Maryland Expands Esthetician Scope and Board Membership

In April, Governor Wes Moore signed into law two bills affecting estheticians. House Bill 1302 may help pay your bills, and Senate Bill 629 will improve skin care expertise and representation on the State Board of Cosmetologists.

House Bill 1302
New services, new spa packages, new clientele—nothing but a win here! House Bill 1302 (HB 1302) amends the definition of “provide esthetic services” to add exfoliating, cosmetic microneedling, and toning to the list of permitted services allowed during a skin care treatment.

HB 1302 clarifies that alcohol, cream, lotion, astringent, or cosmetic preparations can be applied to the body or scalp and that hair may be removed by electrical, mechanical, or other means—this does not include the use of a laser light-based device.

HB 1302 also adds a section to further list what is in the esthetician scope of practice. This list includes:

  • Applying eyelash extensions
  • Performing superficial exfoliation treatments of the epidermis
  • Performing treatments for relaxation, contouring, and beautification of the face, skin, body, eyelashes, or eyebrows
  • Performing nonablative skin rejuvenation

Note: Esthetics services do not include the diagnoses of illness, disease, or injury or performing ablation of the dermis or hypodermis.

Effective Date: October 1, 2024

Senate Bill 629
Esties, the time has come to elevate your voice and take your seat at the table. Senate Bill 629 changes the membership of the State Board of Cosmetologists (Board). The Board will continue to have seven members, but instead of two public members, there will be one public member and one licensed esthetician. This change will show greater representation on the Board and ensure the needs of Maryland skin care professionals are heard and addressed at the board level.

Effective Date: October 1, 2024

A special shout out to the Maryland Esthetician Alliance that championed these bills. Without its leadership, the esthetician scope of practice would be limited in Maryland. ASCP celebrates this win and thanks the hard work and advocacy of all individuals who made these bills successful in the legislature.

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