10 Things Estheticians Need To Know About Men's Skin Care

Men can be great skin care clients, if you understand what they want and need from professional skin care. Here are 10 facts you should know to help attract—and keep—this lucrative demographic.

Fact 1
Men are actually very interested in having great skin. Everyone looks in the mirror and everyone sees things they want to change. Men aren’t any different. They notice wrinkles, aging, sagging, and pimples. Ask them what concerns them about their skin and what they’d like to change. Tell them you’d like to work with them on a plan to make those changes.

Fact 2
Most problems with men’s skin revolve around beard and hair growth issues. Men need to understand how to shave correctly and how to take care of their skin before and after shaving.

Fact 3
Beard areas are sensitive. Upward movements using implements such as cloths or sponges against the beard growth pattern can be uncomfortable. Neck areas are especially sensitive to this. Incorrect movements feel like someone is pulling your hair, except of course, on the face.

Fact 4
Men do not want to smell like roses. If you are going to treat men, you need either fragrance-free products or products with gender-neutral scents.

Fact 5
Most men have combination skin. Stay away from heavy creams and thick, pasty products. Choose lighter weight and easily absorbable products for both treatment and home care. Men’s skin can often be dehydrated, but is rarely alipidic. Products that are water-based and add hydration—rather than oils and emollients—are ideal choices.

Fact 6
Men worry about ingrown hairs, large and clogged pores, and wrinkles. These are three areas you should be prepared to address. Thorough deep-cleansing treatments with gentle extraction are popular with men. Don’t forget the finishing massage strokes—men love massage!

Fact 7
Don’t be afraid to suggest products to men. Men prefer scrubs, shaving-related products, lightweight hydrators (make sure they have sunscreen), and even eye creams.

Fact 8
Men like easy-to-follow plans. Keep the home care simple. Give them an instruction sheet. It’s better to keep it to 3–4 steps. You can always add on, if they are successful with the simple program.

Fact 9
Men frequently have back and chest skin issues. Back and chest acne and breakout-prone skin require both professional and home-care treatments. Back hair removal is a frequently requested service. Speed waxing is a great service to offer, as is laser hair removal if your license permits.

Fact 10
Men will spend money on their skin, but they are not always aware of which services can help them. Educate them! 

—by Mark Lees, PhD, Mark Lees Skin Care

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