one of 14 finalists in the Mrs. America competition that year and was named winner of the Fabulous Face contest. 

“I wanted to align myself with a company that shares my ideals,” Bhagavan said. “Lira Clinical is about helping estheticians and providing superior products that help them connect with their customers. Lira and I also share the same philosophy about giving women more opportunities. Most estheticians are entrepreneurs, and Lira’s professional products help them succeed.”

Through the Coral Tree Foundation, Bhagavan not only helps rebuild schools in Cambodia but has also helped students advance in their education, especially young girls. Bhagavan is also president of Fits4Humanity, which provides inner- and outerwear for women of all shapes and sizes. 

“All women are beautiful, and feeling beautiful inside makes you beautiful outside,” Bhagavan said. “That’s why I want to endorse Lira Clinical products, like their BB three-in-one creams, which hydrate while making the skin look even. Lira uses a scientific approach and has the right ingredients to brighten the skin on a cellular level.”

Bhagavan wants to inspire people to be their best and achieve their dreams. She says she learned many lessons growing up as a refugee and competing for beauty pageant titles. The biggest lesson she has learned is to persevere. She credits perseverance with her success in school and her being crowned Mrs. California on the second try.

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