Massage Technique for Estheticians

Face, Neck, and Décolleté Massage for Estheticians

Work into the face, head and neck during a treatment is all about allowing the muscles that want to pull the shoulders into the ears some space, paying special attention to the intricate muscles in the back of the neck, and clearing out the lymphatic vessels to enhance immune health. As you work, remember that stress finds a home in these areas and gets comfortable. Connect the shoulders to the neck to the head. Highlight the cartilage of the ear. Emphasize not only the masseter of the jaw but also the delicate lymphatic vessels of the face. These details will take your treatment to the next level.

Allison Denney

Allison Denney, CMT, RMT

Allison Denney is a certified massage therapist and certified YouTuber. You can find her massage tutorials at She is also passionate about creating products that are kind, simple, and productive for therapists to use in their practices. Her products, along with access to her blog and CE opportunities, can be found at        




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